List of Deputy Premiers of Quebec

This is a list of the Deputy Premiers of Quebec.

There was no Deputy Premier until July 1960.



  Name District
Took Office Left Office Party
     Georges-Émile Lapalme Montréal-Outremont
(Montreal West)
1960 1964 Liberal
     Paul Gérin-Lajoie Vaudreuil-Soulanges
1964 1966 Liberal
     Jean-Jacques Bertrand Missisquoi
(Eastern Townships)
1966 1968 Union Nationale
     none n.a. 1968 1968 Union Nationale
     Jean-Guy Cardinal Bagot
1968 1970 Union Nationale
     Pierre Laporte n.a.
1970 1970 Liberal
     Gérard D. Levesque Bonaventure
1970 1976 Liberal
     Jacques-Yvan Morin Sauvé
(Montreal East)
1976 1984 Parti Québécois
     Camille Laurin Bourget
(Montreal East)
1984 1984 Parti Québécois
     Marc-André Bédard Chicoutimi
1984 1985 Parti Québécois
     Lise Bacon Chomedey
1985 1994 Liberal
     Monique Gagnon-Tremblay Saint-François
(Eastern Townships)
1994 1994 Liberal
     Bernard Landry Verchères
1994 2001 Parti Québécois
     Pauline Marois Taillon
2001 2003 Parti Québécois
     Monique Gagnon-Tremblay Saint-François
(Eastern Townships)
2003 2005 Liberal
     Jacques Dupuis Saint-Laurent
(Montreal West)
2005 2007 Liberal
     Nathalie Normandeau Bonaventure
2007 present Liberal


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