RAD Data Communications

Infobox_Company | company_name = RAD Data Communications | company_| company_type = Private | foundation = 1981 | industry = Telecommunications
revenue = $174 million USD (2007)
num_employees = 1,100
location_city = Tel Aviv, Israel | key_people = Chairman: Zohar Zisapel, CEO: Efraim Wachtel
products = Networking | homepage = [http://www.rad.com/ www.rad.com] |

RAD Data Communications (also known as "RAD") is a privately held corporation, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that designs and manufacturers specialized networking equipment. It was founded in 1981 by Zohar Zisapel and his brother, Yehuda.

RAD's research, development and engineering includes TDM, Ethernet, MPLS, IP, ATM, Frame Relay, E1/T1, E3/T3, xDSL, SDH/SONET, pseudowire circuit emulation and service emulation, clock synchronization, voice compression, wireless, mobile and satellite connectivity, fiber optics, SFPs (small form-factor pluggable) and ASICs (application-specific integrated circuit), and integrated network management.

In 1998, RAD invented the TDMoIP (TDM over IP) technology.

The company's installed base exceeds 10,000,000 units [ [http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3399512,00.html T-Mobile selects RAD's HSDPA transport solution - Israel Money, Ynetnews ] ] and includes more than 150 telecommunications carriers and operators. RAD products are sold by distributors in 164 countries.

RAD Data Communications is a member of the RAD Group of companies.


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