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Abt Ur Luv

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"Abt Ur Luv" is ABS-CBN's weekly, award-winning, youth-oriented program [ [http://www.mukamo.com/21st-pmpc-star-awards-for-television-2007-winners 21st Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Television Winners (2007)] ] . The series began airing in November 2006 and is expected to air its final episode in January 2008.


In the tradition of youth oriented shows "Tabing Ilog"," G-Mik "and "Gimik", Star Magic proudly brings you today's hottest teen stars in a fresh and kilig mini-series about love, friendship and growing up. Witness 4 young women -- Neri, Brenda, Celine, and Gwen experience and fight for true love while they take on the challenge of becoming full pledged adults.

Love, life and everything in between.

eason 1

Cast and characters

*Shaina Magdayao as Neri - a street smart girl who’s about to experience new challenges in her life when she moves in with her aunt and cousins. She might look weak but she’s a real fighter, used to being independent since her mother died and her father became missing at sea, who turns out to be in Baguio. She and Gens become an item but they have to part ways for she decides to continue her studies at Baguio.

*Carla Humphries as Brenda - Neri’s rich and pampered self-centered cousin. She’s used to a wealthy lifestyle and finds it hard to adjust when their family business starts having financial trouble. She resents having Neri around, finding her cousin very uncouth.

*Valeen Montenegro as Gwen - She can’t choose from her three suitors. She likes Lieu for being handsome. She likes Mao for being smart and Ahmad for being reliable. But then she finally chooses Lieu among her three suitors.

*Denise Laurel as Celine - a self-supporting gal, working as a gym and martial arts instructor. She’s Brenda’s best friend and Gen’s girlfriend. Guys tend to flip over Celine. They’d do just about anything to get near her.

*Rayver Cruz as Gens - Lieu’s older brother. He’s an achiever and a bit conservative because of his father’s influence, an ex-military man. He’s very protective of his girlfriend, Celine, what with all the guys surrounding her. But his world will turn topsy-turvy when he meets Neri. He ends up breaking up with Celine and gets together with Neri but at the end of Season 1, he accompanies his Dad to Italy in order to take care of his dad there.

*Aldred Gatchalian as Lieu - Who’s the exact opposite of his Kuya Gen. If Gen’s very assertive, Lieu’s very shy. In fact, he clams up whenever Gwen’s around. He hates being compared to his older brother and is closer to his sister, Nelle.

*Lauren Young as Nelle - Sister of Gens and Lieu. Being the only girl, she resents having to shoulder all the household duties including taking care of their blind father. She wants to enjoy being a teenager for once, free to hang out with her buddies Josh, Rickson, Web, Hillary and Giselle. Her friends thinks that shes one of the guys, but she soon discovers she likes her bestfriend Josh.

*Empress Schuck as Hillary - Brenda’s younger sister. She idolizes her sister so much to the point that she copies Brenda’s every move. Hillary also dislikes Neri, but eventually she warms up to her. She's so annoyed by Bill because he always annoys her, but as soon as she spends time with him she finds out that shes starting to like him.

*AJ Perez as Josh - Hillary’s twin. Hillary is the neat and proper twin while Josh is the more relaxed and easy going one. He immediately takes to his cousin Neri. When he found out that his bestfriend, Nelle became a real teenager, he started to feel something for her. he is always with his two bestfriends, Webb and Rickson.

*Victor Basa as Stick - Brenda’s boyfriend and Celine’s co-gym instructor. He’s a ‘super’ man – super kind, super disciplined and a super loving boyfriend.

*Enchong Dee as Blue - Stick’s younger brother. He’s also a ‘super’ man – super reckless and a super chickboy. He joined his brother in Manila to escape the boring life in the province. He irks Stick to no end because he often borrows his Kuya’s stuff without permission. Later he soon founds out that he likes his friend, Hillary.

* as Mich - Mao’s geeky friend who has a huge crush on Stick. She might look harmless on the outside but think again! She hates Brenda for she gets in the way of her Stick-stalking activities.

* as Vince - a computer techie and an employee at Gen’s family’s internet café. He is also Gen’s confidant. Their friendship gets a little complicated when Neri enters the picture.

*Aaron Agassi as Ahmad - who’s head over heels in love with Gwen. The pretty girl likes him for being dependable but the problem with Ahmad is he’s a bit torpe. His father is an Arab.

*Mikee Lee as Mao - Ahmad’s younger brother. He’s very intelligent and he likes Gwen very much. His father is Chinese.

*Dino Imperial as Bill - Ahmad and Maos brother. He is a KSP(Kulang Sa Pansin)guy. He always ignores when someone tells him that he likes Hillary, but the truth is, he likes her. In the middle of the season Bill asks Hillary to be his girlfriend but they're still hiding it from Brenda.

*Angelo Patrimono as Webb - Best bud of Rickson and Josh. He likes to eat at Josh's house.

*Christopher Gutierrez as Rickson - He and Giselle become an item later on out of desperation to have love lives.

*Zia Marquez as Giselle - Friend of Hillary, Nelle and Liza. She soon realize that she really likes Rickson.

*Isabel Blaesi as Liza - A cheerleader who likes tomboys and boys. When Nelle told her that she is not a tomboy any more Liza liked Bill's brother, Mao.

*Peewee OHara as Yaya Ciana - Gwens Lovingly nanny. Shes been with Gwen since Gwens still young. Shes always with the Barkada.

Guest starring:
*Sandara Park as Betina
*Bob Dela Cruz as Neris Dad
*Jenny Suico as Gens Mom
*Marissa Sanches as Tita Linda - Brenda, Josh and Hillarys Mom


* Episode #1: "Isang Bagong Sabado"
* Episode #2: "Nagkabukol ka na ba on a Tuesday?"
* Episode #3: "Sunday Stalkers"
* Episode #4: "Wishful Friday"
* Episode #5: "Give Love on Christmas Monday"
* Episode #6: "Sunday Happy New Year"
* Episode #7: "Bukingan Wednesday"
* Episode #8: "Thursday's Choice"
* Episode #9: "Sabado Horoscope"
* Episode #10: "Wednesday Salpukan"
* Episode #11: "Wanted: Friday Raket"
* Episode #12: "Wednesday Valentine Kisses"
* Episode #13: "Thursday Bangungot"
* Episode #14: "Baguio Sabado"
* Episode #15: "Sunday Whatever"
* Episode #16: "Thursday Triangles"
* episode #17: "Friday Love Spell"
* Episode #18: "Thursday Outing"
* Episode #19: "Losing Friday"
* Episode #20: "Saturday Takutan"
* Episode #21: "Patak-patak Tuesday"
* Episode #22: "Win-some-lose-some Friday"
* Episode #23: "Sunday Partners"
* Episode #24: "One Secretive Tuesday"
* Episode #25: "Bad Trip"
* Episode #26: "4giving"

eason 2: Abt Ur Luv, Ur Lyf 2

Recurring cast

*Carla Humphries as Brenda
*Lauren Young as Nelle
*Empress Schuck as Hillary
*AJ Perez as Josh
*Victor Basa as Stick
*Enchong Dee as Blue
*Aaron Agassi as Ahmad
*Mikee Lee as Mao
*Dino Imperial as Bill
*Angelo Patrimono as Webb
*Chris Gutierrez as Rickson
*Zia Marquez as Giselle
*Isabel Blaesi as Liza
*Peewee O'Hara as Yaya Ciana

Additional cast

*Krista Valle as Jo
*Daphne Cortez as Monique
*Jessy Mendiola as Lheny
*Caroline Riggs as Arnie
*Arno Morales as Prince
*Martin Del Rosario as Ray
*Bryan Homecillo as Junaps-
*Jeoff Paolo Monzon as Jepoy
*Megan Young as Honey
*Alfonso Martinez as Daniel
*Gloria Romero as Lola Krissy
*Dianne Medina as Joy
*Geoff Eigenmann as himself
*Chokoleit as donator
*Joross Gamboa as thief
*Carlo Guevarra as Julio
*Isabelle Abiera as Fiona
*Erich Gonzales as Waling-waling


* Episode #1: "Fresh Start"
* Episode #2: "Facing Responsibilities"
* Episode #3: "Getting 2 know U"
* Episode #4: "Magselos Ba?!"
* Episode #5: "Lies"
* Episode #6: "Truth and Consequence"
* Episode #7: "Friends or Lovers"
* Episode #8: "Cry for Freedom"
* Episode #9: "Fighting for Love"
* Episode #10: "Follow Your Heart"
* Episode #11: "Showing U Care"
* Episode #12: "Chances"
* Episode #13: "Closure"
* Episode #14: "Dream Vacation"
* Episode #15: "2nd Best"
* Episode #16: "Falling Into Place"
* Episode #17: "Survival"
* Episode #18: "Consequences"
* Episode #19: "Karma"
* Episode #20: "Guilty as charged"
* Episode #21: "Barkada Horror Stories"
* Episode #22: "Detours"
* Episode #23: "Brotherhood"
* Episode #24: "Heroes"
* Episode #25: "Star Magicked"
* Episode #26: "Samahang Malamig ang Christmas?"
* Episode #27: "Christmas Rush"
* Episode #28: "All I Want For Christmas"
* Episode #29: "Walang Mag-iisa Ngayong Pasko"
* Episode #30: "Family First"
* Episode #31: "Kitakits"


ee also

* Star Magic Presents
* List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN
* [http://abturluv.teensboards.com Abt Ur Luv Official Forum]

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