Nine-segment display

Run-through of numeric digits on a nine-segment display.

A nine-segment display is a type of display based on 9 segments that can be turned on or off according to the graphic pattern to be produced. It is an extension of the more common seven-segment display, having an additional two diagonal or vertical segments between the top, middle, and bottom horizontal segments. This provides a minimal method of displaying alphanumeric characters.

In some Russian digital calculators in the 1970s, such as the Elektronika 4-71b [1], 9-segment displays were used to provide basic alphanumerics to avoid confusions with representing numbers in Russian postcode.

Representing numbers in Russian postcode.

The extra two bars were slanted forward, allowing for an appropriate-looking И, and to differentiate the numeral 3 from the letter З. The Sharp Compet calculator also uses a 9-segment display, allowing a small range of characters and symbols

Nine-segment displays are used in many Timex digital watches, and some pagers, such as the Nixxo XPage, [2], the Arch BR502 pager [3], and the Scope Geo N8T [4]. It is also some Epson Stylus printers, and Newport iSeries digital meters [5]. The display used in the iSeries is unique in that it has a vertical extra segment at top, and a fully backwards-leaning slant for the extra segment at bottom. This allows for a somewhat more natural-appearing R and M. The Burroughs Panaplex [6] is a commercially produced nine-segment alphanumeric display.

The letters displayed by a nine-segment display are not necessarily consistently uppercase or lowercase in shape. A common compromise is to use a lower-case "n" instead of "N". Depending on the design of the display segments, the use of the extra two segments may be avoided whenever possible, as in the Nixxo XPage's tall-lowercase "r" and "y". Perhaps to avoid this awkward inconsistency, the Scope Geo N8T does not allow the use of the letters J K Q W X Y or Z.

A nine-segment display has been developed for displaying Bangla and Roman numerals. [1]

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