1450s in art

The decade of the 1450s in art involved many significant events, especially in sculpture.


* 1453: Piero della Francesca begins work on the "Legenda della Vera Croce" at the church of San Francesco, Arezzo


* Jean Fouquet - "Melun Diptych"


* 1450: Donatello completes "Equestrian Monument of Gattamelata" (1445-1450), Piazza del Santo, Padua.
* 1455: Donatello, Mary Magdalene (c. 1455), Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence.


* 1450 Hieronymus Bosch, Dutch painter (d. 1516)
* 1450: Francesco Raibolini known as Francesco Francia, Bolognese painter and medalist (d. 1517)
* 1450: Pedro Berruguete - Spanish painter (d. 1504)
* 1450/1460: Jan Joest - Dutch painter (d. 1519)
* 1450: Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād - painter of Persian miniatures (d. 1535)
* 1452: Pietro del Donzello - Italian painter (d. 1509)
* 1452: April 15 - Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance architect, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, inventor, geometer, scientist, mathematician, musician and painter (d. 1519)
* 1454: Pinturicchio - Italian painter of the Renaissance (d. 1513)
* 1455: Ugo da Carpi - Italian painter and printmaker who worked in woodcut (d. 1523)
* 1455: Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis - Italian Renaissance painter from Milan (d. 1508)
* 1455: Adam Kraft - German sculptor and master builder of the late Gothic period (d. 1509)
* 1455: Peter Vischer the Elder - German sculptor (d. 1529)
* 1456: Bartolomeo Suardi - Italian painter and architect (d. 1530)
* 1456: Cristoforo di Geremia - Italian medalist (d. 1476)
* 1457: Filippino Lippi, Tuscan painter (d. 1504)
* 1458: Pietro di Francesco degli Orioli - sculptor (d. 1496)
* 1458: Antonio Lombardo - Italian sculptor (d. 1516)
* 1459: Lorenzo di Credi - Italian painter and sculptor (d. 1537)
* 1459: Cima da Conegliano - Italian Renaissance painter (d. 1517)
* 1459: Wu Wei - Chinese landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty (d. 1508)


* 1457: Rossello di Jacopo Franchi - Italian painter (b. 1376)
* February 18 1455 - Fra Angelico - Italian painter (b. 1395)
* December 1 1455 - Lorenzo Ghiberti - Italian artist of the early Renaissance best known for works in sculpture and metalworking (b. 1378)
* 1455: Pisanello - painter of the early Italian Renaissance and Quattrocento (b. 1395)
* 1453: Parri Spinelli - Italian (Tuscan) painter of the early renaissance (b. 1387)
* 1452: Bicci di Lorenzo - Italian painter and sculptor, active in Florence (b. 1373)
* 1452: Bernardo Martorell - Spanish painter, working in an Early Renaissance style (b. 1400)
* 1451: Piero di Niccolo Lamberti - Italian sculpter (b. 1393)
* 1450: Sassetta - Italian painter (b. 1392)
* 1450: Xie Huan - Chinese painter of the early Ming Dynasty (d. 1370)

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