Per minas

Per minas, in British common law, to engage in behavior "by means of menaces or threats". [ [ Clickdocs web site] ]

The term comes from Latin. [ [ List of Latin legal phrases] .]

"Per minas" has been used as a defense of duress to certain crimes, as affecting the element of "Mens rea". [ [ Duress "per minas" as a defense (sic.) to crime] , from "Law and Philosophy", 185-195 (August 1982).] [ [ JSTO site] , from "A Consideration of What Amounts to Duress Per Minas at Law", in the American Law Register, Vol. 23, No. 4, (April 1875), pp. 201-207.] William Blackstone, the often-cited Judge and Legal scholar, addressed the use of "duress "per minas" under the category of self-defense as a means of securing the "right of personal security", that is, the right to Self-defense. [ [] , citing Blackstone, (I)(2) (1765).]

The classic case involves a person who is blackmailed into robbing a bank.

In Contract law, Blackstone used "per minas" to describe the defense of duress, as affecting the element of Contract intent, Mutual assent, or Meeting of the minds. [ [ Law-dictionary-com] , citing I Blackstone's Commentaries 131.] [ [ Online Law dictionary] , citing Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856).]

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