Invasive species in New Zealand

New Zealand's short human history has resulted in a number of serious plant and animal pests. These pests threaten the economy due to the impact on agriculture and also threaten the country's biodiversity.

Invasive plants are classified as such on a regional basis with some plants declared as national plant pests.

pecies list

This is a list of the more common and most invasive species. For a complete list refer to the official databases in the external links section.


*German wasp
*Common wasp
*"Varroa destructor"
*Sea squirt


*Grass carp


*Himalayan tahr


*"Acacia" species (Mostly Australian)
*Banana passionfruit
*Californian thistle
*Cape tulip
*Didymosphenia geminata, also called 'didymo' or 'rock snot'
*Japanese Honeysuckle
*"Jasminum polyanthum" - Jasmine
*Kahili Ginger
*Lodgepole Pine
*Mexican daisy
*Oxygen weed
*Old man's beard
*Pampas grass
*Purple loosestrife
*"Rhamnus alaternus"
* "Rhododendron ponticum"
*Scotch thistle
*Wandering Jew
*Yellow flag

ee also

*Invasive species
*Invasive species in Australia
*Invasive species in the British Isles
*New Zealand Department of Conservation
*List of introduced species


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Further reading

*cite book
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External links

* [ "Weedbusters"] for information on plant pests.
* [ "New Zealand Biodiversity"] for information on adventive insects - especially flatworms, cockroaches, and millipedes.
* [ "Biosecurity New Zealand"] NZ Government Agency responsible for biosecurity.
* [ New Zealand Department of Conservation] - animal pests.
* [ New Zealand Department of Conservation] - plant pests.
* [ New Zealand Ministry for the Environment] - list of species considered to be weeds on conservation land.
* [ New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry] - searchable database on unwanted organisms.

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