Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts

nihongo|Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts|激獣拳ビーストアーツ|Geki Jūken Bīsuto Ātsu is a fictional school of martial arts practiced by the protagonists of the Japanese Super Sentai show "Juken Sentai Gekiranger". Those that practice Fierce Beast-Fist use a form of Qi within their bodies that manifests their passion for justice, called nihongo|Fierce Ki|激気(げき)|Geki, as their power source. The ultimate form of Fierce Ki is the nihongo|Extreme Ki|過激気(かげき)|Kageki, which can manifest if the user mastered different aspects of the triangle and selflessly has the intent to protect others at mind. The sporting goods company nihongo|SCRTC|スクラッチ|Sukuratchi|extra=pronounced like the English word serves as a front for the martial arts school, specifically its Gekirangers.


When transformed into the Gekirangers, the group says nihongo|"Our blazing Fierce Ki is the proof of justice! Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger!"|燃え立つ激気は正義の証!獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー!|Moetatsu Geki wa seigi no akashi! Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā!. When having transformed into the Super Gekirangers, the group says nihongo|"Our boiling Extreme Ki flows toward justice! Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger!"|たぎる過激気は正義の為に!獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー!|Tagiru Kageki wa seigi no tame ni! Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā!.

Jan Kandou

nihongo|Jan Kandou/GekiRed|漢堂 ジャン/ゲキレッド|Kandō Jan/GekiReddo practices the nihongo|Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist|激獣タイガー拳|Gekijū Taigāken style, though still a beginner, his main focus is on power. He's a Feral child who was raised by the tigers deep within the forest near the nihongo|Beast Origin Village|獣源郷|Jūgenkyō. The son of Dan, Jan was the sole surviving member of the nearby village that was destroyed by Long. Long had intended to kill Jan in order to prevent Rio from fighting him, since Rio would undoubtably see Jan as a potential rival since Dan is his father. But the pain of his mother's death before his eyes while holding on to dear life on the rapids blocked out his entire childhood memory prior to being raised in the wild. Because of his lineage, his senses have been sharply enhanced to feel qi like Sha-Fu, who scouted Jan as he personifies the nihongo|"Body"|体|Tai|also pronounced as "Karada" of a Gekiranger: Resistance to most forms of pain. This selection is strengthened when Jan emits Fierce Ki while giving off a "Tiger's Roar" when the Akugata began to attack. Although at first he doesn't understand certain concepts or training, he eventually picks up and learns about it at a fairly high pace. He does not know very many common words so he sometimes describes things with words such as "niki-niki", "zowa-zowa", "waki-waki", his own personal "Jan-ish" language. As he was raised by animals, he doesn't know and has to learn about the "Heart". Jan is eventually labeled as Rio's rival after witnessing the display of power used to stop his own attack. He became Sharkie Chan's first student of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Shark-Fist|激獣シャーク拳|Gekijū Shākuken sword-fighting style. Though Jan possesses the nihongo|Extreme Ki|過激気|Kageki, he is unable to fully use it in his first fight with Rio.

Jan competes with Gorie Yen in a coin-stacking competition to improve his "Heart" to try to achieve the Extreme Ki, but he fails because when he tells Gorie that he practices Fierce Beast-Fist to become stronger, Gorie says that Jan is no better than Rio for following a similar ideology. Yet, once Jan realizes that his reason is to fight in order to protect others, Jan is able to transform into nihongo|Super GekiRed|スーパーゲキレッド|Sūpā GekiReddo, using the nihongo|Fierce Beast Gorilla-Fist|激獣ゴリラ拳|Gekijū Goriraken style and is the nihongo|"Extremely Unbreakable Body"|「過激にアンブレイカブル・ボディ」|Kageki ni Anbureikaburu Bodi.

After the Gekirangers, Rio and Mele are exposed to SaiDain's Beast Power Bloom, Jan is the first among the Gekirangers to realize how much stronger they all have become, pushing back Maku by himself as well as utilizing the Extreme Ki Hard Diamond technique by himself. At first, Jan decides that he can't fight anymore after learning the truth behind his relation to Rio and Dan, but learning more about his family with Sha-Fu's help enables Jan to resume his role as a Gekiranger, making an enemy out of Long. He and Rio have their destined battle, with Jan the victor until he realizes that he is not really fighting Rio, but something else entirely. When Jan regains his memories, he vows to make Long pay for what he did to his friends and family, managing to beat sense into Rio and give him a path of his own as they both save Mele and join forces in fighting their mutual enemy. After Long's defeat, Jan invites both Rio and Mele to SCRTC, despite protests from both Ran and Retsu. When both Rio and Mele decide to undergo the Fist Judgment to cleanse themselves of their sins while in the Confrontation Beast Hall, Jan tries to talk the both of them out of it in vain, learning later that Rio and Mele intended to die. In memory of Rio's final act, Jan wears the Fist Demons' Bracelet and vows to destroy Long once and for all.

During the final battle, after being infused with Maku's Confrontation Ki, Jan is taken to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall along with Ran and Retsu, where they are met by Rio and Mele. It is there that Jan masters the nihongo|Confrontation Beast Bear-Fist|臨獣ベアー拳|Rinjū Beāken style, unifying both Fierce and Confrontation Beast Styles. With his and the others' newfound skills, he goes on to defeat Long, sealing him in a small ball, which Jan keeps on his person to ensure that Long's power never falls into the wrong hands. He then leaves SCRTC to travel the world to find the next generation of Beast-Fist fighters, saying his final farewells to his comrades. While teaching the Beast Fist to kids in Hong Kong, he runs into a boy who looks similar to Rio and decides to take him under his wing.

After transforming into GekiRed, Jan says, nihongo|"Infinite power flows in my body. 'Unbreakable Body,' GekiRed!"|体にみなぎる無限の力 「アンブレイカブル・ボディ」 ゲキレッド!|Karada ni minagiru mugen no chikara. "Anbureikaburu Bodi," GekiReddo!. After transforming into Super GekiRed, Jan says, nihongo|"'Extremely Unbreakable Body,' Super GekiRed!"|「カゲキにアンブレイカブル・ボディ」 スーパーゲキレッド!|"Kageki ni Anbureikaburu Bodi," Sūpā GekiReddo!.

Most sources romanize his name as "Jan", but according to the computer display at the beginning of the Gekiranger movie, it is actually romanized as "Jyan".

Ran Uzaki

nihongo|Ran Uzaki/GekiYellow|宇崎 ラン/ゲキイエロー|Uzaki Ran/GekiIerō is an employee of SCRTC and a nihongo|Fierce Beast Cheetah-Fist|激獣チーター拳|Gekijū Chītāken artist, using a combination of speed and accuracy in her attacks. She was appointed by Sha-Fu as the Captain of the Gekirangers. Ran comes from a high-class family that owns a gym, recruited by Sha-Fu with her mother Reiko allowing Ran to join SCRTC until Ran was of age to undergo a marriage interview to ensure her future. At first, Ran wanted to resign from learning the Beast Arts because she didn't think she was good enough but Sha-Fu told her to think her actions through. She relies more in will than technique when fighting. Upright and cleanhanded, Ran will do things always the right way, being a fighter that gives nihongo|"Heart"|心|Shin|also pronounced as "Kokoro" the highest place. She excels in speed, but her reluctance to care for the small details make her "Technique" very poor. From learning Master Elehung Kam-Bo's nihongo|Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist|激獣エレファント拳|Gekijū Erefantoken meteor hammer techniques, Ran became more loose and happy in the process.

Ran competes with Michelle Peng in a skateboarding competition (tying at 100 points each) to improve her "Technique" to obtain Extreme Ki. This training allows her to become nihongo|Super GekiYellow|スーパーゲキイエロー|Sūpā GekiIerō. As Super GekiYellow she uses the nihongo|Fierce Beast Penguin-Fist|激獣ペンギン拳|Gekijū Penginken style and is the nihongo|"Extremely Honest Heart"|「過激にオネスト・ハート」|Kageki ni Onesuto Hāto. Soon after, Ran was titled as team captain of the Gekirangers.

During the final battle, Ran is infused with Kata's Confrontation Ki, and is then brought to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall to master the nihongo|Confrontation Beast Hawk-Fist|臨獣ホーク拳|Rinjū Hōkuken style to seal Long. Three months after Long's defeat, she is seen alongside Retsu teaching Beast-Fist to young kids at SCRTC.

After transforming into GekiYellow, Ran says, nihongo|"Diligence day by day, refining my heart. 'Honest Heart,' GekiYellow!"|日々是精進、心を磨く 「オネスト・ハート」 ゲキイエロー!|Hibi kore shōjin, kokoro o migaku. "Onesuto Hāto," GekiIerō!. After transforming into Super GekiYellow, Ran says, nihongo|"'Extremely Honest Heart,' Super GekiYellow!"|「カゲキにオネスト・ハート」 スーパーゲキイエロー!|"Kageki ni Onesuto Hāto," Sūpā GekiIerō!.

Retsu Fukami

nihongo|Retsu Fukami/GekiBlue|深見 レツ/ゲキブルー|Fukami Retsu/GekiBurū is an employee of SCRTC and a nihongo|Fierce Beast Jaguar-Fist|激獣ジャガー拳|Gekijū Jagāken practitioner. He was a child when his older brother Gou was believed to have been killed by Rio. This event traumatized Retsu severely, to the point where years later he still possessed an utter hatred for Rio. He originally had a promising career in painting but took a break to learn the same fighting style as his older brother had to find the same motivation that it gave Gou, rather than out of revenge. Retsu is very intelligent but also selfish, doesn't take interest in others, and gives an impression of extreme coldness, although this changes as the series progresses. He believes that winning should be like a painting, complete and something that moves you. He sometimes mixes English when speaking. He learned of moving sensation of a trance when he mastered Bat Li's nihongo|Fierce Beast Bat-Fist|激獣バット拳|Gekijū Battoken style. He knows various nihongo|"Techniques"|技|Gi|also pronounced as "Waza", putting them in first priority when training. His attention to beauty costs him stamina, making his "Body" his weakest point until he competed with Bion Biao in an endurance match (and emerges victorious) to obtain Extreme Ki. This training allows him to become nihongo|Super GekiBlue|スーパーゲキブルー|Sūpā GekiBurū. As Super GekiBlue, he uses the nihongo|Fierce Beast Gazelle-Fist|激獣ガゼル拳|Gekijū Gazeruken style and is the nihongo|"Extremely Fantastic Technique"|「過激にファンタスティック・テクニック」|Kageki ni Fantasutikku Tekunikku.

During the final battle, Retsu is infused with Rageku's Confrontation Ki, and is then brought to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall to master thenihongo|Confrontation Beast Jelly-Fist|臨獣ジェリー拳|Rinjū Jerīken, style to seal Long. Three months after Long's defeat, he is seen alongside Ran teaching the Beast Fist to young kids at SCRTC.

After transforming into GekiBlue, Retsu says, nihongo|"The great blossom colored with technique. 'Fantastic Technique,' GekiBlue!"|技が彩る大輪の華 「ファンタスティック・テクニック」 ゲキブルー!|Waza ga irodoru tairin no hana. "Fantasutikku Tekunikku," GekiBurū!. After transforming into Super GekiBlue, Retsu says, nihongo|"'Extremely Fantastic Technique,' Super GekiBlue!"|「カゲキにファンタスティック・テクニック」 スーパーゲキブルー!|"Kageki ni Fantasutikku Tekunikku," Sūpā GekiBurū!.

Gou Fukami

nihongo|Gou Fukami/GekiViolet|深見 ゴウ/ゲキバイオレット|Fukami Gō/GekiBaioretto is the fourth member and a nihongo|Fierce Beast Wolf-Fist|激獣ウルフ拳|Gekijū Urufuken user. He is Retsu's older brother, and very protective of his well-being since their parents died and they spent their childhood at a church. It was there Gou forced Retsu to promise never to take on the Beast-Fist before leaving to face Rio and never be seen again. It was originally believed that Gou had been killed by Rio, the two original students under Sha Fu as well as best friends. But in truth, Gou used an imperfect form of the forbidden Gekiwaza in an attempt to defeat Rio as the Fist Sages had done to seal the Fist Demons long ago. But it failed and Gou was sealed in rock for fifteen years and gained a werewolf form that he could not control.

Once regaining his human form, Gou was shocked to find the changes that occurred. He was also a bit vexed to find Retsu disobeyed him and took up Fierce Beast-Fist. Though he is of the Fierce Beast Fist, Gou lacks a passion for justice and fights only for himself. This resulted in Gou mastering a personal and dangerous form of Fierce Ki that he developed himself, called nihongo|Violet Fierce Ki|紫激気(しげき)|Shigeki as well as reinvent the Wolf-Fist into his personal nihongo|Fukami-Style|深見流|Fukamiryū, a form of the actual Wolf-Fist that uses Muay Thai fighting moves. However, Sha-Fu believed that Gou actually does have a passion for justice deep down, and gave him the GongChanger he commissioned specially for Gou to use. After much soul searching and cajoling by the others, he agrees to become GekiViolet and eventually overcome the beast within him thanks to Bae. [cite web|url=|title=丸善商店 予約05/27〆【バンダイ】獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー 戦隊ヒーローシリーズ 7 ゲキバイオレット商品説明|accessdate=2007-05-24] [cite web|url=|title=映画版ゲキレンジャーで正義と悪の夢の競演|Ameba News|accessdate=2007-07-16] . However, Gou still desires to defeat Rio and prove himself as his rival, pursuing that goal at all costs until he fails a second time after mastering the strongest Gekiwaza. He holds some animosity towards Jan after Rio sees Jan more of a rival, due to being the son of his mentor, Dan.

During the final battle, Gou is amongst the other Fierce Beast Fist warriors, including the Fist Sages, keeping Long at bay until Jan, Ran, and Retsu return. He watches as his younger brother, Retsu, along with Jan and Ran, defeat Long and seals his powers. After the battle is over, Gou sets off on his own journey with Bae at his side. Jan meets him along the way and gives him a final farewell before the two go their separate ways.

Using his Violet Fierce Ki to a degree, Gou can summon GekiTiger and GekiJaguar and control GekiTohja Wolf on his own.

After transforming into GekiViolet, Gou says nihongo|"Excitement, my style, to the limit of my will! 'Iron Will,' GekiViolet!"|刺激、俺流、わが意を尽くす 「アイアン・ウィル」 ゲキバイオレット!|Shigeki, ore ryū, waga i o tsukusu. "Aian Wiru," GekiBaioretto!.

Ken Hisatsu

nihongo|Ken Hisatsu/GekiChopper|久津 ケン/ゲキチョッパー|Hisatsu Ken/GekiChoppā is the fifth member of the Gekiranger team, colored white with orange accents in a suit that resembles a karate uniform. He is a prodigy who trained at the Beast Origin Village and mastered one of the oldest fighting styles in the Beast Arts: the nihongo|Fierce Beast Rhinoceros-Fist|激獣ライノセラス拳|Gekijū Rainoserasuken as a way to get over the pain of losing his mother at a young age. Ken was originally to aid Ran and Retsu, but he left to travel abroad since his GekiChanger was busted. Furthermore, he sold the SoZyuTo that Sha-Fu gave him for travelling money. His training has caused him to achieve a level of power that not even the Fist Saints ever attain. He is a free spirit as well, not letting his own talents and family ties to the Fierce Beast-Fist be all he's known for. Ken can utilize the nihongo|Fierce Ki Hard Diamond|激気研鑽|Geki Kensan, a genius technique in which he condenses his Fierce Ki into a diamond blade on his hand with which can cut through anything. He eventually manifested Extreme Ki on Christmas Eve out of his passion for the holidays. He frequently uses the word nihongo|"Osu"|押忍, which is a term in karate meaning "patience with myself and others." He also uses "kenzan," an archaic Japanese word that means "Just arrived" and is also a pun on his name, Ken. Using the SoZyuTo, he can summon and control SaiDain/SaiDaiOh.

During the final battle, Ken, alongside the other Fierce Beast Fist users, including the Fist Sages, keep Long at bay until Jan, Ran, and Retsu return. He witnesses the three Gekirangers defeating Long and sealing his powers. After the battle is over, Ken returns to work at SCRTC Meisters. Jan meets up with Ken to say farewell one last time before setting off on his own journey.

After transforming into GekiChopper, Ken says, nihongo|"Refined ability, the future cut open by one's self. 'Amazing Ability,' GekiChopper"|才を磨いて、己の未来を切り開く 「アメイジング・アビリティ」 ゲキチョッパー!|Sai o migaite, onore no mirai o kirihiraku. "Ameijingu Abiritī," GekiChoppā!.


Miki Masaki

nihongo|Miki Masaki|真咲 美希|Masaki Miki is a high executive of SCRTC and head of the special development department. She is an assistant to Sha-Fu and also a student of Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts, mastering the nihongo|Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist|激獣レオパード拳|Gekijū Reopādoken style. She dislikes Elehung, even though he is attracted to her. Before training in Fierce Beast-Fist, Miki was an infamous sukeban in her youth, former leader of the Kanto Sukeban Alliance.

The Seven Fist Sages

The nihongo|Seven Fist Sages|七拳聖|Shichi Kensei are the legendary creators of the Fierce Beast-Fist style, originally under the wing of Brusa Ee. When their three fellow students split off and founded the Confrontation Beast-Fist as Three Fist Demons, Brusa Ee died of foul play and the two groups battled each other in the Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion, with the Fist Sages ending the horrific fight with a forbidden Gekiwaza that sealed the Fist Demons' bodies and forced the seven into their current animal forms along with them swearing a Beast-Fist Oath of Nonviolence soon after, fighting only in defense. Among them are the creators of the three Fierce Beast-Fist weapon art styles that utilize one's heart and the meteor hammer, one's technique and the war fan, and one's body with sabers. Three others make up the nihongo|Master Triangle|マスタートライアングル|Masutā Toraianguru, three Fist Sages who had each fully mastered one of the three major aspects of the Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts: Heart, Technique, and Body. The seventh Fist Sage, Sha-Fu mastered all three aspects of the Beast Arts and thus is the strongest of the Fist Sages. While it was Sha-Fu who took the Gekirangers under his wing, the others have taught his students the weaponry techniques of their styles and the path to obtain Extreme Ki. While the others refer to each of them as "Master", the Fist Sages are referred to by Jan as the animal they resemble. Once every year, the Fist Sages would gather to have their annual nihongo|"Fist Sage Great Athletic Meet"|拳聖大運動会|Kensei Daiundōkai, where their hone their skills while maintaining fair sportsmanship.

After the first Fierce Confrontation, the Fist Sages created the nihongo|"Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages"|七重七聖の関|Nanae Nanasei no Seki that prevents those of the Confrontation Beast Fist to enter the sacred grounds of the Beast Origin Village. However, the barrier can be torn down by the SoZyuTo which fell into Rio's hands. The Fist Sages attempted to stop him, but it ended up with them facing the Fist Demons once more. However, as the Beast Origin Village burns to the ground, Maku seals all seven Fist Sages into a boulder and takes their power as his own. Once Maku was finally destroyed, his Ringi faded and the Fist Sages returned to normal. Each of the Fist Sages have been named after a prominent figure in martial arts movies, with their group name a pun on "sensei".

Master Sha-Fu

nihongo|Master Sha-Fu|マスター・シャーフー|Masutā Shā Fū is a grand master of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Felis-Fist|激獣フェリス拳|Gekijū Ferisuken style. He is the mentor of the Gekirangers and leader of the Fist Sages, mastering all three of its aspects and able to channel Extreme Ki. He seemed to had a relationship with Rageku prior their transformations, with him spurring her love for him. He was originally a friend of Maku; however, Sha-Fu turned down Brusa's offer to be his successor and suggested Maku. This act of kindness wounded Maku's pride and ended their friendship, which Sha-Fu regretted ever since. Sha-Fu appears to be an aged anthropomorphic caracal with his eyes normally closed, opening them when he gets serious and deep like sensing the qi like those of the Akugata. He loves to be scratched on the neck, referred to by Jan as nihongo|"Cat"|猫|Neko, and always carries around a triangle with him. His motto is nihongo|"There is training in one's livelihood"|暮らしの中に修行あり|Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari, as his training has the Gekirangers learning from the various things life has to offer. While helping Jan, Sha-Fu found one of Long's scale in the ruins of Jan's hometown, learning the truth behind Maku's betrayal among the revelations of Rio and Jan's past encounters with Long.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, nihongo|"There is training in one's livelihood. The Fierce Beast Fist well achieved on a daily basis. Felis-Fist, Sha-Fu!"|暮らしの中に修行あり。激獣拳とは日々よく生きることと見つけたり。フェリス拳 シャーフー!|Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari. Geki Jūken to wa hibi yoku ikiru koto to mitsuketari. Ferisuken, Shā Fū!.

Elehung Gambou

nihongo|Elehung Gambou|エレハン・キンポー|Erehan Kinpō|10-49 is legendary Fist Sage who is plant manager of SCRTC Meisters and a grand master of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist|激獣エレファント拳|Gekijū Erefantoken style that relies on a meteor hammer with playful antics. He was living on Shibe Mountain where he tested the Gekirangers in the guise of a mononoke, taking the package the Gekirangers were given to deliver to him. Elehung, due to his perverted nature, chose Ran as his student of Elephant-Fist so she can master the GekiHammer, though he gave her a hard time due to his teaching methods. He is an anthropomorphic elephant and is somewhat perverted around women, earning him the nickname "Erohung" by Bae. However, Elehung is very fearful of sukeban. Elehung also possessed a 20 billion yen gem called the Raspberry Diamond. His motto is nihongo|"There is training while having fun"|遊びの中に修行あり|Asobi no naka ni shugyō ari. His name is based on nihongo|Sammo Hung Gambou|サモ・ハン・キンポー|Samo Han Kinpō.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, nihongo|"There is training while having fun. The worldly-loving Elephant-Fist, Elehung Gambou!"|遊びの中に修行あり。世界が恋するエレファント拳 エレハン・キンポー!|Asobi no naka ni shugyō ari. Sekai ga koi suru Erefantoken, Erehan Kinpō!.

Bat Li

nihongo|Bat Li|バット・リー|Batto Rī|13-49 is a legendary Fist Sage who is a grand master of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Bat-Fist|激獣バット拳|Gekijū Battoken style that while appears to focus on graceful and elegant techniques combined with artistic beauty, actually relies on being in a trance of sorts. He appears as an anthropomorphic bat in Barong attire. Stubborn and eccentric, he considers hanging upside down as a great way to relieve stress. Though he refused at first, Bat Li eventually decides to trains Retsu after witnessing his abilities first hand. It later turned out that long ago he saved a young girl named Hanyon, whom he promised to be with forever. However, he left to master his Fierce Beast-Fist style with intent on keeping Hanyon from harm due to his presence. It was only by modern time that he revealed his reason to the elderly Hanyon so Ken can get the SoZyuTo back from her. His motto is nihongo|"There is training while under a trance"|忘我の中に修行あり|Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari. His name is based on nihongo|Jet Li|ジェット・リー|Jetto Rī.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, nihongo|"There is training while in a trance. The performance mastering Bat-Fist, Bat Li!"|忘我の中に修行あり。美技を極めるバット拳 バット・リー!|Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari. Bigi o kiwameru Battoken, Batto Rī!.

harkie Chan

nihongo|Sharkie Chan|シャッキー・チェン|Shakkī Chen|17-49 is a legendary Fist Sage who is a grand master of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Shark-Fist|激獣シャーク拳|Gekijū Shākuken style that relies on a hard body and uses twin swords. He appears as an anthropomorphic Great White and tends to cry when emotional. Sharkie's catchphrase is nihongo|"Sharkin"|シャッキン|Shakkin. Sharkie Chan lived on the isolated Aozame Island, becoming its first sumo champ, until the Gekirangers arrived with Sharkie amazed by Jan's skills in the "canoe race" test he set up. Jan soon became Sharkie's first pupil, with the two instantly getting along as Jan called his teacher nihongo|"Shark"|鮫|Same. However Dokariya's interference and GekiShark's sudden attack left Sharkie to feel unfit to train others, furthered by Bat-Li and Elehung's criticisms, forcing him to renounce Jan as his student. However, after being framed by Dokariya of attempting to kill Sha-Fu, Sharkie's spirits were lifted by Jan defending Sharkie's honor as a Beast Fist Master and Sha-Fu approving him as a true mentor. Sharkie was originally the holder of the Ikigimo until he lost it when a tsunami hit his island home and the item itself came into the possession of a young celebrity named Alice. His name is based on nihongo|Jackie Chan|ジャッキー・チェン|Jakkī Chen.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, nihongo|"There is "Sharkin!" while training. The doing your best Shark-Fist, Sharkie Chan!"|シャッキーン!の中に修行あり。とにかく頑張るシャーク拳 シャッキー・チェン!|Shakkīn! no naka ni shugyō ari. Tonikaku ganbaru Shākuken, Shakkī Chen!.

Gorie Yen

nihongo|Gorie Yen|ゴリー・イェン|Gorī Yen|19-49 represents the nihongo|Raging Heart|レイジング・ハート|Reijingu Hāto of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Gorilla-Fist|激獣ゴリラ拳|Gekijū Goriraken style. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gorilla with a taciturn/collected personality and love for bananas who was originally writing a novel called "The Raging Heart" in New York until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. Gorie is nicknamed the nihongo|Wild Wiseman|荒ぶる賢人|Araburu Kenjin, due to his knowledge of the Dark Forest Path and running the Beast-Fist Consultation Office deep within the woods. He is also referred by Jan as nihongo|"Gorilla"|ゴリラ|Gorira, whom Gorie taught the meaning behind "Heart" in a coin-stacking match, only to win when he questions Jan's reasons to get stronger, scolding him for his incorrect answer. He later was brutally attacked by Rio and forced to reveal the existence of the Beast Origin Village. By the time his book gets published, Gorie plays a part in unlocking Jan's lost memories. Gorie's name is based on nihongo|Donnie Yen|ドニー・イェン|Donī Yen.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, nihongo|"The Wild Wiseman. 'Raging Heart,' Gorie Yen!"|荒ぶる賢人 「レイジング・ハート」 ゴリー・イェン!|Araburu Kenjin. "Reijingu Hāto," Gorī Yen!.

Michelle Peng

nihongo|Michelle Peng|ミシェル・ペング|Misheru Pengu|19-49 represents the nihongo|Supreme Technique|シュープリーム・テクニック|Shūpurīmu Tekunikku of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand mistress of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Penguin-Fist|激獣ペンギン拳|Gekijū Penginken style that utilizes boardsport skills in battle. As such, she is an anthropomorphic penguin who is director of SCRTC's Sweden branch, receiving the summons to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. Though very sweet and bubbly in personality, Michelle is nicknamed the nihongo|Splendid Fighting Goddess|華麗なる戦いの女神|Kareinaru Tatakai no Megami due to her scary temper. She decides to teach Ran to perfect her "Technique", and the subsequent skateboarding competition ends in a tie at 100 points a piece. Michelle is also one of the females not to mind Elehung's advances most of the time and works as Gorie's assistant at the Beast Fist Consultation Office, also entrusted with her mentor's strongest Gekiwaza which she taught to Gou. Her name is based on nihongo|Michelle King (Yeoh)|ミシェール・キング|Mishēru Kingu.

When she fights Rio and Mele, she says, nihongo|"The Splendid Fighting Goddess. 'Supreme Technique,' Michelle Peng!"|華麗なる戦いの女神 「シュープリーム・テクニック」 ミシェル・ペング!|Kareinaru Tatakai no Megami. "Shūpurīmu Tekunikku," Misheru Pengu!.

Bion Biao

nihongo|Bion Biao|ピョン・ピョウ|Pyon Pyō|19-49 represents the nihongo|Undying Body|アンダイイング・ボディ|Andaiingu Bodī of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Gazelle-Fist|激獣ガゼル拳|Gekijū Gazeruken style. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gazelle who monitored a national park in Kenya until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. He decides to teach Retsu to hone his "Body" and is defeated in the resulting endurance match when Retsu comes from behind. Biao is nicknamed the nihongo|Savanna Shortstop|サバンナの遊撃手|Sabanna no Yūgekishu and his name is based on nihongo|Yuen Biao|ユン・ピョウ|Yun Pyō.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, nihongo|"The Savanna Shortstop. 'Undying Body,' Bion Biao!"|サバンナの遊撃手 「アンダイイング・ボディ」 ピョン・ピョウ!|Sabanna no Yūgekishu. Andaiingu Bodī, Pyon Pyō!.

Natsume Masaki

nihongo|Natsume Masaki|真咲 なつめ|Masaki Natsume is Miki's daughter, attending elementary school with her friends Shinichi and Seiji. She has helped out the Gekiranger team by practicing dancing along with them and teaching Jan how to be patient with "Koto-Koto." She has also helped out Gou on his path to becoming a Gekiranger by showing him that even though he could have fled to save himself, he decided to protect her from Mele. She decides to learn the Beast Fist in the finale, becoming one of Retsu's students. Jan refers to her as Miki's child, a nickname she dislikes; when Gou referred to her as such she replied,"Don't call me by Jan's weird nickname". Her favorite dessert is egg tart and she hates it when someone eats hers.


nihongo|RoboTough|ロボタフ|Robotafu is a Beast-Fist Trainer Droid. It is a robot that assists the Gekirangers in their Beast-Fist Training. It was programed with three level settings: Beginner, Expert, and the rarely used Cat Mode. By the finale, RoboTough was accidentally damaged by Mele.

Kentaro Hisatsu

nihongo|Kentaro Hisatsu|久津 権太郎|Hisatsu Kentarō is Ken's father and head of SCRTC's Special Items Development, also known as nihongo|"SCRTC Meisters"|スクラッチ・マイスターズ|Sukuratchi Maisutāzu which poses a backstreet-factory run by the Hisatsu Family.

achiko Hisatsu

nihongo|Sachiko Hisatsu|久津 幸子|Hisatsu Sachiko is Ken's younger sister. She is kidnapped by Mele on her birthday as a bargaining chip to obtain the SoZyuTo from Ken. Long poses as Sachiko to inform Ken of the kidnapping. Although she is Ken's younger sister, she will not hesitate to keep her brother in line when he starts arguing with somebody.


nihongo|Dan|ダン|Dan is a user of the nihongo|Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist|激獣タイガー拳|Gekijū Taigāken style who was a star pupil under Sha-Fu and a senior master of Rio, Gou, and Miki. Also referred as nihongo|Byakko|ビャッコ|Byakko, Dan was able to access Extreme Ki with little effort, manifested as a nihongo|"White Tiger"|白い虎|Shiroi Tora. Despite being the senior, Rio saw Dan as a rival and tried hard to surpass him. Although Dan tried to defeat Rio when he defected, he was killed, but the cause of defeat was because he got injured previously by Long in a sneak attack in order to further make Rio's desire for power insatiable. The fact that he didn't fight his rival at full strength left Rio with a feeling of frustration. Until he learned that their battle could be fulfilled now between him and the son Dan had with his wife Nami, Jan. Though Dan's Fierce Soul was used in the creation of Suugu, Dan is unable to manifest until Jan awakens his memory. After receiving a fatal wound meant for his son from Long, Dan/Suugu has Jan land the deathblow, freeing Dan from his prison. Before leaving to the next life, he tells his son to walk his own path. Dan's alias is a reference to the Chinese mythological beast nihongo|"Byakko"|白虎|Byakko|literally "white tiger".

Brusa Ee

nihongo|Brusa Ee|ブルーサ・イー|Burūsa Ī was the man who created the Beast-Fist style, a master of the Fierce Beast Rhinoceros-Fist style who once battled Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac in the 200 day battle, barely winning and gaining Pachacamac's respect in the form of two jewels that together could reveal the secret moves of Cosmic Kenpō. Later on, Brusa took under his wing ten students, who in time became the Fist Sages and the Fist Demons. While having the seven as his students, Brusa appreciate Sha-Fu's abilities and hoped to someday pass his title as Beast-Fist master to him. However, Sha-Fu turned down the offer and asked Brusa to name Maku as his heir. The fact that he picked Maku not on his skills but on another's behalf led to Brusa's murder at the hands of Maku and the other Fist Demons, resulting in the Fierce-Confronation Rebellion that created the two opposing branches of the Beast-Fist style. Though dead, Brusa Ee's spirit, the Fierce Soul, remained and later entered what Sha-Fu later carved into SaiDain. His motto is "Don't think, feel it", which Sha-Fu took to heart as well as Ken and Jan. When SaiDain's Beast Power Bloom is activated it empowered the Gekirangers, Mele, and Rio showing that Brusa looks favorably on both forms of Beast-Fist.

Brusa Ee's name is based on nihongo|Bruce Lee|ブルース・リー|Burūsu Rī.


*: These are two-piece henshin devices worn over the forearms as gloved arm-guards. They were developed by SCRTC to maximize the wearer's "geki" then harness that amplified "geki" as a power source to catalyze the GekiRanger transformation. Aside from their primary function, GekiChangers have a store function which can store a number of tools, including weapons, inside a pocket dimension that can be accessed via the gloves' three buttons. The traditional routine for transformation among GekiRanger involves their trademark Wushu hand postures along with the henshin cry of nihongo|"Boil! Power of the beasts! Beast On!"|たぎれ!獣の力!ビースト・オン!|Tagire! Kemono no chikara! Bīsuto On!, though simply "Beast On!" suffices.
*: GekiRed's signature "nunchaku" weapon; very effective at close-range. Jan initially struggled to master them until Retsu instructed him on how to handle them efficiently, albeit begrudgingly.
*: The GekiRanger's standard-issue auxiliary weapon. A paired-set of high-tech "tonfa" accessed primarily by GekiBlue and GekiYellow. These mechanized batons have two configuration modes: the standard nihongo|"GekiTonfa Baton"|ゲキトンファーバトン|GekiTonfā Baton dual-tonfa configuration and the nihongo|"GekiTonfa Long Baton"|ゲキトンファーロングバトン|GekiTonfā Rongu Baton combined bo-staff configuration. The GekiTonfa have an internal electric battery, which generates electric currents down the weapon's shaft via centrifugal handling.
*: A cat-themed "bazooka"-type weapon, modeled after Sha-Fu. At first it took up to two minutes before it can fire until the team trained to amass enough Fierce Ki to charge it in seconds. Originally, only three can use the GekiBazooka. But eventually, they got strong to the point that one of them can use the GekiBazooka and supply it with the adequate Fierce Ki.
*: An elephant-themed "meteor hammer"-type weapon that Ran acquires once she masters Master Elehung's nihongo|Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist|激獣エレファント拳|Gekijū Erefantoken style. The distance the GekiHammer can reach is dependent upon the amount of Fierce Ki infused into it.
*: A bat-themed "war fan"-type weapon awarded to Retsu upon mastering the nihongo|Fierce Beast Bat-Fist|激獣バット拳|Gekijū Battoken form from Master Bat Li. An elegant combat tool with various offensive and defensive applications, either opened or closed, Retsu can summon an additional fan for a Double GekiFan style.
*: A pair of shark-themed "Dao"-type weapons awarded to Jan after mastering Sharkie Chan's nihongo|Fierce Beast Shark-Fist|激獣シャーク拳|Gekijū Shākuken style. The GekiSaber has two modes: nihongo|Twin Sword Mode|双剣モード|Sōken Mōdo and nihongo|Twin Sword Combination Mode|双剣合身モード|Sōken Gasshin Mōdo.
*: A hand-held, high-tech claw weapon that is powered by "kageki". It's with this tool that the GekiRanger can access their Super GekiRanger forms. The pre-transformation routine involves slapping the side of the Super GekiClaw (to open the claws) along with the henshin cry, nihongo|"Super Beast On!"|スーパー・ビースト・オン!|Sūpā Bīsuto On!. When the Super GekiClaw is activated, the Gekirangers' suits become predominately white with the animal markings replaced with vents that release their "kageki", enabling various feats of speed and aerial maneuverability.
*: A wolf-themed henshin device developed by SCRTC for Gou as an alternative to the GekiChanger, which proved incompatible with his unique Violet Fierce Ki. Following his henshin cry, nihongo|"Echo! Howl of the beasts! Beast On!"|響け!獣の叫び!ビースト・オン!|Hibike! Kemono no sakebi! Bīsuto On!", Gou transforms into GekiViolet, using the GongChanger's gong-inspired sub-theme as medium for his Gekiwaza attacks. [cite web|url=|title=丸善商店 予約05/27〆【バンダイ】獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー 仮)獣拳変身ブレス ゴングチェンジャー 商品説明|accessdate=2007-05-24]
*: A henshin device used by GekiChopper, stored in Ken's GekiChangers until Ken brings it out and uses henshin call nihongo|"Sharpen! Blade of the beasts! Beast On!"|研ぎ澄ませ!獣の刃!ビースト・オン!|Togisumase! Kemono no yaiba! Bīsuto On! to become GekiChopper. The SaiBlade is a right-hand gaunlet with two modes: the hand-like nihongo|SaiBlade Finger|サイブレードフィンガー|SaiBurēdo Fingā that also acts as a gun-like weapon and the blade-like nihongo|SaiBlade Cutter|サイブレードカッター|SaiBurēdo Kattā. Though originally used by GekiChopper, Super GekiRed (and later Super GekiBlue) can use the SaiBlade in combination with the Super GekiClaw to create the nihongo|Super SaiBlade|スーパーサイブレード|Sūpā SaiBurēdo. [cite web|url=|title=【フィギュアショップ わくわくワンダー】 07-09-末発売予定  最強変身手刀 DXサイブレード|accessdate=2007-07-24]
*nihongo|SoZyuTo|操獣刀|Sōjūtō|literally "Virtuous Beast Sword": A legendary katana that can summon SaiDain, originally used by Brusa Ee and referred by his Fist Sage students as the ultimate weapon to end the battle with Confrontation Beast Fist. It's a treasure of the Beast-Fist and it's said that Brusa Ee's power dwells within it, allowing the user to tear down the Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages and invoke SaiDain's power.


The animal-themed mecha of the Gekirangers are called the nihongo|GekiBeasts|ゲキビースト|GekiBīsuto. The personal GekiBeasts are basically aura projections of the Gekirangers' Fierce Ki, made physical through the "Twice-Twice Clone Fist" Gekiwaza. But once one of them masters a certain fighting style, the Gekirangers could summon a GekiBeast modeled after their training with the "Come-Come Beast" Gekiwaza.


nihongo|Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja|獣拳巨人ゲキトージャ|Jūken Kyojin GekiTōjarf|*|Tohja is formed when the three GekiBeasts combine with the nihongo|Gekiwaza: Beast Fist Gattai|ゲキワザ 獣拳合体|Gekiwaza Jūken Gattai, GekiTohja is formed. The primary attack of GekiTohja are using the tails of the three GekiBeasts as a three section staff called nihongo|GekiSetsukon|ゲキセツコン. GekiTohja's finishing Gekiwaza moves rely on his horizontal spinning.
*nihongo|GekiTiger|ゲキタイガー|GekiTaigā is GekiRed's GekiBeast that forms the mainbody. GekiViolet can also access GekiTiger.
*nihongo|GekiCheetah|ゲキチーター|GekiChītā is GekiYellow's GekiBeast that forms the lower right leg.
*nihongo|GekiJaguar|ゲキジャガー|GekiJagā is GekiBlue's GekiBeast that forms the lower left leg. GekiViolet can also access GekiJaguar.

Legendary GekiBeasts

The Legendary GekiBeasts are additional GekiBeasts, each unique to the Gekiranger as the result of their training. When the nihongo|Beast-Fist Armament|獣拳武装|Jūken Busō command is given, a Legendary GekiBeast becomes armor for GekiTohja and GekiFire.


nihongo|GekiElephant|ゲキエレファント|GekiErefanto is GekiYellow's Legendary GekiBeast that she obtains from mastering the Elephant-Fist style. It can create an orb of Fierce Ki that it headbutts at an enemy. GekiElephant combines with either GekiTohja to become nihongo|GekiElephanTohja|ゲキエレファントージャ|Gekierefantōja or with Gekifire to form nihongo|GekiElephantFire|ゲキエレファントファイヤー|GekiErefantoFaiyā, both combinations armed with a wrecking ball/flail-like weapon called the nihongo|EleHammer|エレハンマー|Erehanmā.


nihongo|GekiBat|ゲキバット|GekiBatto is GekiBlue's Legendary GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Bat-Fist Style. It can combine with GekiTohja to become nihongo|GekiBatTohja|ゲキバットージャ|GekiBattōja, with GekiFire to form nihongo|GekiBatFire|ゲキバットファイヤー|GekiBattōFaiyā, or with GekiTohja Wolf to become nihongo|GekiBatTohja Wolf|ゲキバットージャウルフ|GekiBattōja Urufu. GekiBat's wings become blades that all three formations can use for flight and slash-based attacks.


nihongo|GekiShark|ゲキシャーク|GekiShāku is GekiRed's Legendary GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Shark-Fist Style. It can combine with GekiTohja to become nihongo|GekiSharkTohja|ゲキシャークトージャ|GekiShākutōja or with Gekifire to form nihongo|GekiSharkFire|ゲキシャークファイヤー|GekiShākuFaiyā, providing sleek armor and blade weapons for either and allowing them to perform in underwater environments with ease.


nihongo|Herculean Giant GekiFire|剛力巨人ゲキファイヤー|Gōriki Kyojin GekiFaiyā is the form that the Super Gekirangers take from obtaining the "Extreme Ki" power, the combination of the three nihongo|Super GekiBeasts|スーパーゲキビースト|Sūpā GekiBīsuto. GekiFire's finishing Gekiwaza moves rely on vertical spinning. Like GekiTohja, GekiFire can combine with the Legendary GekiBeasts.
*nihongo|GekiGorilla|ゲキゴリラ|GekiGorira is GekiRed's Super GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Gorilla-Fist style and achieving Super-form. It forms the head, arms, torso, and upper legs.
*nihongo|GekiPenguin|ゲキペンギン|GekiPengin is GekiYellow's Super GekiBeast that she obtains from mastering the Penguin-Fist style and achieving Super-form. It forms the lower right leg with its nihongo|Jetboard|ジェットボード|Jettobōdo, with a piece forming the helmet.
*nihongo|GekiGazelle|ゲキガゼル|GekiGazeru is GekiBlue's Super GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Gazelle-Fist style and achieving Super-form. It forms the lower left leg.


nihongo|GekiWolf|ゲキウルフ|GekiUrufu is GekiViolet's GekiBeast. Like the Legendary GekiBeasts, GekiWolf can be used in the Gekiwaza Beast-Fist Armament, replacing GekiCheetah in the GekiTohja formation or just combining with GekiTiger and GekiJaguar to create nihongo|GekiTohja Wolf|ゲキトージャウルフ|GekiTōja Urufu. Gou can control the formation on his own or with Jan and Retsu, integrating his kicking style into the giant form. [cite web|url=|title=丸善商店 予約05/27〆【バンダイ】獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー 獣拳合体シリーズ04 ゲキウルフ 商品説明|accessdate=2007-05-24]


nihongo|Beast-Fist God SaiDain|獣拳神サイダイン|Jūkenshin SaiDain is a giant rhinoceros GekiBeast created by Sha-Fu using the SoZyuTo to carve into the large statue that holds the nihongo|Fierce Ki Soul|激気魂|Geki Damashii of Brusa Ee, thus having the ability of nihongo|Beast Power Bloom|獣力開花|Jūriki Kaika, empowering any pure Beast-Fist user in its presence with the exception of those who strayed from the true path like the Fist Sages and the Fist Demons. Formed differently from the other GekiBeasts as a medium rather than a manifestation of Fierce Ki, Saidain was originally in a petrified state at the Beast Origin Village. However, the SoZyuTo can bring SaiDain to life through the ideal wielder of SouZyuTo. SaiDain can assume its true form, nihongo|Beast-Fist Giant God SaiDaiOh|獣拳巨神サイダイオー|Jūken Kyojin SaiDaiŌrf|**|DaiOh, by saying the nihongo|Beast-Fist Giant God Advent|獣拳巨神降臨|Jūken Kyojin Kōrin or nihongo|Beast-Fist Transformation|獣拳変形|Jūken Henkei with the SoZyuTo. As SaiDaioh, it resembles a European knight. SaiDaiOh's head can be concealed in a faceplate to evoke its "Defense Mode" and it uses the nihongo|Break Big Sword|砕大剣|Saidai Ken from the horn and a shield formed from the rhinoceros' back. SaiDain can combine with GekiGorilla to form the centaurish nihongo|SaiDaiGekiFire|サイダイゲキファイヤー|SaiDaiGekiFaiyā, with GekiWolf, GekiGazelle and GekiPenguin riding on it. SaiDaiGekiFire combines the energies of Extreme Ki, Violet Fierce Ki, and Fierce Ki Hard Diamond into its attacks. GekiTiger can also combine with SaiDain to form nihongo|SaiDaiGekiTohja|サイダイゲキトージャ|SaiDaiGekiTōja, with GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar and GekiWolf next to him. [cite web|url=|title=【フィギュアショップ わくわくワンダー】 07-10-末発売予定  獣拳合体DXサイダイオー(3号ロボ)|accessdate=2007-07-24]


The various martial arts techniques that utilize Fierce Ki are known as nihongo|"Gekiwaza"|ゲキワザ(激技)|Gekiwaza|literally "Fierce Techniques". The Gekirangers use the various parts of their arsenal to channel the Fierce Ki into usable forms to perform Gekiwaza.

These Gekiwaza were described in promotional materials for the GekiChanger toy.
*nihongo|Fierce Ki Wave|激気振|Geki Shin: A standard Gekiwaza.
*nihongo|Fierce Ki Strike|激気打|Geki Da: A common Gekiwaza. Uses physical moves.
*nihongo|Fierce Ki Bullet|激気弾|Geki Dan: A common Gekiwaza. Uses special moves

hared Gekiwaza

*nihongo|Fierce-Fierce Cannon|激激砲|Geki Geki Hō: A team Gekiwaza performed using the GekiBazooka. Initially, it required two minutes to charge, but they soon overcame this limit. It requires all three Gekirangers to wield, transferring their collective Fierce Ki into the GekiBazooka to fire. The first few times that the Gekirangers used it, Jan would yell nihongo|"Pork cube stew!"|豚の角煮|Buta no Kaku Ni, which is the name of the dish that Natsume was preparing for him when he learned how to be patient, but this irritated Ran and Retsu, so he eventually stopped doing so. If there is insufficient Ki, the cat head will close back up automatically, as shown in a Beast Arts Academy demonstration.
**nihongo|Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon|スーパー激激砲|Sūpā Geki Geki Hō: This Gekiwaza is identical to the Fierce Cannon, but the Super Gekirangers wield the GekiBazooka.
**nihongo|Special Fierce-Fierce Cannon|スペシャル激激砲|Supesharu Geki Geki Hō: This Gekiwaza is identical to the Fierce Cannon, but with GekiViolet and GekiChopper replacing GekiRed and GekiYellow when GekiBazooka is in use.
*nihongo|Soul-Soul Bullet|魂魂弾|Kon Kon Dan: The three Gekirangers focus their Fierce Ki to over their enture bodies it enters a nihongo|Fierce Ki Explosive State|激気爆発|Geki Bakuhatsu, charging at their opponents and exposing to them to their Ki at point-blank range.
*nihongo|Super Double Attack|スーパーダブル撃|Sūpā Daburu Geki: A Gekiwaza which two attack simultaneously utilizing Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaws.
*nihongo|Super Triple Attack|スーパートリプル撃|Sūpā Toripuru Geki: A Gekiwaza which three attack simultaneously utilizing Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaws.
*nihongo|Three Plan Slash|三算斬|San San Zan: A three-way attack with two Super GekiClaws and the SaiBlade.
*nihongo|Super Brother Attack|スーパーブラザー撃|Sūpā Burazā Geki: Super GekiBlue and GekiViolet's attack.
*nihongo|Extreme Ki Adventure Heart Attack|過激気ボウケン根性撃|Kageki Bōken Konjō Geki: Super GekiYellow, BoukenYellow, and BoukenPink's attack.
*nihongo|Red Zone Tiger Attack|レッドゾーンタイガー撃|Reddo Zōn Taigā Geki: Super GekiRed and BoukenRed's attack.
*nihongo|Fierce Ki Union|激気合一|Geki Gōitsu: A combination of the Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon and the Stern-Stern Fist, combining the energies of the two Gekiwazas into a powerful attack. The Fierce Ki Union is later augmented by GekiChopper's Super Twist-Twist Bullet.
*nihongo|Five Combined Work|五合業|Go Gō Gō: A Gekiwaza which five Gekirangers rush to an opponent while making GekiYellow into a head and spouting each Ki.
*nihongo|Beast-Beast Full-Body Change|獣獣全身変|Jū Jū Zenshin Hen: A forbidden Gekiwaza that transforms a user of the Fierce Beast-Fist into an anthropomorphic animal form relating to his/her fighting style, becoming much stronger. This Gekiwaza was used long ago by the Fist Sages to defeat the Fist Demons, assuming their current forms as a result. Bae and Gou also used this move in their respective battles prior to the series. However, due to an imperfect aspect while performing the Gekiwaza, the two each ended up in a flawed form, though only Gou has been able to regain his original human form.
*nihongo|Fierce Ki Infusion|激気注入|Geki Chūnyū: The user of this Gekiwaza can temporarily transfer his or her Fierce Ki into a teammate so he/she can perform a much more powerful Gekiwaza. As a Super Gekiranger, this can be utilized as nihongo|Extreme Ki Infusion|過激気注入|Kageki Chūnyū.
*nihongo|Sage-Sage Bind|聖聖縛|Sei Sei Baku: All seven Fist Sages tie up their opponent with cloth made of pure Fierce Ki, trapping them in place.

Tiger-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user.
*nihongo|Gun-Gun Bullet|砲砲弾|Hō Hō Dan: GekiRed's Gekiwaza that projects his Fierce Ki as GekiTiger to fiercely attack the opponent with its strength.
*nihongo|Dust Cloth Wringing|雑巾絞り|Zōkin Shibori: "Cleaning-Power" style attack. Twisting Gyūya's horns like an actual dust cloth.
*nihongo|Tiger Dust Cloth Mopping|タイガー雑巾掛け|Taigā Zōkin Gake: "Cleaning-Power" style attack. Using the opponent as an actual dust cloth.
*nihongo|Whirl-Whirl Fist|グルグル拳|Guru Guru Ken: "Bathhouse" style attack. Uses a koinobori to spin the opponent around. Jan invented this Gekiwaza himself.
*nihongo|Super Tiger Strike|スーパータイガー撃|Sūpā Taigā Geki: A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
*nihongo|Soul-Soul Palm|魂魂掌|Kon Kon Shō: After GekiYellow and GekiBlue transfer Fierce Ki through Fierce Ki Injection, GekiRed can throw a ball of Fierce Ki at the opponent.
*nihongo|Extreme Ki Hard Diamond|過激気研鑽|Kageki Kensan: After SaiDain's Beast Power Blooming, GekiRed is able to use the Super SaiBlade on his own to form a powerful blade, which he used to cut down Maku.
*nihongo|Super Sharp-Sharp Extreme Ki Slash|超鋭鋭過激気斬|Chō Ei Ei Kageki Zan: GekiRed shoots forward and delivers a powerful slash with the Super SaiBlade.

Cheetah-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Heart" of the user.
*nihongo|Blink-Blink Bullet|瞬瞬弾|Shun Shun Dan: GekiYellow's Gekiwaza that project her Fierce Ki as GekiCheetah to attack several opponents at high-speed.
*nihongo|Pierce-Pierce Strike|貫貫打|Kan Kan Da: Another Gekiwaza used by GekiYellow.
*nihongo|Strike-Strike Bullet|打打弾|Da Da Dan: GekiYellow's Gekiwaza that allows her to punch her opponent in rapid succession.
*nihongo|Long Baton Extend-Extend Strike|ロングバトン伸伸打|Rongu Baton Shin Shin Da: GekiYellow's Gekiwaza that uses the extensibility of the GekiTonfa Long Baton.
*nihongo|Mom-Mom Strike|母母打|Mō Mō Da: GekiYellow's Gekiwaza empowered by her mothering skills, landing several blows to the enemy's face. The attack results with the target's head exploding from the massive swelling caused by the attack.
*nihongo|Super Cheetah Strike|スーパーチーター撃|Sūpā Chītā Geki: A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
*nihongo|Fierce-Extreme Judge-Strike|激烈断打|Gekiran Danda: Secret Gekiwaza.

Jaguar-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Technique" of the user. Two variations of this style are nihongo|Jaguar Drunken-Fist|ジャガー酔拳|Jagā Suiken and nihongo|Jaguar Sleeping-Fist|ジャガー眠り拳|Jagā Nemuriken, which are influenced by the Zui Quan fighting style.
*nihongo|Spin-Spin Bullet|転転弾|Ten Ten Dan: GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that projects his Fierce Ki as GekiJaguar to somersault into opponents.
*nihongo|Dance-Dance Palm|舞舞掌|Mai Mai Shō: GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that utilizes his GekiTonfa abilities.
*nihongo|Dance-Dance Strike|舞舞打|Mai Mai Da: GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that utilizes the GekiTonfa.
*nihongo|Dance-Dance Jump|舞舞跳|Mai Mai Chō: GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that allowed him to fight on a vertical surface against Moriya using high speed and amazing techniques. The beauty of this technique moved even Mele's cold heart.
*nihongo|GekiTonfa Bloom-Bloom Bullet|ゲキトンファー華華弾|GekiTonfā Hana Hana Dan: GekiBlue's personal Gekiwaza that uses the GekiTonfa in a spinning motion, creating a flower-like pattern in the afterimage.
*nihongo|Super Jaguar Strike|スーパージャガー撃|Sūpā Jagā Geki: A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
**nihongo|Super Jaguar Strike Special|スーパージャガー撃スペシャル|Sūpā Jagā Geki Supesharu: Gekiwaza with which the Super Jaguar Attack developed.
*nihongo|Fantastic Extreme Ki Slash|ファンタスティック過激気斬|Fantasutikku Kageki Zan: While Jan leaves the team, GekiBlue uses the Super SaiBlade, performing his own Extreme Ki Hard Diamond attack.
*nihongo|Fierce-Extreme Judge-Palm|激烈断掌|Gekiretsu Danshō: Secret Gekiwaza.

Wolf-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are enhanced by Gou's personal Muay Thai moves, titled his "Fukami-style", requiring the Violet Fierce Ki.
*nihongo|Savage-Savage Elbow|蛮蛮肘|Ban Ban Chū: GekiViolet's Gekiwaza that elbows the opponent's forehead.
**nihongo|Super Savage-Savage Elbow|超蛮蛮肘|Chō Ban Ban Chū: GekiViolet elbows the opponent's forehead from a jump.
*nihongo|Wolf-Wolf Kick|狼狼蹴|Rō Rō Shū: GekiViolet's Gekiwaza that kicks opponent upside the head.
*nihongo|Hard-Hard Attack|剛剛撃|Gō Gō Geki: GekiViolet makes a ring-like battlefield using the GongChanger, and attacks opponents.
*nihongo|Rigid-Rigid Fist|厳厳拳|Gon Gon Ken: GekiViolet channels Violet Fierce Ki through the GongChanger and delivers a punch.
*nihongo|Rise-Rise Fist|昇昇拳|Shō Shō Ken: GekiViolet channels Violet Fierce Ki through the GongChanger and delivers an uppercut.
*nihongo|Wheel-Wheel Fist|輪輪拳|Rin Rin Ken: GekiViolet performs a powerful uppercut charged with Violet Fierce Ki.
*nihongo|Wolf-Wolf Bullet|狼狼弾|Rō Rō Dan: GekiWolf jumps at the enemy in a spinning attack, slashing with its bladed tail.

Rhinoceros-Fist Gekiwaza

An ancient Gekiwaza of Brusa Ee that Ken mastered with his Fierce Ki Hard Diamond technique.
*nihongo|Sharp-Sharp Blade|鋭鋭刀|Ei Ei Tō: Used with SaiBlade Cutter Mode, a powerful slash of the SaiBlade
**nihongo|Beast Origin Style Sharp-Sharp Blade|獣源流鋭鋭刀|Jūgenryū Ei Ei Tō: A stronger version of the attack.
**nihongo|Sharp-Sharp Extreme Ki Slash|鋭鋭過激気斬|Ei Ei Kageki Zan: Using the power of muni-muni (teamwork), Super GekiRed and GekiChopper combine the Super GekiClaw and SaiBlade into the Super SaiBlade. Super GekiRed then uses Extreme Ki Infusion on GekiChopper who is now able performs a powerful slash, creating the nihongo|Extreme Ki Hard Diamond|過激気研鑽|Kageki Kensan power.
**nihongo|Sharp-Sharp Extreme Ki Slash Christmas Special|鋭鋭過激気斬クリスマススペシャル|Ei Ei Kageki Zan Kurisumasu Supesharu:
*nihongo|Twist-Twist Bullet|捻捻弾|Nen Nen Dan: GekiChopper uses the SaiBlade Finger mode to fire a rapid barrage.
**nihongo|Super Twist-Twist Bullet|超捻捻弾|Chō Nen Nen Dan: GekiChopper fires a single powerful projectile from the SaiBlade Finger.
**nihongo|Twist-Twist Bullet: Inner-Unrest|捻捻弾・乱れ撃ち|Nen Nen Dan: Midareuchi: GekiChopper uses the SaiBlade Finger mode to fire a multi-rapid barrage.
*nihongo|Many-Many Slash|千千斬|Sen Sen Zan: GekiChopper uses his Fierce Ki Hard Diamond with the SaiBlade Cutter to perform multiple slashes on an opponent.
*nihongo|Heaven and Earth Disaster Strike|天地転変打|Tenchi Tenben Da: The most powerful Gekiwaza, mastered by Brusa Ee, it's very power defies the laws of nature. Through Michelle Peng, Gou mastered the Gekiwaza with intent to use on Rio in vain.

Leopard-Fist Gekiwaza

*nihongo|Pierce-Pierce Palm|貫貫掌|Kan Kan Shō: Miki used this Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist Gekiwaza against the Rinshī in the first episode.

Elephant-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through meteor hammer techniques.
*nihongo|GekiHammer Bullet-Bullet Ball|ゲキハンマー弾弾丸|GekiHanmā Dan Dan Gan: A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiHammer to hit the enemy hard from a long distance.
*nihongo|GekiHammer Meteor Bullet|ゲキハンマー流星弾|GekiHanmā Ryūsei Dan: A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiHammer.

Bat-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through war fan techniques.
*nihongo|GekiFan Rise-Rise Bullet|ゲキファン昇昇弾|GekiFan Shō Shō Dan: A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiFan.
*nihongo|GekiFan Rise-Rise Dance|ゲキファン昇昇舞|GekiFan Shō Shō Mai: Uses the Double GekiFan to perform a graceful movement in midair.
*nihongo|GekiFan Air-Air Slash|ゲキファン宙宙斬|GekiFan Chū Chū Zan: Charges the Double GekiFan with Fierce Ki in midair to slash the opponents.
*nihongo|Seal-Seal Sense|封封念|Fū Fū Nen: Used by Bat Li to deflect a possessed GekiShark.

hark-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through saber techniques.
*nihongo|GekiSaber Thin-Thin Slash|ゲキセイバー薄薄斬|GekiSeibā Haku Haku Zan: A Gekiwaza that uses the flimsy nature of the GekiSabers in their Twin Sword Mode to twist the opponent's head around.
*nihongo|GekiSaber Soar-Soar Slash|ゲキセイバー翔翔斬|GekiSeibā Shō Shō Zan: A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiSabers in their Twin Sword Mode.
*nihongo|GekiSaber Current Blade|ゲキセイバー水流刃|GekiSeibā Suiryū Ha: A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiSabers in Twin Sword Combined Mode to cover the battlefield in water.
*nihongo|GekiSaber Wave-Wave Slash|ゲキセイバー波波斬|GekiSeibā Nami Nami Zan: A Gekiwaza that uses the Twin Sword Combined Mode and Fierce Ki to slash the opponent with the force of a tsunami. As Super GekiRed, this can be utilized as nihongo|GekiSaber Super Wave-Wave Slash|ゲキセイバースーパー波波斬|GekiSeibā Sūpā Nami Nami Zan.

Gorilla-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Heart" of the user, mostly with punches and are mainly performed through GekiGorilla.
*nihongo|Gori-Gori Strike|ゴリゴリ打|Gori Gori Da: GekiGorilla uses his brute strength and rotates his arms around to strike the opponent with its fists.
*nihongo|Gori-Gori Wave|ゴリゴリ波|Gori Gori Ha: GekiGorilla pounds his chest and sends out shockwaves that form a pipe that GekiPenguin can ride on.
*nihongo|Sleep-Sleep Fist|眠眠拳|Min Min Ken: Gorie's Gekiwaza that allows him to put people to sleep with a finger-poke to the forehead, leaving the target in a hypnotic trance.

Penguin-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Technique" of the user and are mainly performed through emulating boardsports and through GekiPenguin.
*nihongo|Penguin Bullet|ペンギン弾|Pengin Dan: GekiPenguin uses her Jetboard to fly directly at the opponent, assisted by both the Gazelle Kick and Gorilla Wave Gekiwazas.

Gazelle-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user and are mainly performed through GekiGazelle.
*nihongo|Hoof-Hoof Leg|蹄蹄脚|Tei Tei Kyaku: Bion Biao used this kick in his competition with Retsu. It uses lower body strength to send the opponent skyward with a kick.
*nihongo|Gazelle Leg|ガゼル脚|Gazeru Kyaku: GekiGazelle rears up and kicks GekiPenguin to allow for the Penguin Bullet Gekiwaza.

Fly-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are used by Bae and employ channeling Fierce Ki into his speaking and voice.
*nihongo|Speak-Speak Soul|言言霊|Koto Koto Dama: Bae uses his voice to force the target to perform a spiritual battle. Those who can also control Fierce Ki can see the projection of what the user sees.

GekiBeast Gekiwaza

*nihongo|Double-Double Clone Fist|倍倍分身拳|Bai Bai Bunshin Ken: This Gekiwaza allows its user, if he/she possess perfect nihongo|Heart, Technique, and Body|心技体|Shin-Gi-Tai|, to project his or her Fierce Ki in a gigantic form. In the Gekirangers' case, they use their collective attributes to evoke the Gekiwaza, used as another Gekiwaza nihongo|Beast-Fist Gattai|獣拳合体|Jūken Gattai to form GekiTohja.
*nihongo|Come-Come Beast|来来獣|Rai Rai Jū: Another team Gekiwaza that summons the Legendary GekiBeasts once GekiTohja is formed, depending on which Gekiranger is the center of Fierce Ki while performing the move. The Gekiwaza can be performed while in Super form to summon the Super GekiBeasts, as well by GekiViolet to summon GekiWolf and any other GekiBeast.
**nihongo|Great Brave-Brave Beasts|大豪豪獣|Dai Gō Gō Jū: A stronger version that allows the Super Gekirangers to summon all nine of their GekiBeasts at once.
*nihongo|Fierce-Fierce Beast Cannon|激激ビースト砲|Geki Geki Bīsuto Hō: The three Gekirangers' GekiBeasts, the Legendary GekiBeasts, and the Super GekiBeasts release powerful blasts of energy from their mouths at the opponent.
**nihongo|Fierce-Fierce All Beast Cannon|激激全ビースト砲|Geki Geki Zen Bīsuto Hō: All of the GekiBeasts, including SaiDain, release powerful blasts of energy from their mouths at the opponent.

GekiTohja Gekiwaza

*nihongo|Great Firm-Firm Fist|大頑頑拳|Dai Gan Gan Ken: GekiTohja's upper body spins 360 degrees delivering numerous consecutive hits to the enemy.
*nihongo|Great Firm-Firm Leg|大頑頑脚|Dai Gan Gan Kyaku: GekiTohja's lower body spins rapidly delivering a double corkscrew kick from above.
*nihongo|Great Spin-Spin Leg|大分分脚|Dai Bun Bun Kyaku: GekiTohja's lower body spins around rapidly while one leg is extended as if it was figure skating.
*nihongo|Beast-Fist Armament Triangle Attack|獣拳武装トライアングル攻撃|Jūken Busō Toraianguru Kōgeki: GekiTohja utilizes rapid changes among its Beast-Fist armaments and uses all three signature attacks in tandem.;GekiElephanTohja
*nihongo|Great Firm-Firm Ball|大頑頑丸|Dai Gan Gan Gan: GekiElephanTohja spins its upper body rapidly, striking the opponent with the EleHammer repeatedly. This Gekiwaza, according to Bae, is said to be powerful enough to smash the Moon.;GekiBatTohja
*nihongo|Great Spin-Spin Fan|大分分扇|Dai Bun Bun Sen: GekiBatTohja spins its upper body rapidly, creating a whirlwind that immobilizes the oppoent before landing the death blow with two slashes from the war fan-like wings.
*nihongo|Fan-Fan Sever Slash|扇扇断斬|Sen Sen Dan Zan: GekiBatTohja slashes the opponent with its wing fans in mid-air.;GekiSharkTohja
*nihongo|Great Firm-Firm Slash|大頑頑斬|Dai Gan Gan Zan: GekiSharkTohja spins quickly while it glides towards the target, the spinning blades slashing through the enemy. Bae calls this a nihongo|"Screw Attack"|スクリューアタック|Sukuryū Atakku.;GekiTohja Wolf
*nihongo|Great Wolf-Wolf Leg|大狼狼脚|Dai Rō Rō Kyaku: GekiTohja Wolf utilizes a kick attack, sending the boomerang blade on its foot at the enemy.;GekiBatTohja Wolf
*nihongo|Great Brother Legs|大兄弟脚|Dai Kyōdai Kyaku: A drill-spin kick attack with both legs.;GekiRinTohja
*nihongo|Fierce-Fierce Confrontation-Confrontation Slash|激激臨臨斬|Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan: GekiRinTohja uses a spin-slash attack with the nihongo|Fierce-Confrontation Sword|激臨剣|GekiRin Ken.
*nihongo|Lion's Roar|獅子吼|Shishi Kō: A blast of Confrontation Ki from RinLion's mouth.
*nihongo|Tongue Spear Sudden Pierce|槍舌突針|Sō Zetsu Dosshin: An attack using RinChameleon's tongue.;GekiRinTohja Wolf
*nihongo|Fierce Confrontation Wolf-Wolf Slash|激臨狼狼斬|Geki Rin Rō Rō Zan: GekiRinTohja Wolf uses nihongo|Great Wolf-Wolf Leg|大狼狼脚|Dai Rō Rō Kyaku and nihongo|Fierce-Fierce Confrontation-Confrontation Slash|激激臨臨斬|Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan in tandem.;SaiDaiGekiRinTohja
*nihongo|Break Big Fierce Confrontation Slash|砕大激臨斬|Sai Dai Geki Rin Zan: SaiDain lifts up the enemy skywards with its horn. GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, and GekiWolf follow afterwards and attack the enemy, and on the way down, GekiRinTohja executes its spin-slash attack with the Fierce-Confrontation Sword.;SaiDaiGekiTohja
*nihongo|Break Big Firm-Firm Attack|砕大頑頑撃|Sai Dai Gan Gan Geki: SaiDaiGekiTohja's components create a whirlwind to send the enemy skywards. Then GekiJaguar, GekiCheetah and GekiWolf attack the enemy, and SaiDain finishes it with his horn.

GekiFire Gekiwaza

*nihongo|Firm-Firm Knuckle Dropping|頑頑ナックル落とし|Gan Gan Nakkuru Otoshi: GekiFire rotates its arms vertically, slamming the opponent with its fists.;GekiSharkFire
*nihongo|Slash-Slash Saber Cutting|斬斬セイバー斬り|Zan Zan Seibā Giri: GekiSharkFire rotates its arms veritcally, slashing the opponent with the GekiShark armaments.;GekiElephantFire
*nihongo|Bullet-Bullet Hammer Leveling|弾弾ハンマー崩し|Dan Dan Hanmā Kuzushi: GekiElephantFire spins the EleHammer in front of itself to gather momentum, and then strikes the opponent with the meteor hammer.;GekiBatFire
*nihongo|Spin-Spin Fan Fist|分分ファン拳|Bun Bun Fan Kobushi: GekiBatFire flies at the opponent, and punches repeatedly in midair.;SaiDaiGekiFire
*nihongo|Fire Break Big Assault|ファイヤー砕大突撃|Faiyā Sai Dai Totsugeki: GekiWolf, GekiPenguin, and GekiGazelle ram themselves at the opponents before the SaiDain lifts the opponent up with its horn for GekiGorilla to slam the opponent with its hammer-punches.

aiDaiOh Gekiwaza

*nihongo|Break Big Burst Connect|砕大爆連|Sai Dai Bakuren: SaiDaiOh sticks his sword in the ground, leaving a trail of explosions.
*nihongo|Big Ice Floe Mountain|大氷塊山|Dai Hyōkai Zan: SaiDaiOh spins his sword very fast, creating a freezing storm.
*nihongo|Great-Great Break Big Slash|大大砕大斬|Dai Dai Sai Dai Giri: The Break Big Sword's blade extends at the enemy, creating a nihongo|"Great"|大|Dai mark on the opponent.



ent|*|TohjaGekiTohja's name is a portmanteau of the terms nihongo|"fierce fighting"|激闘|gekitō and nihongo|"monarch"|王者|ōja.ent|**|DaiOhSaiDaiOh's name is a portmanteau of the terms nihongo|"maximum"|最大|sai dai and nihongo|"king"|王|ō or the Japanese words for nihongo|"Rhinoceros"|犀|sai or nihongo|"Break"|砕|sai, nihongo|"Great"|大|dai, and nihongo|"King"|王|ō.

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