Rule 6

Rule 6

Rule 6 was the most infamous and well known of a set of behavior rules imposed on participants at the 1991 San Jose, California Timecon science fiction convention by the hosting hotel (then a Red Lion Inn [ [ Red Lion Inns] ] ). The rule read:

6. No physical contact other then sic holding hands, a quick hug orkiss will be tolerated. Any further actions will result in the subjects being asked to leave the property for the remaining timeof the Con. [ Timecon Follies] , Aahz Maruch, 1991, accessed May 19, 2007]


The rules came about due to a series of attendee misbehaviors at the earlier Baycon convention in 1991, involving abuses of liquor and several attendees being caught having sex in public within the hotel. [ Found in Collection column] , Christopher Garcia, Catchpenny Gazette 13, January 2006, accessed May 19, 2006]

The hotel manager later claimed that he had been on vacation between the Baycon and the subsequent Timecon, and had unwittingly signed off on the rules prepared by overzealous junior staff upon his return to the hotel immediately prior to Timecon. Later investigation indicated that the rules had come down from the hotel chain corporate management as a result of a hostile letter from another major corporate CEO to the Red Lion CEO.

Complete rules

The complete set of rules imposed were:

Additional con rules that go into effect starting July 24, 1991for the Time-Con Convention:

1. All room parties are to be ended and vacated by all non-registered guest by 2:00AM. Violation of this rule will be subjectto automatic eviction from guest room and the remaining guest inthe room will be escorted off property for the rest of theconvention.

2. On the first complaint of a party room, the room will beevicted and all the occupants will be escorted off property.

3. At anytime that any guest rooms (Other than suites) have morethan four occupants, the room will be evicted to prevent fire andsafety violations. Maximum occupancy in a guest room is four.

4. After 2AM, any room found having more occupants in the roomthan it is actually registered to have will be forced to pay forthe additional guest or be evicted from the hotel.

5. Any persons found sleeping anywhere in the hotel other then aguest room will be escorted off preperty and not be allowed back for the rest of the Con.

6. No physical contact other then holding hands, a quick hug orkiss will be tolerated. Any further actions will result in the subjects being asked to leave the property for the remaining timeof the Con.

7. All non registered guest in the hotel will be asked to leavethe property between the hours of 2AM-5AM.

8. A full dress code will go into effect requiring shoes andshirts in all public areas except the pool. All violators will beescorted off property for the remaining time of the con. Costumeswill be permitted.

9. No pranfanity gestures will be allowed on any part of theclothing. Violators will be escorted off property for theremainder of the Con.

10. There is to be absolutely nothing sold out of any guest room.Violators will escorted off property for the remainder of theCon.

11. The pool, jacuzzi and weight room are for registered hotelguest only. Violators found using our guest facilities will beescorted off property for the rest of the Con.

12. No beer kegs or home stereo systems will be allowed in anyguest rooms. This is to assure that a party will not take placein the room that might disturb other guest.

13. Objects thrown from balconies: Intentionally dropping,throwing or projecting objects from room balconies is automaticroom eviction and escort off-property with No Refund.

14. Safety violations: Jumping or hopping from room balconies orany other serious safety violation will result in removal fromhotel property and possible room eviction with NO REFUND.

15. Alcohol: Any minors consuming alcohol will be escorted off-property. If minors are observed consuming alcohol in the guestrooms, the guest will be evicted from the room and escorted off-property with NO REFUND.

16. Vandalism: Any guest who vandalizes the hotel property orother guest property will be held responsible for the damages.Outside police may be involved depending on the severity ofdamages. In all circumstance, the violator will be escorted offproperty.


Some of the rules were felt to be reasonable and common sense; others were perceived as offensive and overbearing. Attendees launched a campaign of civil disobedience in response.

The convention attendees reacted in a number of creative manners; buttons and t-shirts were created by the end of the first day of the convention that stated variations on "I break Rule #6", "Six Offender", "Promiscuous Hugger" and "666 - Menage a trois".


The incident received widespread attention on the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.fandom; "Rule 6" was a cause celebre among fans for years afterwards. Buttons, T-shirts, and bumper stickers circulated widely and are still popularly recognized in the Science fiction fandom community.

ide effects

The 1991 Timecon was the last time that the convention was held under that name; it was run for one more year under the name "Con-Fusion", but then abandoned; the Rule 6 incident was not the only cause, but part of the overall reason. It had previously run from 1984. [ Timecon info?] , Michael Wallis, June 3, 1992, Accessed May 19, 2007]


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