Kechries (Greek - Modern: "Κεχριές", rarely "Κεχρεές", Ancient/Katharevousa: "Kenchreai" - "Κεγχρεαί") is a community in the municipality of Corinth in Corinthia in Greece. It is located about 7 km southwest of Corinth and 7 km southeast of the Epidavros interchange with GR-8A/E94, north of Galataki and Kato Almyri, east of Examilia, southeast of Xylokeriza, south of Kiras Vrysi and west/southwest of modern Isthmia.

Older forms of the community's name are Cenchreae, Kenchreai, Kechriai, Kekhries, Kekhriai, and Kekhriais.

Nearest places

*Loutra Elenis (south)
*Examilia (west)
*Kiras Vrysi (north)


*Location: coord|37|53|6|N|22|59|15|E|region:GR
*Postal code: 201 00
*Elevation: 20 to 84 m
*Dialing code: +30-27410 (030-27410)

Historical population


The community is a village with a school and a church but no formal square ("plateia"). The number of permanent local residents is small, and many houses there are used seasonally by owners who reside elsewhere. Mount Oneion is found to the south, where a major stone quarry is now located, and the village is surrounded by fertile land. There is a bay founded in the east and is named Kechries Bay. It is a bay that is located on the western part and forms the westernmost area in the Saronic. It lines the easternmost point of the small Corinth Fault. Several seismic faults are located within Kechries.

In ancient times, it was one of the two ports of the city-state of Corinth. While Kechries served the eastern trade routes, Lechaio, through the Corinthian Gulf served the trade routes leading west to Magna Graecia and the rest of Europe. The Apostle Paul visited Cenchreae during his Second Mission Journey. The ancient harbor was partly excavated in 1962-1969 by a team sponsored by the American School of Classical Studies under the direction of Professor Robert Scranton. Excavations at that time and later, during the 1970s, have uncovered several buildings that attest to the commercial vitality and prosperity of the port, especially during the Roman Empire.

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*Communities of Corinthia

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