Macca is a common nickname in English speaking countries of Anglo-Saxon heritage for somebody whose surname begins with the Gaelic prefix Mac or Mc (meaning "son of").

People frequently referred to as Macca include:

Lady Macca may refer to:

  • Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney's second wife, (see, for example, Private Eye, 25 May 2006; London Evening Standard, 8 August 2006 - "Lady Macca's battle royal"), who was also referred to as Mucca (Sunday Times, 13 August 2006 - "Macca v Mucca: the hidden agenda"; London Lite, 25 January 2007 - "Lady Mucca meets Princess Michael)
  • Lady Macbeth, the wife of Macbeth in Shakespeare's play[dubious ]

Other uses:

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