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Automobile Magazine

"Automobile Magazine" is an automobile magazine in the United States and is owned by Source Interlink. It was founded by a group of defectors from competitor, "Car and Driver", led by that magazine’s former editor, David E. Davis. The magazine’s slogan is “No Boring Cars.”

"Automobile" distinguishes itself as more of a lifestyle magazine than the other automotive publications, an editorial theme that Davis greatly expanded upon from his tenure as the editor of "Car and Driver". One may often find articles in "Automobile" that may seem more suited for "Field & Stream, Outside", or "Rolling Stone" magazines. Unlike most other automobile magazines, "Automobile" does not often do instrumented tests of cars. It does not provide much technical data either. Instead, the reviews of vehicles are subjective experiential reports with the cars in their naturally intended, real world environment. Additionally, "Automobile" reserves a good portion of each issue covering vehicles no longer in production, but still relevant to collectors or automotive history as a whole.

"Automobile" magazine is headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, in the building which formerly housed famous college dive bar, The Pretzel Bell ["Vile Gossip", Jean Jennings, "Automobile Magazine", November, 2007] , [" [ Liberty Street - ArborWiki] "] and is published by Source Interlink Media, the same publishing corporation that publishes "Motor Trend". Davis retired in recent years and the current president and editor-in-chief is Jean Jennings, who helped Davis found the magazine. Davis currently serves as the editor of "Winding Road" magazine, an online automotive magazine.

While editor of "Automobile", Jean Jennings was featured in a “video news release” produced for GM and shown on local television as if it were an actual news story [ [] .]

The name is also employed in France by an unrelated magazine called " [ L’Automobile Magazine] ", which was founded in 1946; the American magazine began publishing in 1986. The French magazine now belongs to the German [ Motor Presse Stuttgart] group.

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