A Piece of the Action (Robot Chicken episode)

AfDM|page=A Piece of the Action (Robot Chicken episode)|date=2008 October 9|substed=yes Infobox Television episode
Title = A Piece of the Action
Series = Robot Chicken

Caption = The cheapest Debbie Does Dallas remake ever.
Season = 1
Episode = 7
Airdate = April 3, 2005
Production = 109
Writer = Mike Fasolo
Doug Goldstein
Seth Green
Tom Root
Matthew Senreich
Director = Seth Green
Guests =
Episode list = List of Robot Chicken episodes
Prev = Vegetable Funfest
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"A Piece of the Action" is the seventh episode of the first season of the television series Robot Chicken.

List of skits

All suited up

A man in a Hazmat suit rings the doorbell.

Will it hurt?

A little girl asks her doctor who is holding a huge syringe, "Will it hurt?" He replies, "Only if God hates you."

Italian stereotypes

A pizza chef, quoting random Italian culinary words and tossing the pizza dough, has the dough shot through with holes by a stereotypical Italian mobster, also saying random Italian culinary phrases.

Pimp My Sister

A spoof of Pimp My Ride, a little boy gets his wish to "pimp" his sister Amy. Amy, after receiving the attention of the pimping makeover team, sells her wares, under the tutelage of her little brother.

Hairy lollipop

That's it, a kids reaction to a lollipop covered in hair.

We'll be dead soon

Two seniors, sitting on a park bench, one says to the other, "We'll be dead soon"

Corporal punishment

After giving the wrong answer in class, the offender is hit over the head by his teacher; breaking the stick!

The Surreal Life

The gang, including:
* Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe
* Manny Mou
* MC Hammer
* Ron Jeremy
* Erik Estrada
* Corey Feldman
* Traci Bingham

...are sent on a Lord of the Rings type quest to destroy an enchanted ring.

Christ's practical joke

A couple praying in front of a crucifix are shocked when the corpse yells, 'boo'.

Ape vs. Kangaroo

The boxing match is won by the kangaroo, who punches the monkey, flattening him against a tree.

Easter Bunny Rampage

The Easter Bunny terrorizes children, throwing eggs and yelling, "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?"

Exhausted Budget Theatre

A spoof of Debbie Does Dallas using Popsicle-stick figures, the film is re-told with the world's cheapest puppets imaginable.

Alien vs Predator: The Chess Challenge

The epic battle of Alien vs Predator - a garden chess match.

Falling on the Moon

What if Neil Armstrong fell down the ladder on the moon landing?

Good Catch

The good dog fetches the Frisbee, even over a cliff.

=Sci-Fi Convention War=

Star Wars and Star Trek fans collide at a sci-fi convention, when a screening room scheduling error is made.

Cast / Voice Actors

* Michael Benyaer - Ron Jeremy
* Erika Christensen - Cheerleader, Crack Ho
* Donald Faison - Borg Attendee, MC Hammer
* Seth Green - Alex, Gary Coleman, Corey Feldman, Crack Ho, Easter Bunny, Gay Ho, Pimp, Pizza Man, Leonard Nimoy, Tom Root, Robin Attendee, RPG Attendee, Ray Griffith, Wheelchair Attendee
* Scarlett Johansson - Amy, Cheerleader, Crack Ho
* Jamie Kaler - Fan
* Breckin Meyer - Vince Neil
* Dan Milano - Emmanuel Lewis
* Chad Morgan - Cheerleader
* Adam Talbott - Erik Estrada

toopid Monkey

The monkey is being cooked in a cauldron by an island native witch. [http://www.robotchicken.info/gallery/Stoop%21d_Monkey/Stoop_d_Monkey_A_Piece_of_the_Action]

References & External links

* [http://www.robotchicken.org/A_Piece_of_the_Action Robot Chicken Wiki]
* [http://www.adultswim.com/shows/robotchicken/index.html Adult Swim]
*imdb title|0437745|title=Robot Chicken

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