Via Devana

The Via Devana was a Roman Road in England that ran from Colchester in the south-east to Chester in the north-west. Both were important Roman military centres and it is conjectured that the main reason the road was constructed was military rather than civilian. The Latin name for Chester is "Deva" and it was thus 'The Chester Road'. Colchester was "Colonia Victricensis" 'the City of Victory' and lays claim to be the oldest Roman city in England. As it had little civilian rationale it fell into disuse following withdrawal of the last Roman legion from Britain in 407. As a result its route is difficult to find, especially in its more northern reaches. It is omitted from some historians' maps for this reason but most nowadays accept its existence. The name "Via Devana" was created in about 1750 by Charles Mason, a Cambridge geology professor. [Codrington T, "Roman Roads in Britain", 1903, p137 [ (web version)] .]

Its route ran north and west as follows:

* Colchester - "Colonia Victricensis"
* Cambridge - (Latin name: "Cantabrigia". Roman Name: "Durolipons" or "Duroliponte")
* Huntingdon / Godmanchester ("Durolipus" or "Durovigutum") where it crossed Ermine Street
* Corby
* Medbourne - The stretch from Medbourne to Leicester is broken, but where it exists is nowadays known as the "Gartree Road"
* Leicester- ("Ratae Corieltauvorum"), meeting Fosse Way
* Mancetter ("Manduessedum") where it joined Watling Street until
* Water Eaton - (" [ Penncrucium] ") - where it went via Newport, Shropshire to follow the A41 to
* Whitchurch, Shropshire - ("Mediolan" or "Mediolanum")
* Chester


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