List of people on stamps of Greece

This is a list of people on the postage stamps of Greece.

Each entry includes the date(s) of appearance on a stamp.

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"(complete through 1959)"


*Alexander the Great (1954)
*Alexander, King of the Hellenes (1956)
*Amalia, Queen of Greece (1956)


*Markos Botsaris (1926, 1930)
*Lascarina Bouboulina, admiral (1930)
*Lord Byron, poet and revolutionary (1924)


*Count John Capo d'Istria, first Governor of Greece (1930)
*Sir Edward Codrington, British admiral (1927)
*Constantine I, King of the Hellenes (1936, 1956)
*Constantine II, King of the Hellenes (1956)


*Athanasios Diakos (1930)
*Henri Dunant (1959)



*Charles Fabvier, Philhellene general (1927)
*Rigas Feraios (1930)
*Frederika-Louise of Greece (1938, 1956)


*Abbot Gabriel (1930)
*George I, King of the Hellenes (1939)
*George II, King of the Hellenes (1937, 1956)
*Gregorios V, Patriarch of Constantinople (1930)


*Login van der Heyden, Dutch-Russian admiral (1927)
*Hippocrates (1947)
*Homer (1954)




*Konstantinos Kanaris (1930)
*Georgios Karaiskakis (1930)
*Theodoros Kolokotronis (1930)
*Adamantios Korais (1930)
*Lazaros Kountouriotis (1930)
*Pavlos Kountouriotis (1933)


*Leo III the Isaurian, Byzantine emperor (1937)


*Nikolaos Mantzaros (1957)
*Petros Mavromichalis (1930)
*Andreas Miaoulis (1930)
*Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Leader of India's Independence Movement (1998)


*Imre Nagy (1959)


*Olga, Queen of Greece (1956)
*Otto, King of Greece (1956)


*Kostis Palamas, Greek poet (1959)
*Saint Paul (1937, 1951)
*Paul, King of the Hellenes (1938, 1956)
*Pericles, Athenian leader (1954)
*Pythagoras, philosopher and mathematician (1955)



*Henri de Rigny, French admiral (1927)
*Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US president (1945)


*Dionysios Solomos, Greek poet (1930, 1957)
*Sophia, Queen of Greece (1956)


*Panagis Tsaldaris (1946)



*Eleutherios K. Venizelos, statesman (1946)
*Victoria of the United Kingdom (1939)



*Emmanuil Xanthos, co-founder of the Filiki Eteria (1947)


*Prince Alexandros Ypsilantis (1930)



*Prince George of Greece (1900)
*A.T.A. Zaimis (1907)

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