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Julian, also spelt Julien, is a common given name in Britain, Ireland, France (as Julien) and elsewhere in Europe, mostly to males but also to females. The name is also used for the Julian calendar introduced by Julius Caesar. It comes from the same root as Julius and thus ultimately shares the Latin element related to the meaning "sky", as in the names Jove and Jupiter.

Julian was traditionally a man's name. As more and more women use men's names, some families have taken it as a female name, possibly due to the influence of the French feminine form, Julienne.

Some variations of the name are: Julien, Julyan, Julius, Jules, Jule, Julio, Giulo, Joles, Julas, Julean, Juliaan, Julianne, Julion, Julyin, Julyon, Juliano, Julen, Juliene, Julienn, Julienne, Jullien, Jullin, Julyen, Julio, Juleo, Juliyo, Julyo, Julias, Julious, Juliusz, Jullius, Juluis and Gillian.


Notable people named Julien/Julian include:


* Didius Julianus (133 or 137–193), Roman emperor
* Sabinus Iulianus (fl. 283-293), also known as "Julian I" or "Julian of Pannonia", Roman usurper
* Julian the Apostate (332–363), "Flavius Claudius Julianus", also known as Julian II, Roman emperor
* Julianus ben Sabar (Julian ben Sabar) (fl. 529-531), leader of the Samaritans, "King of Israel".
* Julian, count of Ceuta (fl. 710), a Visigothic hero/traitor


* St. Julian of Toledo (642–690), a Catholic saint
* Julian, bishop of Zaragoza (Spain) in 1077-1110
* St. Julian the Hospitaller, a legendary Roman Catholic saint
* St. Julian of Le Mans, venerated as first bishop of Le Mans
* Julian of Norwich (1342–c.1413), a woman English mystic
* Sts. Julian and Basilissa, fourth century martyrs
* Julian of Eclanum
* Julian of Antioch (of Cilicia, of Anazarbus)
* Friar Julian, Hungarian Dominican friar, explorer
* Julianus of Samosata, a companion in martydrom of Romanus of Samosata
* Julian, a companion of Saint Lucian of Beauvais


*Percy Lavon Julian, 20th century American chemist
*Julian (b. 1970), American pornographic actor
*Julian Cannonball Adderley, American jazz musician
*Julian Austin, Canadian field hockey player
*Julian Austin, Canadian musician
*Julian Barnes, English novelist
*Julian Barratt, English actor, comedian, and musician
*Julian Bond, African American civil rights leader
*Julian Bream, English classical musician
*Julian Casablancas, American rock musician
*Julian Clary, English comedian
*Julian Cope, English rock musician
*Julian Elmur, American socialite
*Julian Glover, English actor
*Julian Golley, English athlete
*Julian Hartridge, American politician
*Julian Hodge, English/Welsh banker, businessman
*Julian Huxley, English biologist and first director of UNESCO
*Julian Illingworth, American squash professional
*Julian Jaynes, 20th century American psychologist
*Julian Lennon, English musician
*Julian Lloyd Webber, English cellist
*Julian Marley, English/Jamaican musician
*Julian May, American fiction writer (female)
*Julian McMahon, Australian actor and model
*Julian Mitchell, English screenwriter, novelist
*Julian Morrow, Australian comedian
*Julian Myerscough, English music producer, broadcaster, and academic
*Julian Opie, English artist
*Julian Rachlin, Lithuanian Jewish / Austrian classical musician
*Julian Rhind-Tutt, English actor
*Julian Sands, English actor

*Julien Chouinard, French Canadian lawyer and judge
*Julien Dillens, Belgian sculptor
*Julien Duvivier, French film director
*Julien Green, American novelist (French-born and wrote in French)
*Julien Havet, French historian
*Julien Josephson, American screenwriter
*Julien Lahaut, Belgian politician and political activist
*Julien Leclercq, French poet and art critic
*Julien Lorcy, French boxer
*Julien Mory Sidibé, Malian bishop
*Julien Offray de La Mettrie, French physician and philosopher
*Julien Raimond, Haitian black civil rights activist
*Julien Temple, English documentary, film, and music video director


* Julian, a supporting character in "The Chronicles of Amber"
* Dr. Julian Bashir, chief medical officer of Star Trek "Deep Space Nine"
* Julian Kirrin, the oldest of Enid Blyton's Famous Five
* Julian Leftfields, the main character in "The Final Worldian Saga" and the animated adaptation, "Tales of the Final World"
* Julian Moore, a very minuscule character in, "His Dark Materials"
* Julian Pato, a recurring character in "Miko's Butterfly"
* Julian Phelps, an apothecary in "The Resounding Litany"
* Julian Savage, a fictional character in the novel "Dark Challenge" by Christine Feehan
* Julian, a main character in the Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys".
* Julian, the protagonist of the short story "Everything That Rises Must Converge"
* Julian Kaye, Richard Gere's character in the 1980 movie "American Gigolo"

Other uses

* "Julian" (historical novel), 1964 novel by Gore Vidal, about the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate
* Julien Inc., a stainless steel fabrication company
* "Count Julian", a modern novel by Juan Goytisolo
* The Julien, a French maker of small cyclecars 1925 - 1926, based in Blois.
* The Julien, a Paris based very small chain driven automobiles 1946 - 1949. Their final model was the cheapest car on the Swiss market in 1949.


* The Julian calendar
* The Julian day


* Julian Alps, part of the Alps in Italy and Slovenia
* Julian, California, an alpine town in the United States renowned for its apple pie
* Julian, North Carolina
* Julian, Pennsylvania

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