List of minor Ranma ½ characters (manga)

The following Ranma ½ minor characters appear only in the manga and are listed alphabetically. For anime-only minor characters, please see Minor characters of the Ranma ½ anime; for minor characters common to both the manga and anime, please see List of minor characters in Ranma ½.

Note: Japanese names are in the Western order (given name, then family name).

Asuka Saginomiya

("Saginomiya Asuka")Asuka Saginomiya, also known as the White Lily, is a rich, spoiled girl who has been Kodachi Kuno’s main rival since they were both little girls in Lizard Kindergarten, where they often fought violently to be picked by the "coolest kid in class". Eventually, they decided to have a double date (actually it was a ‘duel’) in ten years where they would compare their boyfriends. The one having the most handsome date would win.

By the time of the duel, she tried to ruin Ranma’s face — whom Akane had allowed to pose as Kodachi’s date after Asuka called him ugly — by using explosives and other underhanded tricks. Eventually, it was discovered that Asuka, just like Kodachi, did not have a boyfriend. Instead, she presented an incredibly handsome young man whom she had kidnapped earlier. Since both rivals were dateless, their match ended in a draw and they agreed to hold their next duel in five years.

She always carries an empty frame and a bouquet of white lilies to quickly pose as a living portrait of herself.

Cursed Bathing Suit

One day Ranma and the others had gone to a beach that claims to have been terrorized by a demon dog that dragged helpless girls to the bottom of the ocean. In actuality it was really an abandoned bathing suit with an image of a Dog Demon on it thrown away by its owner because her boyfriend Natsuhiko said it was too ugly. When Ranma dives underwater to fight the "dog demon", he passes out and wakes up (in girl form) on the beach in the bathing suit. It tells Ranma that its purpose was to be worn and complimented by Natsuhiko. If it does not receive a compliment by sundown, it will return to the sea, dragging Ranma with it. It refuses the compliment offered from Natsuhiko (since he is now an old man, the bathing suit refuses to believe that it is actually him) and instead insists on being complimented by Tatewaki, who according to Natsuhiko looks just like him as a youth. Ranma goes on a date with Tatewaki to get the compliment, however Tatewaki also believes the suit is ugly and won't compliment it. Although happy at being worn on a date, the suit is not satisfied without the compliment and begins to drag off Ranma at sunset. Tatewaki finally says that the bathing suit was beautiful on Ranma and it is later implied he thought this all along. Satisfied, the suit ascends to heaven.

Demon Sakura Tree

The Demon Sakura Tree is an evil spirit who lives inside a cherry tree. When Tatewaki carved a declaration of love to the 'Pigtailed girl' on it, the spirit felt offended and possessed him, merging with him and turning Tatewaki into a Cherry Tree Man. Apparently, the only way to break the curse was for Tatewaki to date his true love, but since he had just written 'pigtailed girl', the tree made him chase every pigtailed girl in town. In the end, Ranma managed to break the curse by scaring the spirit into releasing Tatewaki. As it turns out, the sakura tree has been in the Kuno family estate since the feudal era, and anyone who wrote the name of the one they love on the tree would be possessed by it and forced to seek out that person.


Densuke is a sickly teenage boy who is on the brink of death because he refused to take his medicine from the very ugly nurses at the hospital. Despite his innocent and ill appearance, he is actually an extremely perverted, flirtatious, butt rubbing, filthy lecher who would rather die than be touched by a hideous woman. One day Densuke was staring out his hospital window watching the autumn leaves fall from the tree as he waited for the last one to fall which would symbolize the time of his death. That day, a female Ranma was picking apples in the same tree, knocking down leaves even faster, which panicked him. He yelled at her to stop. But after seeing Ranma's beauty, he told his mother and doctors that he would take the medicine if she fed it to him. When Ranma gave it to him, he refused, saying he would only take it if she wore a sexy nurse outfit and gave it to him mouth to mouth. Ranma quickly refused but went along with it after some convincing from Densuke's mother and doctor. He did eventually receive his medication mouth to mouth—from his huge-lipped physician (though he didn't know it).


*His personality and tendencies are very similar to Miroku the lecherous monk, a character from Rumiko Takahashi's other series "InuYasha".

Hayato Myojin

("Myojin Hayato")Hayato Myojin is a takoyaki chef who has a bitter rivalry with Ukyo Kuonji. He also owns a small octopus as a pet named Patorashu.

When he and Ukyo were ten years old, they argued about which dish was better: okonomiyaki or takoyaki. To settle the argument, the children fought, both promising that the loser would have to wear a stupid looking mask for the rest of their life. Ukyo won that fight, thanks to her flat okonomiyaki giving her a huge advantage over the small takoyaki Hayato used.

Six years later, he returned for a rematch, since the only way he could be free of the octopus mask he had been wearing for years was to defeat Ukyo in battle. This time, Hayato was able to win the fight by turning one of Ukyo’s giant okonomiyaki into a massive takoyaki that he used to squash her. He can now remove the mask, if Ranma hadn't glued it to his face after he did the same for taking his mask off.

Headmistress of Sainokawahara Dorm

She is the ghostly apparition of the deceased headmistress who used to run the old abandoned Sainokawahara women's dorm in Furinkan. When she was alive, her dorm was the constant victim of panty thieves. All the panties and bras on its clotheslines got stolen every night, except for the headmistress's undergarments. She died feeling ugly, old and rejected. She hoped Happosai would steal her underwear but he refused to swipe such hideous bloomers. After she explained to Ranma and Akane that if he didn't steal her underwear before midnight, Happosai would die and be cursed to forever roam the Earth as a molesting spirit, Ranma became very motivated to make the latter do so. However, he remained unwilling, since they belonged to an ugly old woman. Frustrated with the ancient pervert's stubbornness, Ranma stuffed the bag containing Happosai's raid for the night into a pair of bloomers. When the aged grandmaster snatched the bag back, the headmistress gleefully squealed "PANTY THIEF!", allowing her to finally rest in peace. Happosai, on the other hand, was disgusted.


Jizo is a stone statue of the bodhisattva of the same name that is located in a small shrine near some stairs. After Mousse gives the statue a scarf that was originally intended for Shampoo, Jizo seeks to repay him by giving him what he desires the most, namely, dates with Shampoo. It does this by assuming Shampoo’s form and coming to visit Mousse at the Cat Café that same night. Although Jizo hardly looks like the real Shampoo and is a very heavy statue, Mousse is unable to see the difference even with his glasses on, believes that it really is her, and does not notice its weight. He goes on a series of dates with Jizo in the guise of Shampoo over the next several nights which to him appear romantic and elegant, but are really gross exaggerations of the mundane surroundings that the dates take place in.

These dates and his normal work greatly tax Mousse and raise Shampoo’s suspicions over his sudden change in behavior. With Ranma and Akane, she tails Mousse to one of his rendezvous with Jizo. Seeing an opportunity to finally get him off her back, she eagerly gives him to the statue. Ranma tries to get Mousse’s scarf back from Jizo and lift its hold on him, but his attempts are successfully rebuffed.

When Mousse is eventually put in a cage in the Cat Café to restrain him, Jizo comes for him by breaking through a wall and helping him escape. Later Jizo again rebuffs Ranma’s attempts to take back the scarf, but it eats some ramen that Shampoo was tricked into delivering by Akane. Wanting to repay Shampoo, Jizo then takes on Ranma’s likeness. It is only after Shampoo gives Mousse a scarf that she was originally knitting for Ranma that Jizo considers its debt to Mousse paid and ceases to transform, staying in its shrine with the scarf that he gave it. Though he only appears in the Manga, one of the Seven Lucky Gods martial artists from the first movie, Wu, bears a vague resemblance to Jizo.


Akari Unryu's pig Katsunishiki was raised and trained by her since he was a suckling and is now the 14th yokozuna (grand champion). He returns the favor by acting as her protector and is also Akari's primary mode of transportation, carrying her around on his back.

Katsunishiki is rampaging through Nerima when he encounters Ryoga. Due to a promise made with her grandfather, Akari can only marry someone who defeats Katsunishiki, so she becomes instantly infatuated with Ryoga when he makes short work of her pet pig.

When Akari later visits Ryoga at his home, Katsunishiki punches a hole in a wall to gain entry. After Akane also arrives and Ryoga is running back and forth between her and Akari, Ranma disguises Katsunishiki as Akane, but even Ryoga does not fall for this shallow disguise. While Katsunishiki is a manga-only character, in episode 108 of the anime, a bull named Charlie, (Gertie in the dub), has several attributes that are similar to that of the pig.

Kiima, Koruma, and Masara

Kiima is part seabird and referred to as a captain (and possibly the leader) of the Phoenix people's army. Other than Saffron in his adult form, she is their strongest shown warrior, although most of them were shown to be poor fighters by Ranmaverse standards. After Saffron's rebirth, she became his babysitter.

Kiima came to Nerima to retrieve the Jusenkyo map taken there by Plum. Later, in order to recover the map and the Kinjakan from Ranma, she commands an army of birds to capture Akane and dump her into a newly dug spring in Jusenkyo. After bathing in this spring, Kiima can now assume Akane's form when immersed in cold water, and used this disguise to successfully trick, and later attempt to seduce Ranma, in order to steal back the Kinjakan.

It is somewhat uncertain how successful she was in the latter endeavour, but she expertly quickly gained his sympathy and willingness to comfort her, which made him heavily embarrassed, but apparently compliant, when she started to rub her naked body against his own.

Since Kiima lives in such close proximity to the Jusenkyo Springs, and the Phoenix people are experienced in using them for infiltration, she could easily reverse her curse, or replace it with another template. Like all members of her people, the hands and feet of her original form look like hideous bird talons, but she tends to cover them up with elegant gloves and boots. Kiima likely used a corresponding human female form before assuming Akane's, given that this is the case for her lieutenants.

Kiima's name comes from the Indian dish Keema. Her name is sometimes spelled Kiema.

Though she does not appear in the Anime, in the first movie the character Monlon does resemble her in facial appearance.


"See Kiima's techniques.

Koruma and Masara act as Kiima's two lieutenants, aiding her in battle. Like Kiima, they are themselves part bird (possibly raven) and are capable of flight. They are not very bright and look up to Kiima for guidance. They can either gratify her haughty ego by sincerely heaping praise on her, or anger her by thoughtlessly calling her middle-aged. Both also have Jusenkyo curses to change into normal humans.

They have roughly the same special moves as Kiima, but their feather attacks are considerably less powerful. Regardless, they seem more dangerous in direct hand-to-hand combat, and their teamwork gave Ranma more trouble than Kiima was able to. The main drawback for their curses is that they cannot fly in the rain.

Like Kiima their names are derived from spicy Indian dishes, here korma and masala.

Kinnosuke Kashao

Kinnosuke Kashao is the only son and the seventh in line of the Kashao school of martial arts, which specializes in not spending a single yen and passing on all their bills to others. Due to this lifestyle Kinnosuke lives in a cardboard box in the park. He always carries around a ventriloquist's dummy named April who acts as his personal butler. After Nabiki finished conning a guy out of all his money on a date, she received an anonymous challenge that would take place in a high class restaurant. At first she thought it was a martial arts match and sent Ranma-chan as her stand-in. As they waited at the restaurant for the challenger's arrival it turned out to be Kinnosuke who actually wanted to date her. After hearing of his rich heritage Nabiki agreed, hoping to con him out of everything he had, as during their whole date he said that he would cover all expenses. After Nabiki came home however, she found out that he had charged everything to the Tendo Dojo and nearly left them bankrupt. She then confessed that she thought that Kinnosuke was her first love.

The next day Nabiki, along with Ranma and Akane, challenged Kinnosuke to a match / date and the first one to spend a single yen would lose. After numerous expensive outings they went on a private helicopter ride, but the helicopter had no pilot and Kinnosuke bailed out, leaving the others with an enormous debt, with the only way to stop the helicopter from falling being to deposit 10 yen into the auto-pilot. After sharing a few fake tears with his dummy April, Kinnosuke opened his parachute, but discovered that it was a dud placed by Nabiki. Soon enough, Nabiki, Ranma and Akane followed him in bailing out and Nabiki tried to reason with Kinnosuke to buy a parachute from her for 10 yen. He flatly refused and fell straight to the ground. Kinnosuke survived his fall and gave Nabiki the number of his personal physician, but the price to use the phone was 10 yen, so to pay she took April from Kinnosuke and made him give her the 10 yen. Nabiki accidentally dialled 911, which was a free call, so the match still continued, but as a last minute effort she told Kinnosuke she would be keeping the 10 yen as a keepsake of their night together. Thus Nabiki won the match and Kinnosuke had to pay all the debt, but after being hospitalized he disappeared from his room and was never seen again.

The "Kin" in his name means "a small quantity of gold" or "10,000 yen" which refers to his want of money, while "suke" means "assistance". When read Kashao means "King of Borrowing" which points to his talent for getting other people to pay for him. But the kanji used to write the name means "King of Flaming Chariot".

Konatsu's parents

They were honest, kind, and caring people, and a picture of perfect parents. Sadly, Konatsu's mother died when he was young which left his father lonely and devastated. Blinded by his grief and misery, he remarried Kotetsu, but afterwards he died an unexplained death as well, which left Konatsu to be raised by his evil stepmother and stepsisters.

Kotetsu, Koume, and Koeda

They are Konatsu's hideous, big lipped step family and they were in charge of the Sexy Kunoichi Tea Shop before Happosai destroyed it. Kotetsu is Konatsu's diminutive step mother, she has a Hitler moustache and is always smoking a Cuban cigar. Koeda is Konatsu's skinny, flat chested sister, she always has a flower lotus in her hair and she has a soup bowl hair cut. Koume is Konatsu's bald, overweight, noseless sister, she always wears sunglasses and wears two flowers on her head, like her mother and sister her lips are huge but unlike the other two her mouth is also gigantic with enough room to fit both Ukyo and Akane.

Lime and Mint

("Li Me" and "Min Te","Rimu" and "Minte")

Lime and Mint are Herb's bodyguards and have served him since they were children. Lime is the strongest, while Mint is the swiftest.

Since they were raised within a society of male martial artists, Mint and Lime have never had contact with any women excepting their mothers (the Musk left the practice of marrying transformed animals long ago). Because of this, they can be very girl-obsessed and will be stricken with happiness just by the sound or touch of them. Mint isn't very experienced with women and can be very shy around them. He still seems to be familiar with Amazon law though, which he used to challenge Shampoo for a date, though even then he was very reluctant to hit her. Despite his lack of experience with women, Lime does not possess as much timidity. For instance, he actively pursues his desire to touch Akane Tendo's buttocks and both possess an over-obsession with breasts, which is a constant nuisance to Herb as they spy on her while she's bathing. Possibly due to their animalistic nature, they have no qualms about killing in order to win, and even seem to enjoy it.

Lime, like Ryoga, possesses astounding endurance and monstrous strength, which is further enchanced by his tiger heritage. Excepting Happosai's giant battle-aura, and perhaps a fully chi-empowered Ryoga,Ryoga explodes!; Volume 4, Chapter 3. ISBN 9789172694507; The tragedy of the ladle; Volume 24, chapter 6. ISBN 9789171341587] he is by all appearances the by far physically strongest character in the series, as one full force blow was nearly enough to knock out (a severely distracted) Ryoga,Death on Horaison; Volume 24, chapter 6] while the latter was unfaced by similar effort from Taro's monster form,Strike back with hot water; Volume 18, chapter 7] which, for comparison, proved capable of immediately defeating a surprised female Ranma.The demon's true identity; Volume 18, chapter 2] For a very limited time Lime even managed to provide support for a fissure in Mount Horaisan, bordering to approximately a hundred thousand tons of rock, and delay it from closing through force of strength alone.Ranma! Return to manhood!; Volume 25, chapter 1; Density of pure bedrock used: 2.7tonnes/cubic metre. Chasm depth guesstimated as 20 metres; length guesstimated as 28 metres; total plateau width guesstimated as 60->80 metres. Lower bound: Mass~20m*28m*60m*2.7tonnes/m^3 = 90720 tonnes. Upper bound: Mass~20m*28m*80m*2.7tonnes/m^3 = 120960 tonnes.] While Ryoga initially proved able to easily avoid his attacks,Death on Horaison; Volume 24, chapter 6] Mint accidentally plowed into him from behind, allowing Lime to strike while his guard was down. This gave him the opportunity to nearly choke Ryoga to death, but was completely defeated in one shot by the latter's Shishi Hokodan blast.The tragedy of the ladle; Volume 24, chapter 7] Lime greatly resembles Jura, a member of the Four War Gods from the fourth InuYasha film. They both wear outfits that are made from tiger fur. The only difference is that Lime's outfit is orange while Jura's is white.Mint, like Mousse, is very fast, an expert bladesman, and carries several throwing knives, but unlike Mousse he only has a very limited supply. His speed is enchanced by his wolf heritage and he is the only character to be described to be 'beyond the human limit' in this regard.Guests at the Cat Cafe; Volume 24, chapter 1] His signature attack is the Wolf Fang Meteor Bullets. Using his high speed, Mint "warps" behind his opponent and rapidly hurls dozens of ribboned daggers at them. It can also be used to pin them to objects. Even when Mousse used his full arsenal and skill, Mint proved a bit too much to handle in an honest confrontation, and the latter had to resort to distracting him to look in another direction and then sucker-punch him with a large mace.Death on Horaison; Volume 24, chapter 6] He has a resemblance to InuYasha as they both have dog ears, though Mint's are merely a part of his outfit



Lukkosai is Happosai's childhood friend. Happosai has said that they had always called each other "Happy" and "Lucky". When they were teenagers in China, Happosai stole Lukkosai's Brocide Butterfly (a tablet of Rainbow colored ink), which caused their friendship to crumble, and they never spoke again. His personality and perversion is identical to Happosai's, beyond that Lukkosai seems somewhat more refined/devious, compared to the latter's slighly more easygoing nature. They are also both martial arts masters, but Lukkosai specializes in martial arts painting. He tends to use his child form to get sympathetic hugs from and fondle young women.

In recent years Lukkosai went to Jusenkyo to find a spring that could make him a teenager again, but he instead became a 9 year old boy, having fallen into the "Spring of Drowned Child". He used his appearance to become Happosai's student, retrieve the butterfly, and get his revenge, but Ranma continued getting in his way. When his true form was revealed, he quickly defeated Ranma and went after Happosai. Their friendship was restored after reminiscing about their youth leading them to work together to get prints of girl Ranma's breasts, but they restarted their vicious feud shortly thereafter. Ranma eventually got them to stop by given them each a print of what they think was each of her breasts (actually of a Tanuki statue). Despite Lukkosai's absence from the anime, a character that is exclusive to the Anime called Chingensai is also a good friend of Happosai and he is also on much friendlier terms with him than Happosai is with Lukkosai in the Manga.


"See also Lukkosai's techniques."

It is uncertain just how skilled a martial artist Lukkosai is, but he seems to be of at least Ranma's level, and at most Happosai's/Cologne's. He has been able to swiftly defeat Ranma 1-on-1, when not distracted by being focused on Happosai, and displayed a higher degree of running/body movement speed.


Mantenmaru is a large boar and is Shussemaru's fellow mascot at the temple where prayer tablets are sold with Shussemaru's likeness on them. It is implied that he is as hideous as Shussemaru. After Shussemaru had a beautiful painting of himself made and Hinako drained his battle aura, the temple priest decided to sell paintings of the temple's other sacred animal, Mantenmaru. After Ranma commented about the painting's hideousness, Mantenmaru's wrath was evoked.


Occhan is Ukyo's friend who runs the Heracles okonomiyaki restaurant. He obtained the legendary Cursed Spatula, of which it was said that only a true okonomiyaki master could wield it. He, however, failed and suffered the curse's wrath, having to call on Ukyo for help. With Ranma, she came to his restaurant to find the spatula and tried to make okonomiyaki with it, but due to the curse the spatula had a mind of its own and shot blasts of immense heat every time someone tried to use it to make okonomiyaki.

Occhan's head is also shaped like a spatula which has nothing to do with the curse, but is strange nonetheless.

Pink and Link

("Pin Ke" and "Lin Ke","Hinku" and "Rinku")

Pink and Link are twin sisters. They live in a village near to Joketzusoku called Yaokaicun, which is famous for its herbalists. Pink and Link usually say 'please' (others think they say 'Over' as in radio talk) at the end of their sentences and act quite opposite to each other. Pink is sadistic, ruthless and cheerful, gladly sacrificing any innocents that come in her way. Link is righteous, considerate and serious, and generally saves Pink's victims or anyone sickly she comes across, turning sad when she gets wrongly blamed. However, they are both loyal to each other, and collaborate when taking revenge for injustices.

When they were little girls, they had an unfortunate meeting with Shampoo (who was a little girl as well and was visiting Yaokaicun at the time). Pink cheerfully poisoned Shampoo to try out her new mandragora herb, after which a concerned Link found and cured her. After waking up, Shampoo thought Link was Pink and hit her. Later on, when Shampoo learned of her mistake, she ended up hitting both the herbalist twins about a hundred times each, and repeated the "punishment" for years each time she had occasion to visit, unmindful that Link was innocent. Years later, the Nyuuchezu newspaper prints a story saying Shampoo has married Ranma. After reading that, the twins go to Japan; Pink poisons Ranma, but then Link cures him (not realising female-Ranma is who she came to kill), but Ranma, mistaking Link for her sister just as Shampoo did, yells at her. When the two reveal themselves, they start their plot to kill Ranma and Shampoo.

Eventually, the twins capture Shampoo and take her to their poison plant forest. However, Shampoo was only pretending to be caught, since she wanted to use the twins' plan as an opportunity to have Ranma save her. The plan backfired and both Ranma and Shampoo ended up as the twins' prisoners. Akane then has to go rescue them with some magical items she gets from Cologne, and uses one of them to trade her life for Ranma's when he gets poisoned. Ultimately, Ranma manages to save the four unconscious girls by using the fire rod that Cologne gave to Akane to launch himself high into the air and burn down the forest the herbalist twins created around Furinkan High School. But after taking the full impact of a high fall while carrying the girls, he spent the next week in bed with broken legs. In return the twins left for China, leaving the antidote to their poison behind. When they got home, they told the village newspaper that Shampoo's groom was a weakling to complete their revenge. Despite they are characters exclusive to the Manga, two chinese amazons in the anime called Ling Ling and Lung Lung are very similar to each other.


Plum is the Jusenkyo’s guide’s young daughter. She knows much about Jusenkyo and its relationship with Jusendo, but does not yet have her father's breadth of knowledge about both subjects. Although none of the five main cursed characters meet her until she arrives in Japan, Plum knows a lot about them as well. In the Jusenkyo guide's absence, Plum proves to be a brave and steadfast ally who is unconditionally willing to help Ranma and his friends, despite her young age.

After her father disappears following his confrontation with the Phoenix people, Plum on her own makes her way to Japan in order to bring the Jusenkyo map to the main five cursed characters. Ranma saves her from a large flock of crows and Koruma and Masara, taking her to the Cat Cafe where she reveals the map and a warning that all the Jusenkyo springs will dry up if the Phoenix people recover it.

Although she is able to warn Ranma that Shampoo was able to defeat the other bearers of the Jusenkyo map one on one just before he fights her, the warning proves moot as Shampoo simply transforms into a cat and gets Ranma's piece of the map when he subsequently crashes into a tree. Plum returns to China with Ranma, Ryoga, Mousse, and Genma to serve as their guide. She stays with them after their encounter with Saffron and subsequent infiltration of his palace on Mt. Phoenix. After the Jusenkyo map is recovered, she becomes its guardian, but Kiima is able to steal it back after disguising herself as Akane.

Following the drying up of the Jusenkyo springs, Plum reveals that she knows the way to Jusendo, but can only recall half of what its interior is like. When the group runs into difficulties after encountering Shampoo and Genma switches sides thanks to the imprinting eggs, Plum activates a hidden door that enables them to escape from Shampoo and brings them to a passageway leading to the boiler room. It ends up opening into the interior of Mt. Phoenix however, where they come across Akane attempting to escape. Ranma tries to rescue her, but he and the others end up falling into a fish-shaped pipe, eventually coming out of the Phoenix tap. Plum is reunited with her father after Saffron begins his transformation and the group escapes to the Jusenkyo guide’s retreat home on Jusendo. After Ranma slices the Phoenix tap with the Gekkaja and the group loses track of him, Plum discovers where he and Shampoo are by listening through a wall in the house with a glass.

Ryoga's Grandparents

During Ryoga's battle with Lime, he was nearly strangled to death, which caused him to have a near death experience. His deceased grandparents appeared before him, telling him to turn back and not give up.

Ryoga's Parents

Like Ryoga, his parents also lack a sense of direction and have never been seen in person in either the Anime or the Manga. The few times Ryoga's mother manages to make her way home, she usually leaves her son something to eat in the kitchen, but by the time he gets home it has already spoiled. She also sets traps in case of burglars. An example would be the numerous pots and pans that were dropped on Ryoga and Akari's heads during Akane's visit. Ryoga's father usually calls to see if Ryoga or his wife are at home. He was also the one who told Ryoga he did not have a sister when Ranma posed as one, using false fangs as a disguise, possibly the first time that the two spoke in years.

Ryu Kumon's Father

One day Ryu Kumon's father had an encounter with Genma Saotome. After Genma found out about the Kumons' financial problems, he gave Ryu's father a scroll containing the deadly secret art of Yamasenken, a.k.a. Fist of One Thousand Mountains. This led Ryu's father to believe he could use the Yamasenken to restore his dojo, but when he used the technique he ended up destroying it, causing it to fall on top of him which led to his death. With his last moments of life he gave Ryu the scroll and told him to find the scroll containing the companion Umisenken. AttacksBefore his death he had mastered three moves of the Yamasenken style:

*Dokuja Tanketsu Shou (Japanese for "Poisonous Serpent Searching Hole Palm"): Fierce open palm snake strike to the chest area.
*Kaichü Houju Satsu (Japanese for "Jewel Held in One's Pocket Kill"): Armlocked Bearhug submission maneuver while holding one arm behind the back.
*Mouko Kaimon Ha (Japanese for "Fierce Tiger Opening Gate Defeat"): Deliver a powerful kick through the opponent's guard by separating their arms.

affron’s chamberlain

An unnamed, elderly man who seems to be the closest person to Saffron. His position is not explicitly stated, but is implied, as he is shown approaching Saffron when he is in the bath and within his bedchamber, as well as presenting Kiima, Koruma and Masara to Saffron after they recover the Jusenkyo map. Other than Saffron, he is the only other person of authority who the Phoenix people, including Kiima, defer to, making him more than just a servant to Saffron. The chamberlain tries various measures to ease Saffron’s longing for a hot spring when he is in Mt. Phoenix that are well-intended, but end up irritating Saffron, such as using chalk dust from an eraser and cooking fish in Saffron’s bedchamber to remind him of the steam.

The chamberlain is the only person who knows how to reveal the true Jusenkyo map and that the various entrances that lead into Jusendo are largely traps. He also guides Saffron through his transformation process. The chamberlain’s age and knowledge of what this process fully entails imply that he fulfilled this function to previous rulers of Mt. Phoenix, as none of the other Phoenix people recognize the potential threat to them when Saffron begins his transformation or the implications of Saffron’s premature hatching, as he does not have his heat regulating ability yet. The chamberlain tries to have Masara and Koruma retrieve the Kinjakan for Saffron, but his method of choosing who does so (by having them play janken) annoys them and they throw him at it. One of Kiima’s attacks frees it however, before he can get to it. Following Ranma’s battle with Saffron and the altering of the underground water vein beneath Jusendo, the chamberlain realizes that the battle’s outcome actually benefits Mt. Phoenix, enabling the Phoenix people to live in peace and leave things as they are without having to go through the same process again of disrupting the Jusendo water for Saffron's transformation in the future. Curiously Herb's vizier looked quite similar from behind.


A pet monkey that Satsuki sends in her place to marry Sentaro. Despite being a monkey, Sanae is adept in martial arts tea ceremony and proves to be a difficult opponent for Ranma. Despite being featured on the cover art for the DVD release of the Tea Ceremony saga, she never appeared in the Anime.

aotome family ancestors

During the summer, Genma and Ranma went to their ancestors' tombstone to perform a ritual to prove Ranma's manliness. In order to prove it, he needed to punch the tomb with all his strength. However, after knocking it down, the tomb stone popped out, giving Ranma a quick uppercut. As it turns out, it was actually a trap that the ancestors placed to keep future descendants from stealing the family heirloom, which Genma wanted to pawn for money. After stealing the box containing the heirloom, Genma took it to a pawn shop, but the ancestors had already pawned it.

hampoo's Father

He was present together with the Jusenkyo Guide during Cologne's retraining of her great-granddaughter over the springs of Jusenkyo, and became very concerned after Shampoo fell in the spring of Neko-niichuan. He was initially seen working in the kitchen of the Cat Café, or vending their dishes to the audience for a formal bout between Ranma and Mousse, but quickly disappeared, and rarely if ever spoke again beyond his first appearances. He does not appear in the anime. It is also not known if he is a blood relative of Cologne or merely related to her through his wife (Shampoo's mother), who is never mentioned in the series.

Though he dosn't appear in animated form at all in the show, he does appear briefly in one of the video games where he is voiced by Banjo Ginga (Japanese) and Terry Klassen (English).

hotgun bean plant

During the Oni festival, Soun purchased a small plant called "The Shotgun Bean Plant", which was said to have the ability to drive away Onis. It could fly and shoot out beans from its mouth at incredible speed similar to a machine gun. When Nabiki came home wearing an Oni mask, the shotgun bean plant quickly mistook her for the real thing and began to go berserk, shooting everything and everyone in sight. After much struggle, Kasumi managed to easily grab it and throw it in the garbage can.


Shussemaru the horse was destroying the lucky charms of the temple he lived in because he hates the accurate portrayal of himself on the charms. Shussemaru thinks of himself as a beautiful stallion, and punishes those who depict him realistically as being ugly. Ukyo tries to appease him by drawing him as he sees himself, but Hinako makes him angry when she childishly draws doodles on the picture. She stops his rampage by performing her ki-draining attack on him. His name means "pure success", which is a pun for his rather proud personality and his falsely believed success.

Yohyo Tsuruyasennen

While eating a picnic outside, Yohyo's meal was interrupted by a starving Ranma who happened to be in girl form at the time. Apparently oblivious to the young man's presence, Ranma stepped on Yohyo's head and devoured his meal before running off. The only thing Yohyo saw was a girl with a pigtail, and he quickly fell in love with her. He then swore on his life to find the mysterious Stomperella.

One day while Ranma was at the beach, she got lost in the ocean and drifted to Heron Island. She searched through the island and found a beautiful castle. After letting herself in she quickly searched for food until she arrived at the garden and saw hundreds of red-haired pigtailed girls enjoying a party hosted by Yohyo, the owner of the castle. He was having each of the girls step on his head to see which foot matched the footprint on his head, but none fit and he soon gave up. After all of the girls had had their try, the butler suggested Ranma, the last girl in attendence, try it out. The foot matched perfectly. Yohyo was filled with joy as he had finally found his Stomperella.

Yohyo explained that his family was on the verge of bankruptcy. Heron Island was once home to a thriving hot springs resort run by Yohyo's family. But some time prior to their meeting, a boulder had clogged the intake, drying up the spring, forcing the resort to close. Feeling sorry for Yohyo, Ranma shattered the boulder, which restored the springs' vibrancy and allowed the resort to re-open. Prior to shattering the boulder, he had warned Yohyo not to peek, intending to flee the scene after doing so. Yohyo, however, did look and saw Ranma's true form, and is left stunned and heart-broken as Ranma leaves the island. The two never crossed paths again.

The "Yo" in Yohyo means society, which is indicates that Yohyo is wealthy. "Tsuru" means Crane or Heron which is one of the reasons why the island is called Heron Island.


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