Article 14

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Name = Article 14

Type = Compilation Album
Artist = Various artists
Released = 2001
Recorded =
Genre =
Length = 76:57
Label = Irregular Records
Producer = ?

"Article 14" is a CD released by Irregular Records. It is a compilation of many different British artists. Money from the sale of this album goes to The Medical Foundation For The Care Of Victims Of Torture.

Track listing

#"The A39s"
#:"Razor Wire Fence" – 3:55
#"Alula Andeta"
#:"Sacrifice" – 4:06
#"Boka Halat"
#:"Gumbay" – 5:50
#:"Bella Ciao" – 3:41
#:"Wandering Soul" – 4:23
#"Robb Johnson"
#:"Hands Off My Friends" – 2:33
#"Bill Jones"
#:"Panchpuran" – 3:53
#"Barb Jungr"
#:"Mother Tongue" – 2:45
#"Claire Martin"
#:"River Man" – 4:34
#"Rory McLeod"
#:"A Foreigner Forever" – 6:58
#"Ahmed Mukhtar"
#:"Hewar" – 3:24
#"Orchestre Super Moth"
#:"Salt of the Earth" – 3:52
#"Jocelyn Pook"
#:"Take Off Your Veil" – 4:57
#"Tom Robinson"
#:"We Didn't Know (What Was Going On)" – 4:14
#"Leon Rosselon"
#:"They Said" – 3:25
#:"Never Coming Back" – 4:54
#"Rajan Spolia"
#:"Ali Baba's Midnight Gallop" – 5:27
#"Mauricio Venegas"-Astorga
#:"Icaro" – 3:58




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External links

* [ Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture]
* [ article]

*:Official website

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