Camaro ZL-1

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 was a COPO production car produced on a very limited basis, with only 69 1969 Camaro ZL-1s built.

They were built with the intention of entering the NHRA production car drag races. In order to qualify for these races, a minimum of 50 had to be sold to the public. 69 were actually produced. The option was priced at $4,160.50 (in 1969 US dollars), sold as COPO (Central Office Production Order) 9560 and was listed as the "HIGH PERFORMANCE UNIT" option. This brought the total price of the car to roughly 7,300; sales were poor and some were sent back to the factory and/or sat on lots for up to a year before being sold with the help of $1,000 rebates from GM. The ZL-1 engine, which was the centerpiece of the COPO 9560 option, was factory rated at 430 SAE GROSS HP. Actual dyno testing has revealed 376 SAE NET HP (as the engine sits in the car - unmodified and with all factory equipment in place) and approx. 525 Gross HP when fitted with open long tube racing headers, devoid of all engine accessories (no fan, alternator, air cleaner, etc.) and with the carb. and ignition tuned for maximum output.


The 1993 ZL-1 was, in truth, built on a dare. When the 1993 Camaro first came out, a person from the media stated to an important employee in Chevrolet that "I bet we will never see another big-block Camaro built". The ZL-1 was a one of a kind not sold to the public, boasting a big-block 500+BHP engine, custom body styling, hood, black paint, and custom magnesium alloy wheels.

additional info on 1969 models

50 of the 1969 ZL-1's built were bare bones models (popularly known as 'strippers')with no options other than the high power engine and stronger drivetrain. The other 19 ZL-1's were loaded models and were sold to the general public. All of the ZL-1 Camaro's are considered extremely collectible but the 19 loaded models are by far the most sought after. There were also a very small number of ZL-1 Corvettes produced in 1969 but no official numbers have ever been given.

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