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IBM Rational Business Developer provides a powerful workbench for Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) development, an innovative end-to-end rapid development approach.


Rational Business Developer is an Integrated development environment (IDE) developed by the IBM Rational Software division that provides Eclipse based tools for development of cross platform applications and services using the EGL Language.

Target Platforms

EGL is a business oriented programming language which can be learned very quickly by programmers of any background and that shields them from the technical interfaces of systems and middleware allowing them to focus on building business functionality. EGL programs or services are written, tested and debugged at the EGL source level, and once they are satisfactorily functionally tested they can be generated into either COBOL or Java code for compilation and deployment to the following target runtime environments:

* Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix running JVM or a J2EE application server
* IBM System z9: CICS, Batch, Unix System Services, Linux, WebSphere Application Server
* IBM System i: i5OS, WebSphere Application Server

Rational Business Developer enables development of browser based applications, business services (deployable as private services or web services), graphical user interface applications, batch applications and reports that access and manipulate data stored and managed in any relational database and file system that runs on the supported target platforms.

Integration with Existing IDEs

Rational Business Developer can install as a standalone product or jointly with any of the following IBM Rational products

* Rational Application Developer
* Rational Software Architect
* Rational Developer for System z
* Rational Developer for System i

Included Tools

This extends the base programming workbench and tools offered by these products with EGL cross platform rapid development tools. These tools include:

* Ability to create, generated and deploy services
* Ability to consume services and web services
* Seamless integration with Java Server Faces visual development tools
* Eclipse-based IDE with powerful editing, code templates, code completion, refactoring, browsing, searching, etc.
* EGL source debugging
* Automated EGL applications and services generation from UML models or data schemas
* Simplified inter-operability with any existing local or remote programs written in any language.


The benefits of using Rational Business Developer include:

* Higher development productivity through the platform-neutral, business-oriented specification and a variety of rapid development tools and wizards
* Simplified Service-oriented architecture (SOA) support: The Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) language includes the notion of Service, and Rational Business Developer delivers the tools for quickly defining, testing and deploying the Service to all supported platforms, including automated Services generation from models.
* Rapid end-to-end Web application development
* Ability to deploy applications and services to a broad variety of platforms, including J2EE application servers as well as traditional mainframe transactional environments such as System z’s CICS or System i’s i5OS
* Ease of learning
* Legacy extension and modernization: EGL built-in interoperability with COBOL, RPG, PL/I or any other existing program enables reuse of existing investments into new Services or Web systems without the need for special adapters.
* Flexibility and responsiveness: The platform-neutral development approach eliminates skills silos, creating a unified pool of business-oriented developers that can be freely shifted across projects according to business demands.

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