Eastern coast of Cantabria

Eastern coast of Cantabria

comarca_name = Costa Oriental

location_map_size = 250px
province = Cantabria
capital = Laredo
largest_city =
demonym = costerooriental
population = 50,124
area = 142.26
pop_density = 352.34
municipalities = Castro Urdiales|Colindres|Laredo|Liendo|
The Eastern Coast of Cantabria is a "comarca" of said autonomous community that comprises the municipalities of Colindres, Laredo, Liendo and Castro Urdiales.

In all of those four municipalities the demographic pressure is very high as it is on the "comarcas" where most of the tourism is concentrated in summer, due to the large number of beaches it contains. Another important problem is the huge urbanistic growth, sometimes not abiding the law of coasts or the protection of the environment. There are cases, like the one in Argoños, in which whole urbanisations had been demolished by sentence of the Regional High Court.

It is also a "comarca" with many inhanitants from the Basque Country that is generally not registered in Cantabria but still maintains citizenship of Biscay, most often of Bilbao and nearby towns. The main cause of this is that prices on this region are considerably lower than those of Biscay, specially housing; and thanks to the Cantabrian motorway less than a 30-minute journey separes Bilbao from the furthest point (Colindres).

All these factors have caused that life in the Western Coast had raised its cost enormously in the few last years for people with Cantabrian working agreements. That and the industrial reconversion that the zone underwent in the late 80s is making the people born and raised in this "comarca" to emigrate to the interior.

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