List of German veterans of the International Brigades

List of German veterans of the International Brigades

*Hans Beimler (Communist) "" ] de icon - German politician and commissar
*Willi Bredel de icon es icon - Writer. Commissar of the Thälmann Battalion
*Ernst Busch (actor) de icon - Singer/songwriter/actor.
*Ernst Buschmann - Section leader Hans Beimler Battalion, commander Edgar André Battalion
*Franz Dahlem de icon – (14 Jan 1892-17 Dec 1981) - Political commissar, International Brigades
*Friedrich Dickel de icon - (9 Dec 1013-22 Oct 1993) DDR Minister of the Interior.
*Julius Deutsch de icon - General, International Brigades
*Ilja Ehrenburg de icon - War correspondent and propagandist
*Kurt Julius Goldstein de icon - Editor-in-chief of the major radio station "Deutschlandsender"
*Herbert Grünstein "Krammer"] – DDR - Deputy Minister of the Interior
*Kurt Hager de icon - (24 Jul 1912-18 Sep 1998) Politburo member
*Erich Henschke – Editor-in-chief of "Berliner Zeitung"
*Karl-Heinz Hoffmann de icon – General of the "Nationale Volksarmee" ("National People's Army") XI International Brigade
*Max Kahane – Journalist. Editor of "Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst"
*Hans Kahle de icon – Divisional commander
*Alfred Kantorowicz de icon - (12 Aug 1899-27 Mar 1979) – Author
*Frieda Kantorowicz - Wife of author. and International Brigades administrator
*Egon Erwin Kisch de icon es icon - German-Czech journalist and writer
*Karl Mewis de icon – (22 Nov 1907-3 Jan 1987) District Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. Political commissar, International Brigades.
*Ewald Munschke - Major General, "Nationale Volksarmee" ("National People's Army")
*Alfred Neumann de icon - (15 Dec 1909-8 Jan 2001) Politburo member
*Erich Mielke de icon es icon – (28 Dec 1907-21 May 2000) Head of the Stasi
*Josef Raab de icon - German resistance leader
*Heinrich Rau de icon - Communist, German resistance leader
*Ludwig Renn de icon - German writer. Section leader XI International Brigade
*Heinrich Schürmann de icon - Commander Edgar André Battalion
*Richard Staimer de icon - Commander Thälmann Battalion
*Toni Stemmler de icon - Communist, Section leader
*Georg Stibi de icon - (25 Jul 1901-30 May 1982) Journalist. Editor of "Berliner Zeitung"
*Bodo Uhse de icon - Writer
*Paul Verner de icon – (26. Apr 1911-12 Dec 1986) Politburo member XV International Brigade


[ Arnold Krammer, "Sammelrez: Internationale Brigaden in der DDR" ("Joint Review: The International Brigades in East Germany")]

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