Cold Metal Cutting Saw

A hand held Cold Metal Cutting Saw is a smaller relative of the large industrial Cold saws.

These saws were primarily designed for sheet metal roofers in the building industry. They can also cut up to 6mm thick mild steel. They use Cermet tipped blades. The manufactures have various blade options for the different thicknesses of steel to be cut.No load RPM is 3700.


The main function of the saw is to cut coated roofing steel, usually less than 1.0mm thick, cold thereby not damaging the protective coating. They also cut with no burr. The secondary function is to capture the swarf (the steel sawdust) and not allow it to spread out on over the workspace.To do this the cold saw has a heavy duty aluminium catcher.The Cermet tipped blades are made with a special Ceramic-Metal mixture that resists heat.

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