Port of Guangzhou

Port of Guangzhou

Port of Guangzhou is the main seaport of Guangzhou city. It is operated by Guangzhou Port Group Co. Ltd which is state owned company. The company was established on February 26, 2004 from the former Guangzhou Harbor Bureau. It was approved by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. It is currently the largest comprehensive port in South China. Its international maritime trade reaches over 300 ports in more than 80 countries and districts worldwide. [ [http://www.gz.gov.cn/vfs/subsite/QFZZQNCH-UEYR-RYE4-CQEP-PO0PXEO7LORY/content/content.jsp?contentId=262766&catId=3419 Guangzhou International-the Official Website of Guangzhou Municipality ] ]

The port also serves as the important economic and transport center for the Pearl River Delta region and Guangdong province. It is also vital transport hub for industries located in neighboring provinces such as as Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi. [ [http://www.gz.gov.cn/vfs/subsite/QFZZQNCH-UEYR-RYE4-CQEP-PO0PXEO7LORY/content/content.jsp?contentId=262766&catId=3419 Guangzhou International-the Official Website of Guangzhou Municipality ] ]


Guangzhou Port is situated at the intersection of the three most important rivers of Dongjiang, Xijiang and Beijiang in South China. 23°06' N 113° 14' E. All the three rivers have the waterway, railway, expressway and air lines intersecting here, thus forming a critical transportation hub. It is the main port of focus in the Pearl River Delta Region. [ [http://www.gz.gov.cn/vfs/subsite/QFZZQNCH-UEYR-RYE4-CQEP-PO0PXEO7LORY/content/content.jsp?contentId=262766&catId=3419 Guangzhou International-the Official Website of Guangzhou Municipality ] ]

The port's harbor area extends along the Pearl River coast and water areas in the cities of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. The port being situated beyond the entrance of Pearl River opening serve as a gateway for shipping activity for other Harbor area such as Nansha Harbor Area, Xinsha Harbor Area, Huangpu Harbor Area and Inner Harbor Area, and Nansha Harbor Area near Hong Kong. [ [http://www.gz.gov.cn/vfs/subsite/QFZZQNCH-UEYR-RYE4-CQEP-PO0PXEO7LORY/content/content.jsp?contentId=262766&catId=3419 Guangzhou International-the Official Website of Guangzhou Municipality ] ]

Port Infrastructure

Guangzhou Port comprises 46 berths, 13 buoys and 23 anchorages each of 10,000 tonnage class and the largest capacity is 300,000 tons. [ [http://www.gz.gov.cn/vfs/subsite/QFZZQNCH-UEYR-RYE4-CQEP-PO0PXEO7LORY/content/content.jsp?contentId=262766&catId=3419 Guangzhou International-the Official Website of Guangzhou Municipality ] ]

Port Activities

The Port of Guangzhou plays a very important role in the economy. The port handles a range of activities which include loading & discharging, storage, bonded warehousing, container cargo services. Many agricultural, industrial and manufactured products are shipped through the port which include oil, coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, steel, ore and automobiles. [ [http://www.gzport.com/html/gkgk.asp ¸Û¿Ú¸Å¿ö ] ]

The port also provide passenger services as well as logistics services.


As the biggest comprehensive hub port in South China, Port of Guangzhou is experiencing an increase in cargo volume and ships calling in. This is due to the buoyant economic activity in Guangzhou and the surrounding hinterland.

In 1999, Port of Guangzhou surpassed its annual cargo throughput of 100 million tons. It ranked the second port in Mainland China with such record volume. As a result, the annual cargo volume continues to grow. In 2006, the whole Guangzhou Port surpassed 300 million tons (ranking the third in China’s coastal ports and the fifth among the world top ten ports) and 665 million TEUs, and Guangzhou Port reached 201 million tons and 4.774 million TEUs. [ [http://www.gzport.com/html/gkgk.asp ¸Û¿Ú¸Å¿ö ] ]  


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* [http://www.gzport.com Guangzhou Port Group - Official Website]

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