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caption=Arrow Active 2
type=Aerobatic sportsplane
manufacturer=Arrow Aircraft Ltd.
designer=A. C. Thornton
first flight=1931
primary user=
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number built=2
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The Arrow Active was a British aerobatic aircraft built in the 1930s. It was a single-seat biplane of conventional configuration, with single-bay, staggered wings of unequal span. The upper and lower wings were joined by a single interplane strut. The undercarriage was fixed, with a pair of mainwheels and a tail-skid. It was powered by a 115hp (86kW) Cirrus Hermes IIB engine.

The second aircraft built featured a more powerful 120hp (90kW) de Havilland Gipsy III and was designated Active 2. It also differed from the Active 1 in having a strutted centre section and a revised, almost semi-circular fin and rudder.

Operational history

Although it was originally hoped ["Flight" 1931, 727] that the military might show an interest in the aircraft, this did not transpire, and the Active was flown as a sports plane. The Active 1 "G-ABIX" received its Certificate of Airworthiness on 21 May 1931Jackson 1973, page 286] and flew at 132.2 mph (212 km/h) in the 1932 King's Cup Race. It was Alex Henshaw's mount in the second half of 1935 until destroyed in a crash that December.

The Active 2 "G-ABVE" was certified on 29 June 1932Jackson 1973, page 287] and flew in the King's Cup in both 1932 and 1933. Slightly faster than the Arrow 1, it recorded a speed of 137 mph (220 km/h)


;Active 1:One aircraft powered by a 115hp (86kW) Cirrus Hermes IIB engine.;Active 2:One aircraft powered by a 120hp (90kW) de Havilland Gipsy III engine, rebuilt in 1958 with a de Havilland Gipsy Major 1C.


Rebuilt in 1958, and again in 1989, the Active 2 was still on the British civil register as of 2008, flying as a display aircraft with The Real Aeroplane Company. []

pecifications (Active 2)

"Data from" [Jackson pp.407-8]

met or eng?= eng

crew=one pilot
length m=5.74
length ft=18
length in=10
span m=7.32
span ft=24
span in=0
dia m=
dia ft=
dia in=
height m=
height ft=
height in=
wing area sqm=
wing area sqft=
rot area sqm=
rot area sqft=
aspect ratio=
empty weight kg=420
empty weight lb=925
gross weight kg=600
gross weight lb=1,325

eng1 number=1
eng1 type=de Havilland Gipsy III inverted inline engine
eng1 kw= 80
eng1 hp= 120
eng1 kn=
eng1 lbf=
eng1 kn-ab=
eng1 lbf-ab=
eng2 number=
eng2 type=
eng2 kw=
eng2 hp=
eng2 kn=
eng2 lbf=
eng2 kn-ab=
eng2 lbf-ab=

max speed kmh=230
max speed mph=144
max speed mach=
cruise speed kmh=206
cruise speed mph=128
range km=
range miles=
endurance h=
endurance min=
ceiling m=
ceiling ft=
glide ratio=
climb rate ms=
climb rate ftmin=
sink rate ms=
sink rate ftmin=

similar aircraft=
see also=




*cite book |last= Jackson|first= A.J.|authorlink= |coauthors= |title= British Civil Aircraft since 1919 Volume 1|year= 1973|publisher= Putnam|location= London|isbn=0 370 10006 9

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