Atomidine is a yellow-gold liquid that provides iodine supplementation in a non-poisonous form through a special process where iodine is compounded in a solution that liberates the element in an atomic or nascent state. It is readily utilized by the human body. Edgar Cayce called it “atomic iodine” or Atomidine and said it is more active and less toxic and less irritating to the system than molecular iodine. Thus Atomidine is more suitable for internal use in small quantities in addition to its effectiveness as an external antiseptic.

What is the nature of the process that transforms ordinary iodine into such a valuable, non-toxic state? Basically a solution of iodine trichloride is treated with several herbal compounds. The result is Atomidine, which contains approximately 1/100 grain of iodine in each drop of the solution, supplying in a single drop approximately four times the minimum daily requirement of iodine. The Atomidine that Edgar Cayce recommended in over 2,000 readings was not “electrified” although the man that brought Atomidine to Cayce’s awareness, Dr. Sunker Bisey, did experiment with an electrified solution.

Atomidine existed in various forms and had been called a variety of names, including Beslin and Alphaiodine, since the beginning of the 20th century. Prior to 1910, its forerunner appeared as a crude, thick, black liquid supposedly developed by an East Indian shaman, and was used as a household remedy for fevers. In 1910 it was used as a last resort to treat Dr. Bisey who was dying of a severe malaria infection. Dr. Bisey made a miraculous recovery. As a Hindu scientist, chemist and consulting engineer and friend of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Bisey was so impressed with the potential of the iodine compound that he subjected it to thorough chemical analysis and research. The result was “Beslin” that stood for “best liquid iodine”, which was marketed in England in 1913.

Dr. Bisey settled in the United States in 1917, establishing the American Beslin Corporation in Delaware. In 1926 Laboratoire Durveaux purchased the Beslin Corporation. The New York-based company engaged in clinical studies and collection of medical data and testimonials on Beslin. The use of Beslin in both liquid and ointment form was expanded to the fields of dentistry and veterinary medicine.

In 1931 Dr Bisey, then 64 years old, traveled to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to consult with Edgar Cayce, the famous “Sleeping Prophet,” regarding the preparation and distribution of Atomidine, as his product would come to be called when Dr. Bisey formed his own Atomidine Company in 1932. Cayce’s psychic readings, given while he was in a self-induced trance state, had long indicated that iodine would be very beneficial to the system if its poisonous qualities could be removed. Prior to this, experiments in rendering iodine non-poisonous by people who had readings from Edgar Cayce had not been successful. The processes Cayce outlined in the readings proved to be too expensive.

In Dr. Bisey’s readings, Cayce found the Atomidine formula satisfactory. At that time Cayce also suggested a modification in the preparation procedure that involved treating the iodine by a specific electrical charging process that Cayce outlined in detail. Dr. Bisey succeeded in completing this process experimentally; however “electrified Atomidine” was never marketed by Dr. Bisey, and was never part of the Atomidine formula. Dr. Bisey had several other readings from Cayce dealing with distribution of the Atomidine.

Dr. Bisey died in 1935 and his son, Harold, ran the company until 1948, with Schieffelin and Company of New York manufacturing the Atomidine. In 1948 the Atomidine Company was turned over to Dr. Bisey’s son-in-law of Mt. Vernon, New York who felt the iodine supplement was extremely valuable, even though sales were falling off. He continued to insure Atomidine’s availability until 1974 when he sold the formula to The Heritage Store [ [ Heritage Store: Atomidine] ] at of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Heritage has been providing Cayce products since 1969 and continues to produce the original Atomidine to this day.

Similar products are made in different ways by different manufacturers, each with different interpretations of the Cayce readings. For example, two companies which make an Iodine product are Baar [ [ Baar Products: Atomic Iodine] ] under the name Atomic Iodine and Cayce Concepts. [ [ Cayce Concepts: Detoxified Iodine] ] under the name Detoxified Iodine. The Baar product is 1% iodine-trichloride dissolved in water; while the Cayce Concepts product is 1% iodine dissolved in alcohol. Neither is an exact formulation of the product recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings, although both have been electrified.

The Cayce reading for 358-1, direction to Sunkar A. Bisey has been attempted and verified by John Brookshire. The two readings 358-1 and 358-2 produce two very different products. 358-2 is a weaker effect, it energizes the molecule of iodine. 358-1 breaks the diatomic bond producing iodine in the Atomic State, nascent iodine. An electromagnetic field is used to produce nascent iodine, in a consumable form. It is currently being made in a tincture of iodine, not the saline solution of Bisey, but the nascent iodine is that described by Schieffelin and Company. A US Patent is pending for a consumable form of nascent iodine. The original product of Bisey could be taken 100 drops in a day in the 1930's. It was extremily safe and useful according Schieffelin and Company documents. Iodine trichloride is recommended for external use only by Baar.

Critics of Cayce claim that the chemistry behind the creation of Atomidine, and the alleged health benefits, are pseudoscience. [ [ Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) ] ]


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