Barrett (sometimes spelled Barret or Barratt) is a surname that has been associated with several different people, places and organisations.

Barrett is a popular surname in south and west Ireland. It is most common in County Mayo and County Galway as well as County Cork. The Gaelic version of the name is Barόid in the south and Bairéid in the west. It translates to "intellectual son". The Barretts of Ireland first appeared following the Norman invasion, hired as mercenaries from Wales. They were quickly assimilated into Irish culture. As an English surname, it is thought to derive from an Old English word meaning 'quarrelsome' or 'deceitful', or from a corruption of the Norman personal name "Barnard", "Bernhard" or "Berold". The surname is common in England, especially in Norfolk.



* Aaron Barrett (born 1974), lead singer of American ska punk band Reel Big Fish
* Alice Barrett (born 1956), American actress
* Amanda Barrett, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for The Ditty Bops
* Andrea Barrett (born 1954), American novelist
* Arthur Barret (born 1836), American politician
* Arthur Barrett (born 1944), West Indian cricketer
* Aston Barrett (born 1946), Jamaican musician


* Becky Barrett (born 1942), Canadian politician
* Bill Barrett (born 1929), Nebraska politician
* Bob Barrett (born 1935), American football player
* Bob Barrett (born 1899), American baseball infielder
* Brendan Barrett, an English scientist
* Brendan Ryan Barrett (born 1986), an American actor


*Carlton Barrett (born 1950), Jamaican musician
*Charles Barrett (baseball) (born 1915), American baseball player, shortest night game in history
*Charles Leslie Barrett (born 1870), Australian natural history writer
*Charley Barrett (born 1893), American football player in College Football Hall of Fame
*Charles Simon Barrett (born 1866), American agriculturist
*Colleen Barrett (born 1944), President of Southwest Airlines
*Craig Barrett (born 1939), chairman of Intel Corporation
*Craig Barrett (born 1971), New Zealand athlete
*Cassie Barrett (born 1987), American Medical Assistant


* Dan Barrett, American politician
* Dan Barrett (born 1955), American jazz musician
* Danny Barrett, Canadian Football League quarterback
* Dave Barrett (born 1930), former Premier of British Columbia
* David Barrett (born 1977), National Football League Cornerback
* David D. Barrett (born 1892), American soldier and East Asia expert.
* David V. Barrett, British author
* Dicky Barrett (born 1964), lead singer of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and announcer of the late-night TV talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live"


* Eaton Stannard Barrett (born 1786), Irish author and poet
* Edward Barrett, Irish Olympic athlete
* Elizabeth Barrett (born 1806), English poet


* Francis Barrett (born 1977), Irish professional boxer and former olympian
* Francis Barrett (born around 1770), English occult writer
* Frank Barrett (1913 - 1998), MLB pitcher
* Frank Barrett (1872 - 1907), Scottish footballer
* Frank A. Barrett (born 1892), Irish-American politician
* Fred Barrett (born 1950), retired NHL defenseman


* George Barret, Sr. (born around 1730), Irish landscape artist
* Graham Barrett (born 1981), Irish professional footballer
* James Gresham Barrett (born 1961), US Congressman


* Harry Barrett, Irish Labour Party politician


* Jacinda Barrett (born 1972), Australian actress
* Jack Barrett (born 1910), Irish hurler
* Joe Barrett (born 1902), Gaelic footballer
* John Barrett (died 1693), Irish colonel in the Williamite war
* John Barrett (born 1866), United States ambassador to Siam, Argentina, Panama, and Colombia.
* John Barrett (born 1958), retired NHL hockey defenseman
* John Barrett MP (born 1954), Scottish politician
* John Barrett (born 1753), Irish reverend and noted Hebrew scholar
* John Barrett, Irish track and field Olympian
* John Barrett, BBC tennis commentator
* John Barrett, President and CEO of Fortune 500 firm Western & Southern Financial Group
* John Cridlan Barrett (born 1897), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
* John C. A. Barrett (born 1943), the current principal of Anglo-Chinese School (International), Vice Chairperson of World Methodist Council,
* John Gilbert Barrett (born 1952), actor
* John George Barrett, Australian politician
* John W. Barrett, mathematical physicist
* Johnny Barrett (born 1915), MLB outfield player
* Julian Barrett (born 1968), English actor
* Justin Barrett (born 1971), Irish politician
* Justin L. Barrett, Psychologist


* Kevin Barrett (born 1959), Islamic lecturer and conspiracy theorist


* Lawrence Barrett (born 1838), American actor
* Linton Lomas Barrett (born 1904), Ph.D., diplomat and translator
* Lorraine Barrett (born 1950), Welsh politician
* Lucas Barrett (born 1837), English geologist
* Lynne Barrett, American author


* Michael Barratt (born 1928), British television presenter
* Majel Barrett (born 1932), American actress
* Marcia Barrett (born 1945), Singer in Bony M
* Marty Barrett (born 1958), American baseball player
* Mathias Barrett (born 1900), Irish monk
* Matthew Barrett (born 1944), Irish/Canadian banker
* Michael Barrett (born 1976), US baseball player
* Michael Barrett, Irishman who was hanged in 1868
* Michael Barrett (born 1927), Irish Fianna Fáil politician
* Michael Barrett (born 1948), a Welsh singer who is commonly known by his stage name, Shakin' Stevens
* Michael Barrett, US Basketball Olympic medalist, in 1968
* Michael Barrett, an author whose success led to him being 1993 winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best Non-Fiction
* Michael Barrett, a cinematographer
* Michael Barrett, Music director for St. Luke's orchestra-in-residence at the Caramoor International Music Festival
* Michael Barrett, Assistant Conductor for the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum.
* Michelle Barrett (born 1981), British porn star
* Monte Barrett (born 1971), Professional Boxer
* Mario Barrett (born 1986), Singer/Actor/Dancer


* Nancy Barrett (born 1943), American actress
* Norman Barrett, Australian born British surgeon, who first described Barrett's oesophagus in 1957


* Pam Barrett, Canadian politician
* Pat Barrett, (born 1941) Irish professional wrestler
* Patrick Barrett, (d. 1415) 15th century Irish bishop
* Peter Barrett (born 1935), British artist


* Ray Barrett (born 1927), Australian actor
* Red Barrett (born 1915), retired MLB pitcher
* Richard Barrett (disambiguation page)
* Robert G. Barrett, Australian author
* Ron Barrett, Illustrator, author and puzzle maker
* Rona Barrett (born 1936), American gossip columnist
* Ronnie Barrett (born 1954), founder of the Barrett Firearms Company
* Ryan Barrett (1982), an English boxer

* Seán Barrett (born 1944), former Irish Fine Gael Party TD and government minister
* Sean Barrett (born 1967), American independent game and graphics programmer.
* Sean Barrett (born 1959) American writer, nucleonicist, member of the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee.
* Sean Barrett, an American actor famous for his voices in the TUGS series of television shows
* Shane Barrett (born 1981), English football (soccer) player
* Stanton Barrett (born 1972), Stuntman, driver
* Stephen Barrett (born 1933), Critic of Alternative Medicine
* Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett (born 1946), early Pink Floyd frontman, whose second solo album was named "Barrett"
* Sylvester Barrett (born 1926), Irish politician


* Dave Barrett, Canadian politician
* H. Gordon Barrett, Canadian politician
* Ted Barrett (born 1965), MLB umpire
* Theobald Butler Barrett
* Tina Barrett (born 1976), former member of pop group S Club 7
* Tom Barrett: several persons (disambiguation page)
**Thomas Barrett (born 1893), Irish author and nationalist
**Tom Barrett (entrepreneur)
**Tom Barrett (President and CEO, Goodyear Tire and Rubber)
**Tom Barrett (politician), Democratic politician and current Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
* Trent Barrett (born 1977), Australian Rugby League player


* Warren Barrett (born 1970), Jamaican professional footballer
* Wade Barrett (born 1976), American soccer player
* Wayne Barrett, Journo Village Voice
* William A. Barrett (born 1896), American politician
* William Fletcher Barrett (born 1844), English physicist
* William P. Barrett (born 1971), American artist and cartoonist
* Willie Barrett, Irish hurling referee
* Wild Willy Barrett, Musician
* Wilson Barrett (born 1846), English actor

* Veronica Boland née Barrett (born 1899), First female member of Congress from Pennsylvania
* Dr. Norman Barrett (born 1903), Australian-born British surgeon


* Barrett family, an important family in the history of Jamaica
* Barrett M82, an anti-material rifle.

Fictional characters

*Elcid Barrett, captain of the "Antelope" in the folk song "Barrett's Privateers"
*Oliver Barret III, a character in Love Story
*Barret, a character in the Role-playing game Final Fantasy VII
*Dana Barrett, character in the movies Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. Played by Sigourney Weaver.


*Barrett Firearms Company is a weapons manufacturing company.
*Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University.

Places & geographic features


*There is a Parish of Barrett (administrative district) in Queensland, north-west of Townsville.
*There is a Mount Barrett in north-eastern Western Australia near the border with the Northern Territory.

United States

There are four towns named "Barrett" in the United States:
*Barrett, Minnesota
*Barrett Township, Pennsylvania
*Barrett, Texas
*Barrett, West Virginia
*Barrettville, Georgia

ee also

* Barret (disambiguation)
* Barratt
* barrette, a hair clip worn by women for practical or decorative reasons

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