Linton (surname)

Linton is a surname, and may refer to:

*David Leslie Linton (1906–1971), British geographer and geomorphologist
*David Linton (1815-1889), U.S. college fraternity founder
*Eliza Lynn Linton (1822-1898), British novelist and essayist
*Hercules Linton (1836-1900), Scottish shipbuilder
*John Wallace Linton (died 1943), Welsh recipient of the Victoria Cross
*Joseph Ivor Linton (1900-1982), Israeli diplomat
*Martin Linton (born 1944), British politician
*Michael Linton, Canadian designer of community currency
*Ralph Linton (1893-1953), anthropologist
*Sydney Linton, Australian bishop
*Tom Linton (born 1975), U.S. guitarist
*William James Linton (1812-1897), U.S. wood engraver and political reformer
*William S. Linton (1856-1927), U.S. Representative from Michigan
*Linton Lomas Barrett, educator and translator
*Linton Garner, Jazz pianist
*Linton Johnson, a professional basketball player
*Linton Kwesi Johnson, a British-Jamaican Dub poet
*John Linton Roberson, American cartoonist and writer
*Linton Sirait, an Indonesian District Court judge
*Linton Owe, a Swedish entrepreneur

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