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John Dustin Donovan was a character on "As The World Turns". He is the only son of Jennifer Munson Donovan. He is the son of Craig Montgomery, but was adopted by Dusty Donovan. He was kidnapped by his paternal half-sister, Lucy.


When Jennifer Munson went into labour, she was later told that her baby had dies that night. She arranged a memorial service where she revealed the names of her deceased son; Johnny, after her half brother who pas away after his birth as well and Dustin, after Dusty Donovan, who helped Jennifer deliver her baby. In the months after, Jennifer had a rough time running into her brother Will and his girlfriend Gwen, who also had a baby at the same day as Jen did. Jennifer felt a strong connection to the child and was more than once convinced that their baby's were switched at the hospital, which means that Gwens son Billy is actually Johnny. A DNA test was done and the results showed that Billy was not Jennifer's son. She was heartbroken and became an addict to Crystal Meth and eventually was committed to a mental institution.

However, during this time, she was sure, more than ever, that Billy was her son and she begged her buisnesspartner and good friend Dusty to find things out. Another DNA test was done, and again, it showed that Billy was Gwens, not Jennifers. Jennifer broke down again, but she was able to stay away from the drugs this time. A few weeks later, Meg Snyder discovered that something was wrong with Billy's bloodgroup. It didn't match Gwens bloodgroup, which should be impossible. She went out on research and soon found out that Billy was in fact Jennifers son.

Jennifer was right; the baby's were switched at the hospital, by Craig Montgomery, the father of Johnny, who was cut of from his son before he was even born. This was his revenge. While Gwen broke down by the devastating news that her son died months ago, Jennifer was reunited with her little boy. However, the story wasn't over yet. Dusty soon discovered that Megs heroïc action wasn't heroïc at all. He finds out that she had visited the DNA Lab a few times, weeks ago, so he makes an appointed with one of the Labworkers. That guy tells Dusty that Meg knew about this for a very long time. Dusty is furious and breaks up with Meg, only to start a relationship with Jennifer with whom he had fallen in love.

Johnny then finally begins a peaceful life with his real mother and is not taken away by anyone. Unfortunately, 6 months later, Johnny is diagnosed with a rare type of bloodcancer and is admitted to the hospital. Thanks to Emily Stewart, Johnny has a bloodtransfusion and is cured. A few weeks later, Jennifer is the one who's not feeling to well. She goes to the hospital where she hears she has pneumonia. However, she refuses to stay at the hopital and wants to go him to be with her son. That was a fatal mistake, proven when she collapses that same night. She is rushed to the hospital, where it becomes clear that her disease had infected her heart, which cannot be cured anymore. Jennifer realizes she will die and asks Dusty to marry her now instead of later like they had planned. At her deathbed they say "I do" and she sings a lullaby to Johnny. After an imaginary dance, Jennifer dies in Dusty's arms.

Dusty suddenly has to take care of Johnny all by himself. Before Jen died, he adopted the boy because he had asked Jen to marry him. Lucy Montgomery, Johnny's biological sister, wants to help Dusty, despite the fact that he blames her for the death of his wife. Soon, Dusty realizes that he can't keep blaming Lucy for something that was not her fault, so he forgives her and the two become friends. A few weeks later, Dusty has to leave for business and leaves Johnny in the care of his mother-in-law Barbara. That night, Johnny become ill so Barbara call the hospital. Lucy answers and rushes to Barbara's penthouse. Barbara wants to wait for an ambulance, but Lucy says that it will never happen since an ice storm is blowing over Oakdale. While Barbara tries to call anyway, Lucy grabs Johnny and take soff with her car, on the way to the hospital. Her car breaks down so she has to get out. She realizes it is too dangerous, but an unknown man with a masks saves her and demands her to go.

Due to the snow and the heavy wind, she is lost, but is eventually saved by Dusty, who decided to miss his plane so he can be with Johnny. They make it to the hospital, where Lucy almost collapses due to undercooling. Dusty realizes that she would sacrifice her life to save Johnny and the two become closer. Lucy overhears that the man who saved her life was taken to the hospital, so she decides to visit him. She is surprised to find out that it was her father Craig, who was just released from jail. Dusty is outraged when he hears that Craig is making plans to get custody over Johnny. Dusty swears that Craig will never get his son and Lucy stands by Dusty's side. They decide to get Craig arrested for the kidnapping of Lucy from two years ago. However, in court, Craig blackmails Lucy by saying that if she tells the truth, awful things might happen to Dusty. Scared that Craig will hurt him, she tells the judge that she doesn't know for sure that it was Craig who kidnapped her. Dusty is angry with Lucy because of it. From that point on, the relationship between her and Dusty cools off and eventually she realizes that the fight over Johnny will last forever. She packs her bag and takes of with Johnny to the unknown, to let him live happy and in freedom.


* John Dustin Kasnoff {birth name}
* Rory Cabot {name while in the care of Rosanna Cabot, Carly Snyder, and Jack Snyder}
* Billy Norbeck {when he was believed to be the child of Gwen Norbeck and Casey Hughes}
* John Dustin Munson {name when return to Jennifer Munson}
* Craig Montgomery Jr. {name Craig wanted to call him}
* Johnny {nickname}



* Craig Montgomery (biological father)
* Jennifer Munson (mother, deceased)
* Dustin "Dusty" Donovan (adoptive father)


* Bryant Montgomery (biological half-brother, deceased)
* Lucinda "Lucy" Montgomery (biological half-sister)

Other relatives

* Bart Montgomery (biological grandfather)
* Lyla Crawford Peretti(biological grandmother)
* Darryl Crawford (maternal biological grandfather)
* Barbara Ryan (maternal grandmother)
* Harold "Hal" Munson Jr. (maternal adoptive grandfather, deceased)
* Gunnar St. Clair (adoptive grandfather, deceased)
* Nichole Berryesa (adoptive grandmother, deceased)
* Margo Montgomery Hughes (biological half-aunt)
* Cricket Montgomery Ross (biological half-aunt)
* Kathryn "Katie" Peretti (biological half-aunt)
* Carrie Crawford (maternal biological half-aunt)
* Paul Ryan (maternal half-uncle)
* William "Will" Munson (maternal uncle)
* John "Johnny" Dixon Jr. (maternal half-uncle, deceased)
* Nicole "Nikki" Munson (maternal adopted half-aunt)
* Adam Munson (maternal adopted half-uncle/biological half-cousin)
* Parker Munson (maternal adopted half-uncle)
* Casey Hughes (biological half-cousin)
* William "Billy" Ross (biological half-cousin)
* Suzanne "Suzie" Ross (biological half-cousin)
* Jennifer Ryan (maternal half-cousin, deceased)
* Hallie Munson (maternal adopted half-cousin)

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