Mukta Ram Acharya

Mukta Ram Acharya
Born Mukta Ram Acharya
February 20, 1969 (1969-02-20) (age 42)

Mukta Ram Acharya (born 20 February 1969, Kathmandu) is a Nepalese actor. This artist achieved inspiration to be an actor by a local drama show when he was taken by the school in his childhood. His affiliation with the school of art dates back to his teenage when he began his line of profession in 1988 from Pancha Kumari Art Group, Sinamangal, Kathmandu.

Because of his continuous devotion and commitment in the sector of art, he was invited to play in a National Radio Drama Festival of Nepal and was awarded the first prize for a drama, Samanantar. Likewise, he was also awarded as the best actor in 1989 in the Competitive Theatre Drama Festival organized by the Royal Nepal Academy. Theater has always been an inseparable part of his life. He played in many dramas including Ram Banbas, Simako Antim Prahar, Trass, Bibastako Bhumari Bhitra, to count a few.

Besides his engagement in the field of drama and theater, he forwarded his hands in the multi-colored world of film. It was not difficult for to establish himself as an artist of the film industry as he moved from the comparatively challenging field i.e. theater. He played in the feature films Prithvi, Rakshyak, Yuddha and the like. He has also performed his artistic gift in many tele-dramas such as Junge Habaldar, Garib Ko Jingdagi, Tamsuk, Hijo Aajaka Kura, Dui Thopa Aansu, Ghar Beti Ba and many more.

Mr. Acharya played in a satirical comedy, Chunab Chinha Nepal which remained as a very popular episode.


Year Title
1992 Prithivi
1997 Rakshyak
2005 Hijo Aajaka Kura
2006 Yuddha
2007 Ghar Beti Ba
2007 Dui Thopa Aansu
2007 Shahid


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