Sun-Kwan-Moo is the name of a Korean Seon ,(Chan),(Zen) Buddhist cultivation method for enlightenment, employing a martial art training regimen and meditations.

Modern history

By the end of World War II, the art of Seon-Gwan-Moo (also Sun-Kwan-Moo, Korean: 선관무-禪觀武) was almost lost. In the years following the war, Yang-Ik (양익대선사-兩翼大禪師) reassembled the remains of an old Vajrayana tradition - Keum–Kang-Yeong-Kwan (금강영관-金剛靈觀) and developed its current style.

In the 1960s, Yang-Ik began to teach at the Bom-Oh (also Pomo,Korean – 범어사) Temple, the Korean equivalent of the famous Shaolin Temple of Chinese martial arts.Fact|date=June 2007 One of his most outstanding disciples, Won-Uk Seunim (원욱스님) continue teaching his master's art by the name Seon-Gwan-Moo (or Sunkwanmoo), and a couple of other prominent monks (such as Jeok-Un Seunim) teach other forms of the original art, as well. Kim Ji-Woong (김지웅) is the head of the Sun-Kwan-Moo Headquarters in Seoul, and Kim Yeon-Sam (김연삼) is the head of the Seong-Nam branch in South Korea. In Europe the only club currently operating is situated in Israel.

Basic training categories

* Yu-Yong-Gong (유연공-柔軟功) - unique warm-up exercises that employ stimulation of certain pressure points to enhance health.
* Oh-Chei-Yu-Pop(오체유법-五體柔法) - stretching exercise for the flexibility of the entire body, that is suited for martial artists.
* Ki-Gong (기공 –氣功)– special exercise which aims to promote a better flow of energy in the 8 extraordinary vessels major Chi reservoirs according to Chinese medicine) and corrects spinal misalignments.
* Haeng-Kwan (행관 –行觀) – slow and dynamic power movement forms.
* Bo-Pop (보법 –步法)– the art of foot work and maneuvering.
* Su-Pop (수법 –手法)– includes all hand block and attack techniques.
* Kak-Pop (각법 –脚法)– includes all foot and leg blocks, kicks, jumps, and sweep-downs.
* Nak-Pop (낙법 –落法) – the art of falling and rolling.
* Sang-Gong (상공 –相攻)– mutual blocks and attacks
* Jwa-Kwan (좌관- 坐觀)– sitting meditation
* Tea Ceremony
* Tol-Palki (돌밟기)– practicing the spirit of 'no-mind' while jumping between rocks in the mountains (which is a part of meditative outdoor training while trekking and mountain hiking)

External links

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