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Bethabara (beth-ab´a-ra; בּית עברה; bēth‛ăbhārāh; Βηθαβαρά; Bēthabará; “house of the ford”): According to the King James Version (following Textus Receptus of the New Testament) the place where John the Baptist baptized those who came to him (John ). If this is correct, the site is in Judea.

Another solution is sought in the idea of a corruption of the original name into Bethany and Bethabara, the name having the consonants n, b and r after Beth. In ). This view has much in its favor.

Then, again, as G. Frederick Wright observes: "The traditional site is at the ford east of Jericho; but as according to it was only one day's journey from Cana of Galilee, while according to , and , it was two or three days from Bethany, it must have been well up the river toward Galilee. Conder discovered a well-known ford near Beisan called Abarah, near the mouth of the valley of Jezreel. This is 20 miles from Cana and 60 miles from Bethany, and all the conditions of the place fit in with the history."


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