HR 4523

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name=HR 4523 A/B
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dec=DEC| -40|30|01.274
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mass=0.7cite journal
author=Kovacs, N.; Foy, R.
title=A detailed analysis of three stars in the Eggen's Epsilon INDI moving group
journal=Astronomy and Astrophysics
year=1978 | volume=68 | issue=1-2 | pages=27–31
luminosity=0.85cite journal
author=Porto de Mello, G.; del Peloso, E. F.; Ghezzi, L.
title=Astrobiologically Interesting Stars Within 10 Parsecs of the Sun
metal= [Fe/H] =-0.28
age=>7 Gyr
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names=GJ 442, HR 4523, CD -39°7301, HD 102365, LHS 311, LTT 4373, GCTP 2725.00, SAO 223020, HIP 57443.
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HR 4523 is a binary star system that is located in the constellation of Centaurus. The larger member of the system is a G-type star that is smaller than the Sun but of similar mass. It is orbited by a faint M-type star at an average separation of about 235 Astronomical Units (A.U.), (or 235 times the separation of the Earth from the Sun). By comparison, Neptune orbits at an average distance of 30 A.U.

No planetary companions have yet been discovered in orbit around either member of this star system, as they display no variability in radial velocity. It is a member of the Epsilon Indi Moving Group, although it is most likely an interloper. (The star is older and has a different composition than the other group members.)


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