New Liberal Party (Israel)

New Liberal Party
מפלגה ליברלית חדשה
Leader Yitzhak Moda'i
Founded 15 March 1990
Split from Likud
Ideology Right-wing
Most MKs 5 (1990)
Fewest MKs 0 (1992)
Election symbol
Politics of Israel
Political parties

The New Liberal Party (Hebrew: מפלגה ליברלית חדשה‎, Miflaga Libralit Hadasha) was a political party in Israel in the early 1990s.


The party was formed on 15 March 1990 during the twelfth Knesset by five MKs who had broken away from Likud. Originally known as the Party for the Advancement of the Zionist Idea, all five MKs were former members of the original Liberal Party, which had merged into Likud in 1988.

Despite breaking away from his party, the new faction joined Yitzhak Shamir's government, with Yitzhak Moda'i appointed Minister of Finance. On 18 June 1990 Avraham Sharir returned to Likud, as did Yosef Goldberg on 4 December that year.

In March 1992, shortly before the elections that year, the party renamed itself the New Liberal Party. However, it won only 0.6% of the vote, failing to cross the electoral threshold and subsequently disappeared.

Knesset Members

Knesset Members
12 (1990-1992)
Pinhas Goldstein, Pesah Grupper, Yitzhak Moda'i Yosef Goldberg (returned to Likud), Avraham Sharir (returned to Likud)

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