Gaon (Hebrew)

Gaon ('Pride [of] '; Late medieval and modern Hebrew for 'genius') may refer to:

* One of the Geonim, that is to say the heads of the two major academies, at Pumbedita and Sura, and later in Baghdad, during the period 589-1040. Prominent Geonim are:
**Amram Gaon
**Hai Gaon
**Saadia Gaon
**Sherira Gaon
**Yehudai Gaon
**Samuel ben Hofni
* An honorific title given to a few leading rabbis of other countries in the same period, such as:
**Nissim Gaon
* Specific rabbis of later periods, called "gaon" (wise):
** The Vilna Gaon
** The Rogatchover Gaon
** The "Lisser Gaon", Rabbi Jacob of Lissa
** The Steipler GaonAvraham Haim Gaon

Many great Rabbis, although not formally referred to as the "Gaon of ...", are nonetheless sometimes lauded with this honorific as a mark of respect, and as a means to indicate greatness.

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