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Years_active = 1997 - present
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Current_members = Bartłomiej Kielar pl icon Ignacy Ereński pl icon
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Verba is a Polish band from Piła formed in 1997. It originated of hip-hop group Squad Centralny. At first Bartek and Ignacy represented different music styles (techno, house, elektro and jungle). At some moment they fascinated hip-hop, so they composed hip-hop music (with pop elements). Bartek busied main music production. The lirycs was writing at first Ignacy, afterwards both. Pop music however become slowly a prevailing characteristic theirs compositions and hip-hop 'demoted' to element name.

The band was well-know as support in front of Polish rap arists: Ascetoholix, Jeden Osiem L, Mezo, Owal i 52 Dębiec yet some years ago. The first legal album " 'Ósmy marca' " (they also have 3 'illegal' CDs 'at account' ["„Squad Centralny. Pierwsze natarcie”", "„Drugie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego”" & "„Trzecie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego”".] ) caused popularity to the band. At present this famous duo recorded 6 albums (4 regular and ) and 9 video clips. They also collect a lot of awards.



First hip-hop formation, which later formed Verba. It begined in 1997. The band compacted 3 people: Ignac, Wiktor and Witek. It transformed soon after at group Mechanizm.


Successor of BRAx2. The band compacted 6 people: Ignac, Tylas, Wiktor, Witek, Biker and Rynias. It busied production hip-hop music. Gathered material was recorded at 2 'demos'. After short time it rdisintegrated. But members didn't stop activity and soon cerated new hip-hop group Squad Centralny.

Squad Centralny

Successor of Mechanizm. The band compacted 3 people: Ignac, Tylas and Bartas (record producer). They recorded 'illegal' CD " 'Squad Centralny. Pierwsze natarcie' " ("Squad Centralny. 1st attack"). After currentness album among Piła's listeners to group joined Wiktor. Then arose " 'Drugie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego' " ("2nd attack of Squad Centralny"). It also planned publication " 'Trzecie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego' " ("3rd attack of Squad Centralny"). [Project "„Trzecie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego”" didn't complete, post hoc transformed the group at VerbaFreniX.]

After desertion the group by Tylas and Wiktor (who's busied production " 'Gangland' " [The production didn't come result, post hoc Tylas's death & breaked-up the group Gangaland.] ), it changed name to VerbaFreniX and produced 2 video clips" " ' [ Chora miłość] ”" ("Crazy {or ill} love") and "„ [ Wiem jak to jest (RMX)] ' " ("I know how it is (Remix)"). At finish the duo admitted name Verba and slowly begin producing pop music. [History & production the group [ Squad Centralny] . pl icon]


* Bartłomiej Kielar (born 3 January 1981) - vocal
* Ignacy Ereński (born 11 March 1981) - vocal

Awards and nominations

* Eska Music Awards 2006:
** win in category 'Debiut Roku' ("Debut of the Year");
** nominations in categories:
***'Album Roku' ("Album of the Year"),
***'Debiut Roku' ("Debut of the Year"),
***'Zespół Roku' ("Band of the Year").
* Superjedynki 2006 - the album 'Dwudziesty pierwszy listopada' win in category 'Płyta hiphopowa' ("Hip hop Album")
* Bravoora 2006 - 3. prise in category 'Zespół/Pop' ("Band/Pop").
* Mikrofony Popcornu 2006:
** 2. prise in category 'Hip Hop - Polska' ("Hip hop - Poland"),
** 3. prise in category 'Zespół Roku - Polska' ("Band of the Year").


Studio albums

* " 'Ósmy marca' " ("March 8"; 08.03.2005, UMC Records)
* " 'Dwudziesty pierwszy listopada' " ("November 21"; "21.11.2005", UMC Records)
* " 'Trzydziesty października' " ("October 30"; "30.10.2006", My Music)
* " 'Szósty grudnia' " ("December 6"; "06.12.2007", My Music)


* " 'Największe przeboje' " ("The best of hits"; "21.04.2006", My Music)
* " 'Największe przeboje vol.2' " ("The best of hits vol.2"; "05.03.2007", My Music)


* " [,7572 'Nic więcej'] " ("Nothing more"; "03.2005", UMC Records)
* " [,9798 'Pamiętasz'] " ("Do you remember"; "05.2005", UMC Records)
* " [,12354 'Zaopiekuj się mną' "Feat. Rezerwat"] " ("Care me"; "10.2005", UMC Records)
* " [,13221 'Ten czas'] " ("This time"; "11.2005", UMC Records)
* " [,14684 'Mogliśmy'] " ("We would can"; "01.2006", UMC Records)
* " [,20176 'Młode wilki 3'] " ("Young wolves (part 3)"; "07.2006", UMC Records)
* " [,21866 'Życie'] " ("Life"; "11.2006", UMC Records)
* " [,29144 'Widziałem Twoje oczy'] " ("I saw Your eyes"; "15.03.2007", My Music)
* " [,224299 'Pokaż mi'] " ("Show me"; "24.11.2007", My Music)


External links

* [ Official Polish site] pl icon
* [,5980 Site of Verba at big Polish web portal] pl icon
* [ Blog about Verba (new infos & photo galleries)] pl icon

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