Lajes do Pico

official_name = Lajes do Pico

image_coat_of_arms = LGP.png

Region = A.R. of Azores
Subregion = A.R. of Azores
District = A.R. of Azores
Mayor_name = Sara Rosa Santos
Mayor_party = PSD
area_total = 155.3
population_total = 4,840
population_density = 52
Parishes = 6
coor = 38º24'N 28º14'W
params = 38_24_N_28_14_W
occasion = Saint Anthony
day = June 29
website = none
footnotes =

Lajes do Pico (pron. IPA2|'laʒɨʃ du 'piku) is a municipality in the southern part of the Azores.

The municipality is located is on the southern part of the Pico Island. The northern area of the municipality is mountainous while the Atlantic Ocean is in the south. The only road linking to the northern part of the island runs through the mountain ranges of Pico.

The municipality has a population of 4,840 and the area is 155.3 km². It is bordered by Madalena to the west and by São Roque do Pico to the north.


The seven parishes of Lajes do Pico are:

* Calheta de Nesquim
* Lajes do Pico
* Piedade
* Ribeiras
* Ribeirinha
* São João

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