Like Glue

Infobox Single
Name = Like Glue

Artist = Sean Paul
from Album = Dutty Rock
B-side =
Released = May 27, 2003
Format = CD single
12-inch single
Genre = Dancehall
Length = 3:53
Label = Atlantic Records
Writer = Anthony Kelly, Sean Paul
Producer = Tony "CD" Kelly
Chart position =
Last single = "Get Busy"
This single = "Like Glue"
Next single = "Breathe"
"Like Glue" is the third single by Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul, from his second album "Dutty Rock". The single peaked at #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

The song has two censored words in the edited version: "Trees" in the chorus, when he says "Need a lot of trees up in my head", and "chronic" in verse 2, when he says "after a chronic we tek a drag", both referring to the cannabis drug.

The music video is directed by Benny Boom, and instead of Sean Paul singing verse 3, Paul's brother Jason shouts out dances, and the dancers in the video perform them accordingly. While the 4th verse is the repeat of verse 1.

This song is also featured on the of the video game "".

The song uses the "Buy Out" riddim.

ingle track listing


*"Like Glue (Album version)" (3:53)


*"Like Glue (Instrumental)" (4:01)
*"Like Glue (Acapella)" (4:05)

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