Dungeon (disambiguation)

A dungeon is an underground prison or vault.

Dungeon or donjon may also refer to:

Role-playing games

Other uses

  • Donjon, the central tower in a castle
  • Dungeon (comics), a series of comic books created by Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim, originally published under the French title Donjon
  • Dungeon crawl, a popular style of play in role-playing games
  • Dungeon (band), an Australian power metal musical group
  • Dungeon (BDSM), a play-space for BDSM activities
  • Hart Dungeon, a wrestling school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • The central tower of a castle, the strongest inner fortification; see Keep
  • Anime Dungeon Recording Studios, A music recording studios Owned by T-Beats

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