Sikorsky Alexander Nevsky

The Sikorsky Alexander Nevsky ( _ru. Александр Невский) was the only Russian four-engine bomber-biplane of its kind, designed and built by Igor Sikorsky in the late 1916. It was named after a Russian prince Alexander Nevsky.

80% of the "Alexander Nevsky"’s fuselage was made of armored steel and duralumin. Its engines had a coarse pitch of the propeller for high speed flight, which, according to calculations, would allow the airplane to reach the speed of 250 km/h. Due to this feature, Sikorsky designed the lower pair of wings at a 12% angle of attack in order to avoid the increase of a take-off run (see Propeller for details). The "Alexander Nevsky" had no corrugated surfaces and was equipped with machine guns, semi-automatic guns, recoilless guns, rockets and bombs.

However, the "Alexander Nevsky"’s fate was to take off only once for a test flight with a 1.5-ton load onboard. Sikorsky wanted to make sure its speed corresponded to his initial calculations. On January 4, 1917, Sikorsky presented the "Alexander Nevsky"’s design to Tsar Nicholas II, reportedly saying: "Your Highness, we’re going to win the war with this plane". The tsar approved the design.

However, the "Alexander Nevsky" bomber was never put in serial production due to the events preceding and following the October Revolution and Sikorsky’s emigration to the United States of America in 1919.

pecifications (Alexander Nevsky)

Aircraft specification

plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=prop
length main=

length alt
span main=

span alt=
height main=

height alt=
area main=

area alt=
empty weight main=9,000 kg

empty weight alt=19,840 kg
loaded weight main=

loaded weight alt=

max takeoff weight main=

max takeoff weight alt=
more general=
engine (prop)=
type of prop=
number of props=
power main=
power alt=
max speed main=250 km/h

max speed alt=155 mph
range main=

range alt=
ceiling main=

ceiling alt=
climb rate main=

climb rate alt=
loading main=

loading alt=

power/mass main=
power/mass alt=
more performance=
* Various numbers and combinations of guns at different points during the war, including 12.7 mm, 15.3 mm, 25 mm, 37 mm, and 76.2 mm guns, Maxim guns, Lewis guns, and Leonid Kurchevsky's experimental recoilless guns among them.
* Bomb loads including 18x 100 kg bombs,or 32x 50 kg bombs, or 4x 500 kg, or 3x 656 kg (? lb) bombs "or"
* 10x 127-mm rockets

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similar aircraft=


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