Stereo (disambiguation)

Stereo can refer to:

* Stereophonic sound
*A stereophonic high fidelity sound system
* STEREO, a pair of NASA solar observatory spacecraft launched on 26 October 2006
* The Stereo, a band
* The Stereos, a doo wop group
* "Stereo", a 2007 single by UK band Unklejam
* "Stereo" (single), a song by Pavement
* "Stereo" (film), a 1969 film by David Cronenberg
* Soda Stereo, an Argentine rock band.

See also

* Stereochemistry
* Stereoisomerism, in chemistry
* Stereoscopy, any technique capable of recording 3D visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image
* Stereogram, an image with an optical illusion of depth
* Stereopsis, the process of 3D visual perception
* Stereoblindness, the inability to see in 3D

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