List of works of Kazi Nazrul Islam

Nazrul Geeti or Nazrul Sangeet, literally "music of Nazrul," refer to the works of Kazi Nazrul Islam, a Bengali poet and national poet of Bangladesh and active revolutionary during the Indian Independence Movement. Nazrul Sangeet incorporate revolutionary notions as well as more spiritual, philosophical and romantic themes. This is a complete listing of the works by Kazi Nazrul Islam, in the Bengali language.



  • Sanchita (Collected poems), 1925
  • Phanimanasa (The Cactus), poems, 1927
  • Chakrabak (The Flamingo), poems, 1929
  • Satbhai Champa (The Seven Brothers of Champa), juvenile poems, 1933
  • Nirjhar (Fountain), poems, 1939
  • Natun Chand (The New Moon), poems, 1939
  • Marubhaskar (The Sun in the Desert), poems, 1951
  • Sanchayan (Collected Poems), 1955
  • Nazrul Islam: Islami Kobita (A Collection of Islamic Poems; Dhaka, Bangladesh: Islamic Foundation, 1982)
  • Agni Bina (The Fiery Flute), poems, 1992

Poems and songs

  • Dolan Champa (name of a faintly fragrant monsoon flower), poems and songs, 1923
  • Bisher Banshi (The Poison Flute), poems and songs, 1924
  • Bhangar Gan (The Song of Destruction), songs and poems, 1924 proscribe in 1924
  • Chhayanat (The Raga of Chhayanat), poems and songs, 1925
  • Chittanama (On Chittaranjan), poems and songs, 1925
  • Samyabadi (The Proclaimer of Equality), poems and songs, 1926
  • Puber Hawa (The Eastern Wind), poems and songs, 1926
  • Sarbahara (The Proletariat), poems and songs, 1926
  • Sindhu Hindol (The Undulation of the Sea), poems and songs, 1927
  • Jinjir (Chain), poems and songs, 1928
  • Pralaya Shikha (Doomsday Flame), poems and songs, 1930 proscribed in 1930
  • Shesh Saogat (The Last Offerings), poems and songs, 1958

Short stories

  • Rikter Bedan (The Sorrows of Destitute), short stories, 1925
  • Shiulimala (Garland of Shiuli), stories, 1931
  • Byathar Dan (Offering of Pain), short stories, 1992



  • Bandhan Hara (Free from Bonds), novel, 1927
  • Mrityukshuda (Hunger for Death), novel, 1930
  • Kuhelika (Mystery), novel, 1931

Plays and drama

  • Jhilimili (Window Shutters), plays, 1930
  • Aleya (Mirage), song drama, 1931
  • Putuler Biye (Doll's Marriage), children's play, 1933
  • Madhumala (Garland of Honeysuckle) a musical play, 1960
  • Jhar (Storm), juvenile poems and play, 1960
  • Pile Patka Putuler Biye (Doll's Marriage), juvenile poems and play, 1964


  • Joog Bani (The Message of the Age), essays, 1926
  • Jhinge Phul (The Cucurbitaccus Flower), essays, 1926
  • Durdiner Jatri (The Traveller through Rough Times), essays, 1926
  • Rudra Mangal (The Violent Good), essays, 1927
  • Dhumketu (The Comet), essays, 1961
  • "Rajbo

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