Perkin's Pillar

Infobox Mountain
Name=Perkin's Pillar
Elevation=2,430 metres (7,972 ft)
Location=British Columbia, Canada
Range=Pacific Ranges
Prominence =
Coordinates = coord|50|37|49.0|N|123|31|17.0|W|type:mountain_region:CA|display=inline,title
NTS 92J/12
Type=Volcanic plug
Volcanic_Arc/Belt=Cascade Volcanic ArcclearGaribaldi Volcanic Belt
Last eruption=
First ascent=Saturday July 06, 2002 Tim Bennet; Ivan Bandic; Fred Touche
Easiest route=

Perkin's Pillar is a vertical volcanic plug in the Meager Group, British Columbia, Canada. It sits on the steep north side of Capricorn Mountain. The upper half of Perkin's Pillar broke sometime in June of 2005 and only a jagged sliver remains of the previously mighty summit.

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* [ Perkin's Pillar] in the Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia

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