Nevada Republican Party

Nevada Republican Party

The Nevada Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party in Nevada. The Republican Party promotes the beliefs that individuals, not the government, make the best decisions. [1]



Nevada was founded as a state on October 31, 1864. [2] When the state was first formed it was a Republican state. [3] Some speculate that this was because of Nevadans' loyalty to the president who brought them into the Union, Abraham Lincoln. The first two general elections all the constitutionally elected positions all went to the Republicans. [4] This changed starting in 1871 when four out of the six constitutional positions were won by the Democrats. [5] In the general elections of 1894 and 1898 the Silver Party, a party created to go against European and Eastern American bankers, swept the election. [6] Nevada first held a primary election in 1910. [7] 1929 the offices were split evenly between the Democratic and Republican Parties. This was the turning point though. [8] Once the Great Depression hit the elections from 1932 to 1990s the Democratic Party held the majority though out the state. In 1994 and in 1998 the Republicans were the majority in the state. In 2002 Republicans swept all of the offices in Nevada. In the 2004 election Nevada was considered a battle ground state because the difference between the two parties that year was 4,431. [9]

Current elected officials

The Nevada Republican Party controls two of the state's six statewide offices (governor and lieutenant governor) and is a minority in both the Nevada Senate and the Nevada Assembly. Republicans hold one of the state's U.S. Senate seats and two of its three U.S. House of Representatives seats.

Members of Congress

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

Statewide offices

General Assembly

  • State Representative: Mark Sherwood
  • State Representative: Crecent Hardy
  • State Representative: Ed Goedhart
  • State Representative: Ira Hansen
  • State Representative: John Ellison
  • State Representative: John Hambrick
  • State Representative: Kelly Kite
  • State Representative: Lynn Stewart
  • State Representative: Melissa Woodbury
  • State Representative: Pat Hickey
  • State Representative: Pete Goicoechea
  • State Representative: Pete Livermore
  • State Representative: Randy Kirner
  • State Representative: Richard McArthur
  • State Representative: Scott Hammond
  • State Representative: Tom Grady [10]

State Senate


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