Madeira (disambiguation)

Madeira (disambiguation)

Madeira (the Portuguese word for wood) is the name of a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, an autonomous region of Portugal and a popular holiday destination. It is also the name of the largest of the islands.

It may also refer to:

;Other places:
* the Madeira River, one of the tributaries of the Amazon River in South America
* Madeira, Ohio, a city in the United States
* Madeira Beach, Florida, another American city

;In food:
* Madeira wine, a fortified dessert wine made in the Madeira Islands
* Madeira cake, an old English cake
* Madeira sauce, made with Madeira wine

* Phil Madeira, an American songwriter, producer, musician and singer from Nashville, Tennessee
* Jamila Madeira (born 1975), a Portuguese socialist politician and Member of the European Parliament
* George Madeira (1836 - 1922), a mining engineer and mineralogist who founded the first astronomical observatory in California

;Other uses:
* the Madeira School, a private girls' school in Virginia, United States
* "Madeira" (shipwreck), a schooner-barge which sank on the north shore of Lake Superior in November 1905
* Universidade da Madeira, a public university in Madeira

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