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Private Sözlük collaborative hypertext Turkish dictionary and encyclopedia site that shares a similar concept with Everything2 or H2G2. Its aim is to build a community of contributors who believe that to share knowledge is to share life. The web site was created by Nursel Evecan, who posts under the pseudonym 'Sanalsimge'. The site is based in Turkey, and most but not all entries are written in the Turkish language. That's not to say everything has been contributed by users is in Turkish. Unlike h2g2, users have the ability to edit and delete their own entries. It has more than 5000 registered users. On registering, users must submit at least ten entries before they qualify as a full user. They are known as rookies during this probationary period. Rookie mode entries are hidden from visitors and other users until the user's application has been approved. This is to confirm whether the applicant has really understood the concept of Private Sözlük. "authors" or "users" as they prefer to be called, not only contribute to this growing giant database, but also they continuously interact with each other socially through special gatherings called "zirve"s, which translates as "summit"s.

The website has three frames, right frame is used for login and controls. The narrower left frame shows titles/subjects entered recently and the wider right frame shows the contents for selected title. When logged in, one can also send or receive messages to/from other registered users (and store these), select different skins and make similar adjustments. Private Sözlük has a history of 5 years now. As of 5 July 2008, the site contains over 2 million entries and 446.166 titles. Private Sözlük is one of the most popular reference sites on the web in Turkish language.

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