Exallodontus aguanai

name = "Exallodontus aguanai"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Actinopterygii
ordo = Siluriformes
familia = Pimelodidae
genus = "Exallodontus"
genus_authority = Lundberg, Mago-Leccia and Nass, 1991
species = "E. aguanai"
binomial = "Exallodontus aguanai"
binomial_authority = Lundberg, Mago-Leccia and Nass, 1991

"Exallodontus aguanai" is a catfish species (order Siluriformes) of the monotypic genus "Exallodontus" of the family Pimelodidae. [ITIS|ID=681747|taxon="Exallodontus aguanai"|year=2007|date=May 23] This genus and species was described in 1991. [cite journal|title="Exallodontus aguanai", a new genus and species of pimelodidae (Pisces : siluriformes) from deep river channels of South America, and delimitation of the subfamily pimelodinae|last=Lundberg|first=J. G.|coauthors=Mago-Leccia, F.;Nass, P.|journal=Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington|year=1991|volume=104|issue=4|pages=840–869] This species reaches about 20 centimetres (8 in) SL and originates from the Amazon and Orinoco River basins. [FishBase species|genus=Exallodontus|species=aguanai|year=2007|month=May] "Exallodontus" is classified under the "Calophysus-Pimelodus" clade". Within this clade, it is considered a part of the "Pimelodus-group" of Pimelodids, which also includes "Pimelodus", "Duopalatinus", "Cheirocerus", "Iheringichthys", "Bergiaria", "Bagropsis" "Parapimelodus", "Platysilurus", "Platystomatichthys", and "Propimelodus".cite journal|url=http://www.bioone.org/archive/0097-3157/152/1/pdf/i0097-3157-152-1-75.pdf|title="Propimelodus", new genus, and redescription of "Pimelodus eigenmanni" Van der Stigchel 1946, a long-recognized yet poorly-known South American catfish (Pimelodidae: Siluriformes)|last=Lundberg|first=John G.|coauthors=Parisi, Béatrice M.|journal=Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia|volume=152|pages=75–88|year=2002|format=PDF|doi=10.1635/0097-3157(2002)152 [0075:PNGARO] 2.0.CO;2|doilabel=10.1635/0097-3157(2002)152[0075:PNGARO]2.0.CO;2]


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