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caption = A shot of Jägermeister being dropped into Red Bull, creating a Jägerbomb.
type = Jägermeister
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drinkware = pubshot
ingredients = one can or one half can of Red Bull, and one shot (1 part) of Jägermeister
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The Jägerbomb, or occasionally Jagbomb is a cocktail combining one shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull. ["Jager bomb recipé"; http://www.drinksmixer.com; Retrieved 13 August 2008 [http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink6891.html] ] ["Flying Hirsch"; http://www.extratasty.com; Retrieved 13 August 2008 [http://www.extratasty.com/recipe/461/jager_bomb_pronounced_like_yager] ] It is referred to as a "Jäger-Bull" in some English bars. In German speaking countries it is sometimes called a "turbojäger" [Turbojäger; www.cocktailscout.de; retrieved 16 August 2008 [http://www.cocktailscout.de/showdrink.php?drink=135] ] , or more commonly a "Flying Hirsch" [Flying Hirsch, Cocktails of the world >> Germany; www.cocktailsoftheworld.com; retrieved 16 August 2008 [http://www.cocktailsoftheworld.com/cocktails/cocktails-by-country/germany/flying-hirsch.html] ] , where Hirsch means deer in German and is inspired by the Jägermeister logo and the "Flying" is derived from the Red Bull slogan "Red Bull gives you wings". In Mexico it is called "Perla Negra" (Black Pearl) due the color it takes when mixed (and is usually mixed with Boost energy drink, instead of Red Bull). Jägerbombs may be called "Jager Blasters" "Bull Blasters" [Bull Blaster Recipe; www.drinksmixer.com; retrieved 16 August 2008 [http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink7609.html] ] [ in the United States. In some parts of Ireland it is called "Belfast-Bombers" due to the troubles in the Northern Ireland.Citation
title=Alcoholic energy drinks a double shot of yuck
newspaper=The Spokesman-Review
publication-place=Spokane, WA
place=Spokane, WA
publisher=Cowles Publishing
] , and the term 'bomb shots' can also refer to many different cocktails where a shot is dropped into a drink such as the car bomb and the Boilermaker.

The origin of the drink is uncertain, and little to no evidence exists as to its inventor(s).

= Commercial preparation =

A Jägerbomb is usually sold with a can of Red Bull (250mL) or half-can of Red Bull (125mL) poured into a glass, separately accompanied by the shot of Jägermeister. The shot of Jägermeister may then be dropped into the glass at the drinker's discretion." [Memorandum 200801044L; Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts STAR system; http://aixtcp.cpa.state.tx.us/opendocs; retrieved 16 August 2008 [http://aixtcp.cpa.state.tx.us/opendocs/open31/200801044l.html] ] Where multiple Jägerbombs have been ordered, it is common to serve them in such a fashion whereby glasses of Red Bull are lined up with an empty glass at one end. The shots of Jägermeister are then balanced on the lips of the glasses, and then starting from the empty-glass end, the shots are consecutively knocked into the glasses. This may be done one-by-one, or, should the bartender have positioned the shot glasses close enough together, the first shot glass to be knocked may knock the subsequent shot glass in as it falls, which in turn knocks the third and so on to create a domino effect. [Jager Bomb Dominoes; www.masterbartending.com; retrieved 16 August 2008 [http://www.masterbartending.com/jager_bomb_dominoes.html] ] This type of practice is common in the preparation of many cocktails where some degree of theatre is used to create a spectacle.

The current world record for a jagerbomb "train" is 672 set on June 22nd, 2008 at Vegalou Ultra Bar in Omaha, NE. USA. [http://www.vegalou.com]

Effects on the consumer

The effects of "Jägerbombs" are held to be different from that of other alcoholic beverages. The reason is attributed to the counter-balancing effect of the caffeine, (or taurine, guarana) of the energy drink with the depressant effect that alcohol has on the body's central nervous system. Entering a state of intoxication where a Jägerbomb or Jägerbombs have been consumed, the immediate effects of intoxication (specifically; drowsiness and lethargy) are to some extent hidden, and people often claim to act more recklessly than they would otherwise and can drink for longer periods. ["Caffeine"; Nutrition, U. Mass. Dining Services; Retrieved June 24 2007 [http://www.umass.edu/diningservices/nutrition/caffeine.html] ] A Brazilian study conducted in early 2006 found that combining energy drinks and alcohol "appears to show us that the use of energy drinks might predispose people to abuse alcohol when its depressant effects – or at least the perception of such effects – are masked by them" ["Combining Alcohol And Popular Energy Drink Reduces The 'Perception' Of Impairment"; ScienceDaily; Retrieved August 13 2008 [http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/03/060330084249.htm] ] Professor Roseli Boergnen de Lacerda, conducting the study, also warned of spin-off effects, such as the "risk of car accidents because [those who consume energy drinks with alcohol] felt less intoxicated than they were". [H. Barrell; "Energy drinks and alcohol don't mix"; NEOVOX Australia; retrieved August 13 2008 [http://neovox.journalismaustralia.com/energy_drinks_and_dko.php] ]

Of further concern is the effect the depressant-stimulant combination has on the heart. Alcohol alone, if abused, has been seen to reduce brain activity, impair cardiac function, and can lead to a heart attack.Kami York-Feirn; "Jager Bombs stir explosive consequences"; The Daily Cardinal; August 17, 2008 [http://www.dailycardinal.com/article/2746] ] In combination with an energy drink, effects on the consumer may include cardiovascular risks, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat. The body's defences are weakened by the dehydration caused by the alcohol and caffeine, both of which are diuretics.


The popularity of the jägerbomb has spawned many variations. Inconsistent with most cocktails, making a jägerbomb using a brand of energy drink other than Red Bull results in what is considered a variation of a jägerbomb, but not a jägerbomb by its own merit.


Jägerbomb's popularity in Australia has caused scrutiny. Manly and Newcastle have banned Jägerbombs from being sold in nightclubs and pubs on the basis that they encourage bingeing and irresponsible behaviour in youth. [C. Masters, J. Vallejo; "Readers Battle over Pub Bid to Ban Jager Bombs"; The Daily Telegraph; published by News Ltd.; first printed August 7th 2007 [http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22194327-5007132,00.html] ] During the Schoolies period on the Victorian Surf Coast, Jägerbombs were banned in a lot of pubs due to similar reasons as above. The sale of Red Bull was also limited to 4 per person each day to help curb the massive consumption of Jägerbombs.


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