European Parliament election, 1999 (France)

European Parliament election, 1999 (France)

On June 13, 1999 the fifth direct elections to the European Parliament were held in the France. Once again, abstention was very high for this type of election- only 47% of eligible voters voted. The election was also the first French European election to be won by the French Socialist Party.

In a major surprise and historical upset for the government, Charles Pasqua's and Philippe de Villier's dissident Rally for France-Movement for France list surpassed the list of President Jacques Chirac's RPR-Liberal Democracy, led by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Minor parties, including Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Traditions and the far-left Workers' Struggle obtained very good results and elected 6 and 5 MEP's respectively.

The far-right FN was penalized by Bruno Megret's dissident MNR list and obtained a deceivingly low result.


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