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OFLC: MA15+ [cite web|url=|title=Saint's Row 2 - MA15+ and Uncut for Australia|date=July 22, 2008|publisher=IGN|pages=1|language=English|accessdate=2008-07-23]

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"Saints Row 2" (abbreviated to "SR2") is a sandbox-style action-adventure video game developed by Volition Inc and published by THQ. It is the sequel to "Saints Row" and is the second title in the "Saints Row" series. "Saints Row 2" is to be released in America on October 14, 2008 in Australia on October 16, 2008 and in Europe on October 17, 2008 [cite web | url = | title = Saints Row 2 Release Date | publisher = VGReleases | date = 2008-10-09 | accessdate = 2008-10-09] , for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A smaller variant of the game will also be published for mobiles. Announced on May 11, 2007 [cite web | url=| title= Saints Row 2 Announced ] , "Saints Row 2" was originally slated for an August 26, 2008 release, but was delayed [cite web | url=| title= IGN Announces Saints Row 2 has been pushed back ] [cite web | url=| title= GameSpot announces Saints Row 2 has been pushed back] for marketing considerations. A Collector’s Edition for the game is confirmed, to be released alongside the standard version, and features various collector’s items. Set in a redesigned rendition of Stilwater, a fictional city based heavily on the cities of Chicago and Detroit, the game picks up from where "Saints Row" left off, with the player waking up from a trauma-induced coma in a prison hospital, five years after the events of "Saints Row", only to escape the prison island and rejoin the 3rd Street Saints, the gang the series is set around. The protagonist learns that the Saints have fallen apart, and that three new gangs have risen to power in Stilwater.


"Saints Row 2" has gameplay structured similarly to "Saints Row". On foot, the player's character is capable of walking, running, swimming, climbing and jumping, as well as utilising weapons and basic hand-to-hand combat. After "Saints Row" was produced and work begun on "Saints Row 2", the streaming engine was completely rewritten. Because of this, new air-based vehicle types and online co-operative play have been made possible, along with many new major improvements to provide a smooth, interactive world, with significant decreases in terms of glitches, bugs and pop ins. The game incoprorates three difficulties: casual, normal and hardcore, which can be changed at the beginning of the game.

After "Saints Row" was developed, the game's engine was completely re-tooled, allowing noticable graphical improvements. Textures and dynamics have been reworked so the city looks more realistic. Night-time lighting and shadowing have been dramatically improved, and explosions and visual effects are also noticeably better. The game will also include additional weather effects. Rain and wind have dramatic effects on the landscape, notably altering sea tides and roads.

AI has also undergone major improvements [] . NPCs will undertake more realistic actions, such as doing yoga, opening umbrellas at the chance of rain and sitting on benches and cuddling, which would not have been possible in Saints Row, because the physics, animation and action node systems didn’t support two people interacting that closely. Additionally, numerous NPCs can be seen around Stilwater eg barber shop quartets, fire eaters, mimes, skydivers. NPCs will also react and respond to the player's actions in the world.

Although "Saints Row 2" uses ragdoll physics on character models in the game, car physics have been touched up slightly, and will still be maintaining a "loose" feel with easy turning and brake mechanisms. Additionally, a cruise control system has been introduced on many vehicles in the game, which has been stated to make drive bys and car chases much easier.


Character customization has been expanded beyond the original "Saints Row." New customization options give the player more control over their character. "Saints Row 2" gives the player the option of playing as a female, unlike in "Saints Row", where the player was forced to play as a male. Additionally, the player can customize the character's appearance even further. The player is now given the option of customizing the character's age and weight, as well as their voice, walk, fighting style, taunts, facial expression and weapon holding. Height modification for the player was originally in development, but was later cut due to difficulties and glitches.

Clothing and apparel customization has also been modified to become more in-depth. The player is given a wide variety of clothing to wear. Customizing clothes gives the player more choice over how they wear their clothes, with additional coloring and layout designs. Also, there is a broader range of tattoos, which can now be applied to the face, and jewelery. The player can also save outfits in their crib and reload them for later use.

Crib and gang customization have been introduced as new features in "Saints Row 2". The player can customize the 3rd Street Saints and the nine cribs they can dwell in. Cribs cannot be simply bought, but are unlocked at certain points in the game [cite web | url = | title = James Tsai interviewing the United People of Saints Row (Letter 1 of 4)] . The player can choose from three pre-set styles; cheap (rundown and dilapidated), classy (well furbished with basic walls and floors) and ultra-modern (stylishly decorated interior design). Additionally, the player can fully furnish the crib, with a wide array of items, such as pool tables, minibars, pianos, lounges, TVs, strippers and more. Cribs serve as locations to hang out with fellow Saints, save the game, change clothes, access a weapon stash and customize the 3rd Street Saints. In terms of customizing the player's gang, a variety of clothing styles can be applied to the gang. Also, the gang sign and graffiti tag can be chosen and the player can equip the gang with certain vehicles.


Combat in "Saints Row 2" offers additional features not seen in "Saints Row". The player can still walk, run, climb, jump, swim, drive, engage in hand-to-hand combat and fire weapons. However, in "Saints Row 2", the player can take human shields which can be used as cover in outdoor areas. When the player no longer needs the hostage, they can either kill the hostage, or push them away. Also, finishers are introduced in "Saints Row 2". If three hits are dealt with the same button on an enemy, the player performs a quick finishing move.

Police are alerted when the player commits crimes, dispatched to the scene of the crime in order to deal with the perpetrator. As in "Saints Row", there are five notoriety levels, which are gained gradually as the player commits more and more crimes. Notoriety levels are represented by an allotted amount of stars. At a one star level, police rely on non-lethal means to deal with law violators, using standard nightsticks, Tasers and pepper spray. However, at two stars, the cops are actively searching for the offender, dispatching standard squad cars, and also police boats and helicopters if the chase leads to the sea or sky. Though still relying on non-lethal means, if the player opens fire on the police, they will respond appropriately. From three stars onwards, negotiation and arrest are no longer options. Human shields, even if they are police, will not be spared, as the police are now desperately trying to get rid of the player. At three stars, roadblocks are established, and police helicopters dispatch SWAT officers to help deal with the perpetrator. At four and five stars, the Tornado helicopter is introduced into the battle, unleashing torrents of firepower. The FBI are called in at five stars, using any means necessary to deal with the criminal. Police force will no longer use spike strips, even if the player is at a high notoriety level. [cite web | url = | title = James Tsai interviewing the United People of Saints Row (Letter 2 of 4)]

Many old weapons from "Saints Row" will be appearing in the game, however several new weapons will be included in "Saints Row 2". Dual-wielding has also been introduced on submachine guns and handguns.Some new weapons in "Saints Row 2" are chainsaws, sledgehammers, flamethrowers, katanas, stun guns and shock pads. Satchel charges are introduced, and can stick to walls, vehicles and even people cite web | url = | title = - Saints Row 2 - Vehicles and Weapons Trailer | publisher = Gametrailers | author = | date = 2008-06-05 | access date = 2008-06-05 ] The player can now pick up and use objects from the environment as melee weapons such as garden gnomes and cement blocks.cite web | url =;title;1 | title = Saints Row 2 First Look | publisher = Gamespot | first = Justin | last = Calvert | date = 2008-03-05 | accessdate = 2008-03-07 ] Additionally, over half a dozen weapons can be unlocked throughout the game, but have not been announced yet. [ cite web | url = | title = James Tsai interviewing the United People of Saints Row (Letter 4 of 4) ]


Activities were first seen in "Saints Row", where the protagonist would perform various tasks to earn money and respect, in-game currency used to unlock missions and progress through the storyline. In addition, numerous items and also homies could be unlocked by doing such activities. "Saints Row 2" includes eleven of the twelve activities from "Saints Row", including racing, snatch, escort, drug trafficking, hitman, insurance fraud, demolition derby, chop shop, mayhem, loan shark and tagging. Hijacking has been exclued from the game. All returning activities have been touched up slightly, and feel slightly different to what they originally were. In "Saints Row", activities spanned out over eight progressing difficulty levels however, in "Saints Row 2", activities span out over six. The protagonist also gains unlockables like strength and stamina upgrades, weapon enhancements etc for completing every three and six levels of each activity [cite web | url = | title = James Tsai interviewing the United People of Saints Row (Letter 4 of 4) ] . Additionally, activities are only seen in two locations around the city, instead of three from "Saints Row".

As well as the old activities from "Saints Row", sixcite web | url = | title = Saint's Row 2: Activities - Gamersyde | publisher = Gamersyde | author = | date = 2008-06-05 | access date = 2008-06-05 ] [cite web | url = | title = "Activities and Diversions" Developer Blog] new activities are available for the player to participate in. Each activity has also been designed to suit co-operative play.

"Crowd Control" sees the player acting as a security guard for a celebrity as they go about their daily business at various events. Crazed fans will harass and even attack the celebrity, and so the player must fend off these fans by means of throwing them into oncoming trains, helicopter rotor blades and anything else in the world.

"Fight Club" is a fighting-based activity where the player signs up to fight in underground arenas. The player must eliminate opponents using the melee system and also any items that can be found littered on the ground.Once an opponent has been successfully knocked down, the player must approach the opponent and begin a button-tapping showdown where the player will break the neck of the opponent if they manage to succeed.

"FUZZ" is a fictional cop show, where the player is followed around with a camera crew and must deal with criminals. More creativity in dealing with the perpetrator earns the player more points.

"Heli Assault" sees the dealing with enemy aircraft and vehicles to protect gang lieutenants as they deliver drugs around the city. The player is given the Tornado attack helicopter and must stop interferences with deals, using heat-seeking missiles.

"Septic Avenger" is a task in which the player must devalue property and its owners using a Stilwater Municipal septic truck and spraying human waste on buildings and people.

"Trail Blazing" is an activity where the player must drive checkpoint races around the city in the Toad quad bike, while wearing a flame-retardant suit that ignites people and blows up cars that come into contact with the player, which earns the player more time to complete the courses.

A fully 3D survival horror game can be played at arcades and television across the city. The game, titled "Zombie Uprising" [] , sees the player in a dark, zombie-filled setting, and must eliminate these zombies in waves using a limited number of weapons. Fellow survivors also aid the player in the fight. If a zombie manages to latch on to the protagonist, a Resident Evil-like button mashing pushback, where the protagonist knocks back the attacker if the button is pressed in succession.

Diversions are mini-activities in the "Saints Row" world, which can be performed any time, any where. Diversions involve the player carry out small actions eg pulling stunts in vehicles, BASE jumping, streaking and more. Minor criminal misbehaviours also count as diversions, taking hostages, hijacking vehicles, theft etc


In addition to an expanded list of land-based vehicles, several new vehicle types have been introduced in "Saints Row 2". The player is given the option of driving up to five different motorcycles, each with unique designs and benefits. These bikes, like most cars, can be equipped with Nitrous Oxide, giving the vehicle a temporary boost. Additionally, quad bikes and monster trucks can be driven through the city. In addition to the new land-based vehicles, a new streaming system has seen the addition of boats and jet skis as water-based vehicles, both of which utilize the PlayStation 3's SIXAXIS wireless controller mechanism. Also, planes and helicopters can be flown around the city, with planes equipped with parachutes. Helicopters and planes also utilize the SIXAXIS feature. The Gyro-Daddy in-game helicopter and PeeWee Mini Bike are included as additional in-game content to players who buy "Saints Row 2" from GameStop in the USA and & in the UK. Additionally, NPCs will ride various vehicles that the player cannot [cite web | url=| title= Saints Row 2- The Row Community FAQ] , such as skateboards and rollerblades . As in "Saints Row", vehicles can be customized. Vehicle customization has become more indepth, with numerous performance modifiers eg torque, tire grip, engine and also with more body mods and colour customization.


"Saints Row 2" now features Co-op. When playing Co-op the enemy NPC's will get scaled up with some more health to counter the difficulty of Co-op vs. playing alone.

As for competitive vs. online games modes a Moderator on forums confirmed that the only game modes will be "Gangsta Brawl, Team Gangsta Brawl" (a basic deathmatch and team version), as well as a new mode called Strong Arm.

Strong Arm: 2 teams will do various objectives that are featured in Single Player but have to earn more money than the Opposing team, while the 2 teams may interfere with each other.



The game is set five years [cite web | url=| title= Saints Row 2 overview] after the events of "Saints Row". The protagonist was betrayed by former 3rd Street Saints, who detonated a bomb aboard a yacht he was also on. Then-mayoral candidate Alderman Hughes was killed, along with his personal servants in the explosion, however, the protagonist suffered severe injuries and slipped into a trauma-induced coma, only to be taken away and put into a dingy prison hospital ward.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Street Saints, who had conquered Stilwater in "Saints Row", have fallen apart. Former leader of the Saints, Julius Little, has abandoned his crew and slipped into the shadows. Johnny Gat has been captured by police and awaits the electric chair, after being convicted of three hundred and eighty seven [] counts of murder and attempting to assassinate Troy Bradshaw once Gat learned that Troy was an undercover cop. Lin is dead. Dex went into hiding the night of the yacht explosion. Undercover police officer Troy Bradshaw, who was tasked with undermining the Saints, has risen through the ranks and has been promoted to Chief of Police, after the demise of former Police Chief Monroe.

After five years, the protagonist has unexpectedly awoken from his trauma-induced coma. A young Hispanic man, Carlos, allows himself to be "shanked", simply so he can talk to the protagonist in the prison infirmary. After a heated exchange between the two when they are left alone, the protagonist agrees to let Carlos help him escape. In the exchange, Carlos also reveals he has a brother in the 3rd Street Saints, however, never mentions his name, it is rumored to be Dex and mentions in the beginning of the game if he remembers his brother to the protagonist and he replies yes. After a battle to the shore, Carlos and the protagonist escape the island and return to Stilwater. Hell-bent on revenge, the protagonist forms together a new crew of Saints, which includes Johnny, who the protagonist rescues from a courtroom precession in which his final appeal from being sent to the electric chair was being denied. Carlos soon introduces Shaundi and Pierce who hang out in an abandoned hotel basement, and are more than willing to work for the protagonist. With a new crew, the protagonist must march on and eliminate the three rival gangs in Stilwater, and reclaim what is rightfully his/hers.

Characters and gangs

3rd Street Saints

The 3rd Street Saints were the most prominent and powerful gang in Stilwater at the end of the original "Saints Row". However, the Saints collapsed almost immediately after they conquered the city. With the protagonist out of action, the rest of the Saints dropped out and the gang fell apart. However, five years later, the protagonist comes out of a coma and busts out of jail with Carlos a man who claims he has a brother in The 3rd Street Saints, and reforms the Saints with a new crew. Original Saint Johnny Gat who is about to be sentenced to Death Row is busted out of a courtroom precession by the protagonist, and two new Saints, Shaundi and Pierce join the crew with the protagonist, Johnny and Carlos to reclaim the turf they once ruled.

Brotherhood of Stilwater

The Brotherhood of Stilwater was formed from the outcasts of society, those long victimized by gang warfare and police corruption. The Brotherhood are an aggresive gang with a 'kill now, ask questions later' attitude. The Brotherhood engage in murder, extortion and violence to fuel their empire, and are engaged in an underground weapon trade providing violent means for city citizens. The gang is headed by Maero, a seven-foot-tall warrior willing to fight anyone that stands in his way. Lieutenants Matt and Jessica stand loyally at his side, and former Westside Roller Donnie not only operates his own chop shop, but also flies the flags of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood are picked out by their numerous piercings and tattoos, the wolf head logo, the bright color red and gas-guzzling trucks.

ons of Samedi

An internationally-known gang that conquered the Caribbean underworld, the Sons of Samedi have spread themselves into Stilwater. A Voodoo-style gang, the Sons of Samedi pay tribute to Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Loa of death. Decked out in green outfits and state-of-the-art jewelry, the Sons of Samedi gain a continual cash flow from the Loa Dust drug trade across Stilwater, selling to many inhabitants and preying on the young and reckless college students. The Sons of Samedi's Stilwater division is overseen by one known only as the General, and violent extortionist/drug trader Mr Sunshine spreads their message across Stilwater with ruthless violence and a thirst for power. There is also DJ Veteran Child, a DJ for one of Stilwater’s radio stations, who is also a lieutenant for the Sons of Samedi and Shaundi's Ex-boyfriend


The Ronin are the self-proclaimed most powerful gang in the world. The Ronin can best be identified by their dragon-influenced yellow and black custom leathers, as well as by their flashy bikes. Essentially a Japanese gang, the Ronin control much of the entertainment industry in Stilwater, engaging in gambling, street racing and owning numerous high roller casinos throughout the city. Shogo Akuji left the streets of Tokyo and formed the Ronin. His father, Akuji-san finances and oversees the gang, and orders Shogo around in how to run the faction. In Japanese, ronin literally translates as a samurai warrior whose master, or daimyo, has been banished or is dead. There is currently 1 unamed member of the Ronin.

Ultor Corporation

Ultor are a major figure in "Saints Row 2". Mainly responsible for the cleanup of Stilwater, Ultor originally began as a clothing company and quickly became a major corporation. Ultor pumped millions into the city and it was completely overhauled, turning the once crime-ridden city into an "urban utopia". The Saints Row district, for example, has been turned into a booming commercial industry, and serves as the district for Ultor headquarters. The company's name comes from the mega-corporation that the player rebels against in the Volition-developed game Red Faction."'


Stilwater in "Saints Row 2" has seen heavy expansion since the original game. Developers announced the city has been entirely redeveloped, every neighborhood has been touched up in one way or another. In-game faction Ultor Unlimited is largely responsible for the expansion that has taken place; it is said they spent well over three-hundred million dollars redeveloping Stilwater, turning the crime-ridden city into an 'urban utopia'. Many new sites can also be seen across the city including the Stilwater Science Centre, Marshall Winslow Detention Centre, Stilwater University, Stilwater Hall of Industry, as well as a graveyard, marina, Rounds Square Mall, casinos, and also two new islands which host the Stilwater Pentitentionary (similar to Alcatraz) and Stilwater Power Plant. The new Stilwater is said to be one and a half times the size it was compared to Stilwater in "Saints Row". Around the outside of Stilwater and used as background, (therefore unaccessable to the player) is sprawling countryside with hills and glens, and can be seen in some screenshots.

All the old districts from "Saints Row" still stand in "Saints Row 2". However, every district has been touched up or modified in some way. This is particularly noticable in the Downtown and Saints Row districts which have been completely redesigned. The new marina sits on top of the High End Retail/ Suburbs area. Additionally, the Suburbs district has seen expansion to the west, and also, the University district lies west of the Arena district, almost completely cut off from the mainland by a river.

From the beginning of the game, the map of Stilwater is fully visible. However, shops will simply be displayed as a question mark until the player discovers them. Additionally, as the player earns more respect, they can buy shops. Buying an entire chain of departments will mean that the protagonist’s face appears on in-game billboard advertisements.

Over the years, many new in-game companies and businesses have been established. All shops from the original game are returning in "Saints Row 2", however numerous others have been introduced. In addition to the four clothing shops seen in "Saints Row", three new clothes departments have been established. "Leather and Lace" is a lingerie store selling clothes designed for women (but can be worn on men). "Let's Pretend" is a costume shop, where the player can buy numerous unique outfits ie ninja suits, pirate outfits, masks etc. "Nobody Loves Me" is an emo-influenced store, somewhat similar to Hot Topic, primarily selling black outfits and piercings. "On Thin Ice" was the original seller of jewelery and accessories in "Saints Row", however, "Bling Bling" is a new store offering cheaper accessories. In "Saints Row", the player could only buy food from Freckle Bitch's, a fast food restaurant. "Apollo's" (coffee and dougnuts), "Phuc Mi Phuc Yeu" (Chinese food) and "Company of Gyros" (Greek food) are three new stores the player can buy food from.


The soundtrack of "Saints Row 2" will feature a new line-up of songs for the in-game radio and audio player. A custom radio station, My Radio, has been confirmed for the game where players may use songs bought from the Scratch That music store and use them in the in-game radio station. It is rumored that Aisha will be singing again but that is not confirmed.


Work begun on "Saints Row 2" months before "Saints Row" was released to the public. The script to both games, and also a third, had been written during the development of "Saints Row" and beyond. "Saints Row 2" was announced by THQ's CFO Edward K. Zinser on May 14, 2007 at a conference call, nine months into the game's development. During the time of the development, the game's engines were rebooted and upgraded, and the streaming engine was rewritten to reduce the amount of pop-in due to spawning distances that were criticized in the first game, and allowing for co-operative play and air-based vehicles as well as providing a considerably more smooth and uninterrupted game. As in "Saints Row", load screens only exist between missions and cutscenes, and the player can explore the city and its shops without any interferances. THQ stated that with "Grand Theft Auto IV" due out prior to the release of "Saints Row", the planned to allow Volition enough time to completely finish the game in order to obtain the best quality game possible.

On April 3, 2008, "Saints Row 2" had a confirmed release date of August 28, 2008 [cite web | url = | title = IGN "Saints Row 2 Coming in August" | publisher = IGN | date = 2008-04-03] , however, on May 28, THQ announced that "Saints Row 2"'s release would be pushed back by about two months, from August 28 to October 14, 2008 in the USA for "product quality and marketing considerations" [cite web | url = | title = THQ delays key game by nearly two months | publisher = Reuters | date = 2008-05-28 | accessdate = 2008-08-26] .

To coincide with the heavy promotion and sponsorship of the game, the official website and community page were launched on July 15, 2008 [] . This was the third website redesign since it was first announced, and the old forums site ( was redirected and renamed "The Row Community".

On July 23, 2008, "Saints Row 2"'s Australian release date details were finally revealed. The game managed to pass the OFLC classification body with a rating of MA15+, without any in-game content needing to be cut. Also, the Australian release date surfaced, for October 16, just two days after the American release. As the OFLC system is much tougher than ESRB, this came as a surprise to many who feared the game could be edited for Australian release.

On October 1, 2008, "Saints Row 2" was illegally pirated and published on the internet available for download [] [] . Leaked videos have spread across many internet websites including YouTube. [ [ Saints Row 2 LEAKED Gameplay Xbox360 Gun Store] ] [ [ Saints Row 2 LEAKED Gameplay Xbox360 Heli Assault] ] .


"Saints Row 2" has been marketed heavily since it was first announced, including numerous trailers and contests found across the Internet and in certain places across the world. In fact, the original date for the game, August 28 was not only pushed back for development purposes, but also for marketing considerations. Since "Saints Row 2" was first announced, full-length trailers have been released to help promote the game.

The first trailer was released in March, 2008 and gave a brief insight into how the fictional Ultor Corporation has helped to clean the streets of Stilwater. The trailer also details some of the new weapons in the game, including the Flashbang, AS14 Hammer, AR-50 XMAC, Annihilator, dual wielding uzi's and shock paddles, as well as some of the new vehicles in the game, including the Bear, Hooptie, Water Craft, Tornado and Wolverine.

The second full-length trailer was released in early June, 2008 and gained controversy as it poked fun at Grand Theft Auto IV for its lack of side-play in the game. The trailer shows four of the six new activties playable in "Saints Row 2", including Septic Avenger, FUZZ, Fight Club and Trail Blazing. It also lists several of the game's many diversions, in-game actions which can be performed at any time to earn money and respect.

The third full-length trailer was released in late June, 2008 and gives gamers an introduction to the storyline and the new gangs in "Saints Row 2". The trailer details the protagonist busting out of prison with fellow in-mate Carlos, and riding a patrol boat back to Stilwater, where he gets a shock as he realizes just how much the city has changed in five years. The trailer gives insight to the storyline and missions in the game, and serves as a basic introduction to the Brotherhood of Stilwater, Sons of Samedi and Ronin, the three new gangs that inhabit Stilwater, and also an introduction to the Ultor Corporation, which serves as the main antagonist faction in the game.

The forth full-length trailer was released during the E3 Media and Business Summit in July, 2008, and details the new customization options in "Saints Row 2". The trailer is set out as a fictional TV show titled "Trick My Life" and follows Randy the Trandy, a poorly dressed mid-30s man whose life is also the subject of the trailer, showing him being dressed up as a woman. The trailer also demonstrates the crib and gang customization in "Saints Row 2", showing numerous features available to the player that can be modified or changed to their liking.

The fifth full-length trailer was released in early September, 2008 and shows the co-op gameplay available in the game. Numerous co-op features are shown in the game. The trailer gained popularity as it makes fun of two American presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, showing two in-game characters that look like them walk through Stilwater causing death and destruction.

The sixth and final full-length trailer was released in early October, 2008 as the "Saints Row 2" official launch trailer. The game takes a heavy look at the storyline, particularly the Ultor Corporation and what they have done for Stilwater.

Two campaigners for the game are Gary Busey, an American actor, and Tera Patrick, an American porn star. Online movies starring Busey [cite web | url = | title = Gary Busey Presents Saints Row 2 | publisher = Shacknews | date = 2008-04-04 | accessdate = 2008-04-05 | first =Maarten | last = Goldstein] , titled 'Street Lessons With Uncle Gary', are short, 30-50 second mock educational videos on street life in Stilwater. So far, ten have been released: Costumes, Flying, Heavy Weapons, Motorcycles, Nut Shots, Police Abuse, Satchel Charges, Taunting, Throwing People and Wieldable Props. Tera has also been involved with marketing and development for the game, and so far has released a Developer Diary preview into the development of "Saints Row 2".

"Saints Row 2" has received heavy funding and sponsorship, and has appeared at game conventions with its own booth. "Saints Row 2" has appeared at E3, THQ Gamer's Day, Comic Con, PAX '08 and Leipzig Games Convention. In addition, "Saints Row 2" provides funding and markets itself with the Myspace Music Tour. Also, numerous competitions have been launched giving away merchandise etc for players who enter. Numerous competitions include "Pimp Your Crib", "Summer of Bling", a Tshirt design contest and a mingame giving players the chance to design their own box art for the game. On September 14, 2008, THQ and launched a contest offering one player a chance to win a trip to the Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Event in San Francisco, California. [cite web|url=|title=Win a Trip to Play SR2 MP!|date=15 September 2008|publisher="Saints Row 2 Community Site"] On September 17, 2008 the contest was updated to offer three players a chance to attend the event. [cite web|url=|title=Win A Trip to San Francisco to Check Out 'Saints Row 2'|date=17 September 2008|publisher="WorthPlaying"] The contest was restricted to U.S. residents over the age of 21. The Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Event was held on September 24, 2008.

Collector's Edition

There are two versions of 'Collectors Edition' available. Both contain a copy of the game.

The Saints Row 2 Initiation Pack is exclusive to New Zealand and Australia and includes:

* A Poster
* Limited Edition art book
* Metal money clip,
* 512mb Gold Bullet USB Memory stick
* Content including a basketball singlet, videos, a Saints ID card, and a Saints Rule book

The Saints Row 2 Gun Pack is an Xbox 360 exclusive edition. It comes packaged in a gun mould case and includes:

* 1gb Gold Bullet USB Memory stick
* Exclusive content, including buddy icons and wallpapers
* Limited edition art book
* Stilwater Map poster
* Exclusive 3rd Street Saints Poster


VG Reviews
IGN = 8.2 of 10
OXMUK = 8.0 of 10|
compilation = yes|
GR = 87%cite web| url= | title= GameRankings "Saints Row 2" page| work=GameRankings| date=2008-10-11]
MC = 84%cite web| url= | title= MetaCritic "Saints Row 2" page| work=Metacritic| date=2008-10-11]
The UK edition of "Official Xbox Magazine" gave "Saints Row 2" an 8.0 of 10 review, praising the game's sense of humor, "This is a truly entertaining game. There's no pretension - just enjoyable mayhem."Official Xbox Magazine (UK) (November 2008, p. 67), "Saints Row 2" review. OXM. "Future Publishing".] The Australian edition of "Official Xbox Magazine" gave "Saints Row 2" a 9.0 of 10 review, praising the game's co-op and side-quest missions. "IGN" awarded it an 8.2 of 10, stating, "the core gameplay experience is extremely enjoyable,"cite web| url= |title= IGN "Saints Row 2" review| author= Nate Ahearn| date= 2008-10-10| accessdate= 2008-10-10| language= English| pages= 3|work= IGN| publisher= IGN] while "IGN"'s Australian site gave it an 8.0 of 10, calling it "big, dumb fun".cite web| url=| title= IGN (AU) "Saints Row 2" review| language= English| date=2008-10-10| accessdate= 2008-10-10| pages=3| author= Patrick Kolan| work=IGN| publisher= IGN] "Total Video Games" raved in its 9 of 10 review, pointing out the game's co-op mode and calling it "brilliant."cite web| url=| title= TVG "Saints Row 2" review|language= English| pages= 1|date= 2008-10-10| accessdate= 2008-10-10| work=TVG| publisher=British Sky Broadcasting]

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* Saints Row (game)
* Saints Row (series)


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* [ "Saints Row 2" page at THQ]
* [ "Saints Row 2 To PC" page at THQ]
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* [ Saints Row 2 "Free Your Inner Sinner" launch site]
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